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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 4 - Does this town have Sake?

       Morkhanis In his disgise passed through the gaurds with Ukyo like he was a normal person.They went through the streets looking for people who might sell it but didnt find it.Two days later Haohmaru and Hanzo got to the city.
       "Does THIS down have Sake?"shouted Haohmaru.
       "I am sure Haohmaru,I will sneak over the walls,you go in the entrance."commanded Hanzo and then he dissappered.
       "Ukyo,Tell me,why do we scurry on the same streat again?"Said Morkhanis
       "Because...we might see it....."Said Ukyo.
       Suddenly A man dressed entirly in black robes carried a Katana whiched glowwed.
       "There it is Ukyo,Shall we get it?"said Morkhanis.
       "Yes.....now get him."said Ukyo.
       Suddenly Morkhanis Threw off his robes and charged For the man who possed the Elemental Katana.The man in black robes was quike and ran.Then he lept to the wall and bounced off and landed on top of the building.Then The man pulled out the Elemental Katana.He lept through the air and landed on the other building.
       "Coward!"shouted Morkhanis.
       Suddenly Morkhanis Cahrged the building the Man in Black robes.Morkhanis tore a hole were he ran into,soon the building collapsed.
But back were Haohmaru was.
       "Hey you,got Sake?Hey you,shop guy,got Sake?Hey lady,Got Sake?DOES ANY BODY HAVE SAKE!!!!!"shout Haohmaru.
       Suddenly Hanzo and Haohmaru notice the building colasped not to far from them.They went to investigate.Suddenly Morkhanis climbed the wall and then began his persue of of the Man in black robes.THen without warning the man in black robes lundged at Morkhanis and almost stabbed him.
       "You....give my Katana back and you will live for now!"shouted Morkhanis.
       "Ha ha ha ha ha,you'll never get it!"said the man in black robes.
       Suddenly Morkhanis became angry,then Flames engulfed him yet he was in no pain.Then Morkhanis shot out a fire beam at the man.He dodged it and then lept in the air and threw dozens on ninja stars at Morkhanis.Morkhanis deflected them all but by the time he finished the myterious man was gone.
       "NOOOOOOOOOO."shouted Morkhanis
       Morkhanis lept down to the street and landed by Ukyo.
       "I saw you fight....can you cure me...."whispered Ukyo.
       "Yes."replied Morkhanis.
       Suddenly He lifted Ukyo by the neck.Then Energy shocked and burned Ukyo.Then Morkhanis dropped Ukyo who was in serious pain.
       "There,your disease is gone."said Morkhanis.
       "My coughing is gone!"said Ukyo.
       A crowd had gethered around Ukyo and Morkhanis.Then Hanzo and Haohmaru found Morkhanis.
       "Ukyo look out!"shouted Haohmaru.
       Ukyo didnt respond.Suddenly Haohmaru lepted at Morkhanis and gave a slash at him.But Morkhanis drew his Katana extremly fast and blocked it.Then while Haohmaru was in the air,Morkhanis gave a cresent kick to Haohmarus head.It was enough to knock him down and he was rolling in pain.Hanzo jumped into the air and threw a ninja star at Morkhanis,he dodged it.Morkhanis attacked Hanzo,there blades clashed and rubbed against each others.Suddenly Morkhanis slashed at Hanzo's head but missed and cut a beam of a building deck down.Then Hanzo kicked Morkhanis in the chest but it was not enough to even make him step back to feet.In retaliation Morkhanis picked Hanzo up by the neck and threw him through a wall and into a inn room where there was a empty bath tub.Then Morkhanis left.UKyo stayed in the city with Hanzo and Haohmaru.
       "Ukyo,why were you with tha evil @$$hole?"asked Haohmaru.
       "For a cure."whispered Ukyo.
       "Nevermind about that though,any idea wheres he going?asked Hanzo.
       "I think he's going north west."replied Ukyo.
       Then Ukyo came along with Haohmaru and Hanzo.They went northwest and stopped in a forest and made camp.
       "I am going home"said Ukyo.
       "Why"shouted Haohmaru.
       "I am cured and now I wish to go home and see my home,I wish to see it be fore I die."said Ukyo.
       "Die,you said yo were cured!"replied Haohmaru.
       "Yes,but If that warrior in armor wins,he will kill all,I fear he might kill me,so I am going to go home."said Ukyo,while walking off.
       "Know whats the worst part about today bsides getting kicked in the head by that @$$hole?"said Haohmaru.
       Hanzo didnt replie.
       "I DON'T HAVE ANY SAKE!!!!!!!!!!"
       But back where morkhanis is,he is at the end of the forest,slightly ahead of Hanzo and Haohmaru.
       "I must slow them down......"said Morkhanis.
       "I summon my power,Spirits of the forest,Destroy those within you."shouted Morkhanis.
       Suddenly at the camp the trees began to wave.Then vines came from the ground and began to tanggle Haohmaru and Hanzo.The vins began to squeeze very hard started to choke them.Suddenly A spirit liek thing came.Then the vines released them and went back on the grond.
       "Your welcome"echoed the voice.Hanzo saw who it was,it was Nakuru,she saved them.
       "Wow,that was.....well......interesting,lets go and get SAKE NOW!"shouted Haohmaru.

Chapter 5 - The Blue Dragon?

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