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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 2 - Book of Eternal Spirits

       Nicotine and Hanzo went back to the monastary and went to Nicotines room where the mystarious book was.
       "There it is,that book might tell us what that strange armored creature was."said Nicotine.
       "I hope you are right old man."replied Hanzo.
       "I will be around old man."said Hanzo.
       Then a split second Hanzo vanishes out of thin air.Then Nicotine began to read the book.After a long and theral look at the book,Nicotine found the answer to his questions.
       "I got the answer to the questions I ask about the Creature!"shouted Nicotine.
       Suddenly Hanzo reappeared right in front of Nicotine.
       "Whaaaaaaaaa,dont do that,I am an old man,remember?"shouted Nicotine.
       "Never mind about that,what did you find?"replied Hanzo
       "The creature's name is Morkhanis,He is a very powerful warrior,he was on a conquest of Japan,but he was looking for true power.He and his armies searched for that legendary blade,The Elemental Katana,the same katana we saw in the temple.But the katana was gaurded by eight legedary Warriors,They were brothers and belonged to the secret organisation known as the Blue Dragon.The leader of the group carried the Elemental Katana with him.Also the group were hidden on Mt.Fugi.Morkhanis found this group on Mt.Fugi and fought them,but Morkhanis defeated them and claimed the Katana and became even more powerful than ever,IT gave him the power over the elements.But as soon as he claimed it Mt.Fugi erupted,It killed his armies and some how his armor survived the lava.The last of the Blue dragon warriors sealed his armor and spirit in the temple in secret,because if he were to walk in this world."explained Nicotine.
       "As we saw,he is on the search for the Elemental Katana."intrupted Hanzo.
       "Yes,he will never stop searching,and he will destroy anything in his way."Replied Nicotine.
       While Nicotine explained about Morkhanis,the person Gen-an sold the katana was walking down a path.
       "Ha ha ha ha,that fool,that katana was worth 40000 at least,Now I doubled my money.said the merchant.Suddenly Morkhanis ran right in front of him.
       "Were is my Katana!"shouted Morkhanis.
       "What Katana?"Replied th Merchant.
       Suddenly Morkhanis drew a Katana form his sheath.It was a ordinary one but well crafted.
Then he slashed the merchant and decapitated him.Then Morkhanis kept moveing like the wind to find the Katana.
       "I sense its presance,But I cant find it!"shouted Morkhanis.
       But back at the monastry
       "Hanzo,could you find this Morkhanis,I will keep reading to find out more on this morkhanis or any other secrets it may holds."said Nicotine.
       "Very well,I will tract this Morkhanis and make sure that he doesnt find the katana,I will find it first and keep it far from him."replied Hanzo.
       Like usaual Hanzo disappears.Nicotine begins to read the ancient book.Hanzo bagan to scurry the land looking for the katana and Morkhanis.
       Somewhere else,IN a town in the mountains.
       "Whats that!"shouted a farmer.
       "Its not here!"shouted Morkhanis.
       Suddenly He ran through the village like a hurricane and blood stained the ground.Couple days later Hanzo found this village.
       "My god,this Morkhanis is a true monster or demon."said Hanzo,in disgust and greif.
Then Hanzo moved on through the blood stained village,no life was existant here.
       "It seems that Morkhanis is moveing at quike pace towards the Japan Sea.
       But at the Monastary were Nicotine is.Gen-an walked towards the monastary door.He slashed the door open and crawled silently to Nicotines room.
       "Die old man,you tricked me into opening that dor and look at me now!"shouted Gen-an.Gen-an was bruised badly and a few cuts here and there.Sudenly Gen-an rolled at Nicotine using his shredder attack.His attack misses Nicotine and Nicotine drew a talisman card and threw it at Gen-an.The card transformed into a enery beast.The Beast attacks Gen-an and then chases him out of the monastary.Later on the Beast will run out of energy but that takes a while.
       "I will have my revenge someday on you!!!!?shouted Gen-an,as he was running from the energy beast.

Chapter 3 - The Sea Of Japan?

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