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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 5 - The Blue Dragon?

       Haohmaru and Hanzo were walking out of the forest,going Northwest.Suddenly another man in black robes appears infront of them with a flash of smoke.Haohmaru and Hanzo get into fighting positions.
       "Stop,my master wishes to see you two,it invovles Morkhanis!"shouted the Man in Robes.
       Then he led them far of course.Then they came across a small Bamboo forest.Then The Man in black robes opened a secret door covered by over growth and bamboo.THen once inside they saw lots of Men wearing the same outfit of Black robes that cover there head as well.Then they took them off.They were all ninjas,blue ninjas.
       Then the Master Ninja came up to them and took off the robes.He was a older ninja,but was quite in good condition.
       "Greatings,I trust that my scout led you here safly?"said the master.
       "Cut the Crap and tell us who and what you are!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "Very well,We are whats left of the Blue Dragon Ninja Clan.We vowded that if Morkhanis were to walk in this world again we would keep him from Getting the Elemental Katana and reviving his Army"said the Master.
       "REvive his army?"said Hanzo.
       "Yes,when the katana is in hi hands he would be able to have enough power to free his elite army,but fortnetly we are safe for now..."said the
Blue dragon master ninja.
       "Ok Old Ninja Fart,I want to know twon thing right now!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "And what do you wish to know?"said the master Ninja.
       "Number one,whats your name!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "Yori my name is."said Yori.
       "And the most important off all SAKE!!!!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?"shouted Haohmaru.
       "No my friend,none,but we have tea and water."replied Yori.
       "I DONT WANT TEA OR OTHER CRAP HOLE STUFF ,I WANT SAKE ,I havent had some for days!"shouted Haohmaru,while throwing a tantrum.
       "Calm down,we must go now,for we cant stay here very long..."said Yori,interupting Haohmaru's ramblings of wanting sake.
       "Why..."said Hanzo.
       "Morkhanis will find us soon,for we have the Elemental Katana with us now."said Yori.
Then Yori drew the Elemental Katana and showed them it.Then they departed out of the hiddn roost of Ninjas and went out side,they digised them selves in robes and went toward the Sea of Japan.
       "Why are we going to the Sea of Japan?"said Hanzo.
       "Because we can go to China and hide for a while."said Yori.
       "China?!we cant go there,because its China!"said Haohmaru.
       ''They might have sake like stuff there!"said Yori
       Suddenly Haohmaru ran ahead of them at top speed.Three hours later they arrive at the Sea of Japan.There the ninja find boats and get ready for there journey.
       "Now we will go to china to hide and find the rest of the Blue Dragon"said Yori
       "How many are there of the Blue dragon?"asked Hanzo.
       "I am not sure,there are many members and some are in china,and also we are going to find great warriors."said Yori
       The group arrives in china's coast and was not noticed.They went into the nearest town.
       "Hey you,yay you,guy with big pack on our back,Got SAKE!?"said Haohmaru
       "Yes,plently of it,you need some,I give it for free."said the man.
       Then the man hands the bag of sake to him.
       "Thank you,thank you,thank you,you are very kinda thank you!"shouted Haohmaru
       "OK,Just go,you are creeping me out!"shouted the man.
They kept on there search and went deeper in the town.But at the shore,Morkhanis followed by cutting a tree and floated to china.Bu the gaurds actaully noticed him.
       "Stop there"shouted a gaurd.
But Morkhanis didnt care or even noticed them.Then the gaurds attacked him with there weopons,there weapons where sticks with metal tips and a chain at the end.THey attacked and attacked.But Morkhanis ignored them.Then one of them swung hard and nailed him.This got Morkhanis's attention.Suddenly,fast like the wind we drew his sword and decapitated the gaurds and blood soaked that part of the beach.
Haohmaru and Hanzo and the rest of them were far from Morkhanis.But a day later the gaurds bodys where found and we deemed as assasination.They went alert and told the capital about the danger and then they called there most powerful warrior they could get in short notice.....Wan-fu.
       "What was that?Then emperor want me to find the killers and get rid of them!Great!"shouted Wan-fu as he read a message on a scroll.
Then Wan-fu setted off.THree days later Wan-fu found Haohmaru and Hanzo and the Blue Dragon Ninjas.Then He jumped from the brush was about to crush Hanzo but Hanzo dodged the attack.Wan-fu was useing his pillar and was ready for battle.
       "What is the meaning of this"shouted Yori.
       "You killed our gaurds,you assasins!"shouted Wan-fu.
       Then Wan-fu jumped up and threw his pillar at them and the attack missed but the explosion destroyed several trees and started the ground ablaze.
       "Now you will feel my wrath!"shouted Wan-fu.
       But Suddenly a beam of energy hit Wan-fu in the chest and made him fly way beck,It was Morkhanis.Morkhanis charged them at top speed.He saw the man in robes with the katana and was about to take it.But then,All the ninjas hidden in the robes ook them off.
       "What,it cant be.....The Blue Dragons!"shouted Morkhanis.
       "Now I will slaughter you all!"shouted Morkhanis.
       Then Morkhanis charged them once again then they began to fight.Morkhanis was on defence because twelve ninjas were attacking him at once.Suddenly He spun around and kicked one ninja in the head and another in the leg.Then the ninjas all at once jumped at while in the air threw ninja stars at Morkhanis.They didnt do too much damage considering that they mostly bounce off.THen they attacked.Morkhanis then smashed the ground and the a shockwave hit all the near ninjas and they were on consious.Then Yori attacked with the Elemental Katana.The Blade moved gracefully yet very powerfully at Morkhanis.Morkhanis dodged the attack with caution.
       "Ha ha ha ha ha,Morkhanis,you are not as strong as your rep goes."boasted Yori.
       Then Yori Jumped into the air.
       [Blue Fire blast]
       Yori focused a thin Blue flame o the Elemental and then it grew and became stronger and stronger.THen he Fired the beam at morkhanis which it hitted him and then a eplosion of blue flames engulfed him.When the flames died down they looked for signs of Morkhanis.Then out of the smoke Morkhanis jumped out and fired a jolt of energy at Yori and it hitted him right in the leg.Then they began to sword fight again.THen all the Blue dargon ninjas attacked again.THey threw more ninja stars.They disracted Morkhanis enoguh for Yori to get a good hit on him.Right in the chest.He bleed a black like substance out from the woulnd and when it drippped to the ground it sissle at burned what ever it landed on.Then In the blink off an eye e swiped the katana and ran.
       "Hey guys,I know this is a bad time but........Got some sake?!?!?I drank all ff mine already!:shouted Haohmaru.

Chapter 6 - All wounds heal in time

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