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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 3 - The Sea Of Japan?

       Morkhanis was on the move towards the Sea of Japan.He swept through village by village,destroying them all. He was on a path used quite often,suddenly he spotted someone.In an instant he hid in the shadows to see who it was.The man had blue hair and and had a rod like sword.Suddenly Morkhanis dashed quike as lighting in fornt of Ukyo.
       " you have my katana!?"shouted Morkhanis.
       ".......I only carry my own katana.."wispered Ukyo.
       Then Ukyo carried on.Morkhanis Glared at Ukyo,then Ukyo stopped in his tracks.Morkhanis was puzzled at why he stopps yet doesnt face him.
       "Why do you not face me like a true warrior!?"shouted Morkhanis.
       Suddenly Morkhanis starts to draw his normal katana from his sheath.But at the first sound of the katana being drawn Ukyo gets into position to fight.
       "Chalenge.......accepted."whispers Ukyo.
       Ukyo Jumps into the air and slashes at Morkhanis,Morkhanis blocks the slash and jumps back a little.Then Ukyo charges Morkhanis,Morkhanis thinks this will be his last move and gets ready to slice off his head.But Ukyos plan works,Morkanis under esimates Ukyo,suddenly,Ukyo slides between Morkhanis legs and trips him.Then Ukyo was about to stab Morkhanis but Morkhanis flipped from the ground and kicked him square in the chest.Suddenly Morkhanis gets into stance.THen Ukyo and Morkhanis began to sword fight and the blades blaze threw the air.
       But Back at the monastary were Nicotine continues to read The Book of Eternal Spirits.Suddenly he comes across something awful.
       "Oh No,it says that Morkhanis may need the Elemental Katana to have absolute power over the Elements but he still posesses great power,but it also says that if awakend it will take time for his powers to be completely regenerated."said Nicotine.
       "Hopefully we can stop him before his power is back to maximum."said Nicotine.
       Then Nicotine continued his reading of the book.But back at the fight between Ukyo and Morkhanis.Ukyo junped in the air again and this time had his sword out and spun three times and hit morkhanis twice in the shoulder but it did not do alot of damage to him.But when Ukyo landed he fell to the ground and started to cough.Morkhanis stopped and observed Ukyo.Ukyos coughing became more violent and he started to cough some blood from his mouth.
       "I know what is wrong with you."said Morkhanis.
       "I had a good fight,I feel that you shouldnt die from this disease."said Morkhanis.
       Ukyos coughing became less vioent and he looked at Morkhanis.
       "What could you you even know what I have...?"replied Ukyo.
       "Tubercolius....,When my power returns completely I would cure your disease."said Morkhanis.
       "You have powers to do that?Why would you do this for me?"replied Ukyo.
       "Yes,I want a great warrior with me,you know this land better that me,I am on a quest to find My real Katana,and My price to heal your disease is you assist me."replied Morkhanis.
       "I will assist you then....{Cough}...But when can you cure me?"said Ukyo.
       "Soon my friend,by the way,what is your name?"replied Morkhanis.
       "Ukyo"whispers Ukyo.
       "Uyko,I want you to help me find my katana now, I am going towards the sea of japan in this direction,If I am not mistaked there is a small town there?"said Morkahnis.
       "Not any more,a storm blew it away."Replied Ulyo.
       "Then I will destroy all the towns and cities I see until I find my KATANA!"shouted Morkhanis.
       In His rage he smashed a tree and it split in half.
       "Wait,you shouldnt destroy all the towns right away,you should hide and wait to see if the Katana is there,you dont want to attract attention to your self right now."replied Ukoyo.
       "Hide?How could I hide,I am not a theif or ninja that can sneak past people easily!"replied Morkhanis.
       "I could give you a monks robe that would cover you completely and would make you look like a ordinary person......{Cough},{cough}.said Ukyo.
       "Then were shall we go then Ukyo,I dont know any where else to go,I am not fimilair around here,its changed."said Morkhanis.
       "{Cough}....WE....go..{cough}...west,....theres a large citie there,with the robe you could slip by and can search easily with out destroying and pulling attention to your self."said Ukyo.
       Then they set off towards the citie in the west.At the half way piont to the citie it became dark and Ukyos coughing became worse.Morkhanis saw Ukyos Condition and choped a tree down with little effort and put his hand on it.
       "Demon Touch!" shouted Morkhanis.
       Suddenly the log started to smoke from the bottom of Morkhanis's hand and then it engulfed its self in flames.
       "Rest up Ukyo,I want my partner to be healthy and strong,My power is returning fast,soon I can heal you."
       ".......alright........soon.....{cough}..{cough}"whispered Ukyo."
       But Hanzo was tracing Morkhanis and was close to the area where Ukyo and Morkhanis fought.Hanzo studied the marks and foot prints in the dirt.
       "Hmmmmm,from the looks of the prints,Morkhanis fought and won,but there is blood on the ground and no dead body.He Might off dragged the body off to make sure no one knew he was here,but I will stop him and I will find the Katana and find out how to destroy it."said Hanzo in a silent way.Then Hanzo ran off into the night.In the Morning Hanzo was in a tree watching for Morkhanis,he saw some one,it was Haohmaru,drinking some sake off in the distance and was walking towards Hanzo's tree.Suddenly Haohmaru stopped not too far from the tree.
       "Come out!,I know some one is around here!"shouted Haohmaru.
       Suddenly Hanzo jumped out of the tree and dropped infront of Haohmaru.
       "Hanzo???You?here,why?"shouted Haohmaru.
       "I am tracking a warrior called Morkhanis."replied Hanzo.
       "Warrior?Is he strong?" eagerly replied Haohmaru.
       "From what I saw he very strong."said Hanzo.
       "I want to come along,and kick his @$$ becouse I am the greatest,I am Champ,and I.....AM OUT OF SAKE!!!!!!!!!! shouted Haohmaru.
Haohmaru went bezerk and then saw one little drop of sake in his bag and licked it out and was still angery because that made him even more thirsty for his beloved Sake.
       "Whaaaaaaaaaaaa,Hanzo,you gat any Sake!!!!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "No......"said Hanzo.
       "Geeeeeeez!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "Did you see any one sispisous lately?"asked Hanzo.
       "I will tell if you help me get some sake!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "Fine......."replied Hanzo.
       "I saw nothing....Now HELP ME FIND SAKE!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "I will soon,Go west,thats were the warrior Morkhanis is going and I will be around,I prefere to be alone."said Hanzo.
       Suddenly He disappears and Haomaru went West in hope someone dropped there sake Bag or finds Some way to Get More Sake.
       "Hey Hanzo,I know you prefere not to be talked to or any thing but I ahve a verey,very important question!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "What question?"echoed from Hanzo some where arounded thre.
       "GOT SAKE?"

Chapter 4 - Does this town have Sake?

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