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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 6 - All wounds heal in time

       Morkhanis was at a steady pace on the long path,bleeding the black sludge like stubstance that came from his wound that the Elemental Katana slashed him.The vile substance oozed and when it touched the ground it sizzled and burned all living things under it.
       "The Kartana cuttted through my armor and now I am in such pain.....My armor will regenerate but I am not sure about my flesh...."said Morkhanis,while moving along the path.
       "I have the Katana.....OF COURSE,why am I in a panic,there is something here in this world capable of healing me....the Hidden springs...legend goes that it heal all wound to who ever can find it and rest in it....I hope I can find it."said morkhanis,talking to him self due to heavy blood loss,or what ever that black stuff is.
       Back to Haohmaru and the others.
       "Wheres that theif Morkhanis going with the Katana any ways?"questioned Haohmaru.
       "Most likely to the Hidden springs,they are hidden in a vast bamboo forest that they say you can never find...but they say it also heals all wounds in time,"replied Yori.
       So the group went in search of the Bamboo forest which contains the Hidden springs.THey found it two days later.
       "Hey guys,got a big question thats needed to be answered right now.....Got Sake!!!???"shouted Haohmaru.
       "NOOOOOOOOO!!!"shouted every one,for the hundreth time.
       Suddenly Haohmaru stepped in something.
       "OH,crap,I bet ya I stepped in some kind of Crap...."said Haohmaru,grossed out.
       "Oh,Uh,what the....Its burns,geez,Ow ow ow ow,Hot foot....."shouted Haohmaru.
       "Haohmaru....stay still......lift you foot,and show me."said Yori.
       Haohmaru holds his foot up.They see The black sludge that came from Morkhanis.
       "Just as I suspected,hes near and his blood is fresh,its like acid."said Yori.
       Suddenly the Black stuff moved a little,then fell off and moved on the ground.
       "What kind of Magic is THIS?"shouted Haohmaru.
       The gop was moving at a good pace,suddenly there was a man in front of the black sludge,it was a peasant man,gathering bamboo for money.The man saw the blob of goo and smashed it with a stick.Then the blob regrouped.IT suddenly lunged on him.He screamed and screamed as the goo crawled on him,burning as it moved,then it entered his mouth and went down the throat,then he fell to the ground.Haohmaru and the group ran to the man and tried to see what happend to him.He was dead.
       "Lets bury him and......."said Hanzo.
       But the man came back to life,and stood up,Then he started to barf black stuff and blood and intestants,then more blood,then pieces of his stomach,then his skin started to melt a little and his ribs showed.Suddenly he tried to scream but only the sound of gurgling came out.But back where Morkhanis was,he was in the pool of spring water and the water healed him rapidly,the he rose from the water,energised and ready for battle,then he heard screams and ushed to see it.He came to the area where the man was screaming but gurglig.
       "What the hell is going on Yori..."said Haohmaru.
       "Its what demon blood does to you,if you provoke it,it attacks,but the man is still alive,being tortored for some reason."said Yori.
       "Ha ha ha ha ha,I see that demon blood got into him,now My pawn,Kill them,while I go back to Japan....Hah ah ha ha ha."shouted Morkhanis,while he walked off.
       Then the Man's screaming stopped and then he focused on Haohmaru.He walked at him slowly,with blood and skin hanging off his face,like a zombie,his bone showed all over.Haohmaru drew his sword and slashed it in half.
       "Ha,that Zombie @$$hole didnt do anything to me."shouted Haohmaru.
       Suddenly the creature fused back together and started towards them.
       "Whats it take to kill this thing!"shouted Haohmaru.
       "Its composed of Magic and demon blood,it can only be destroyed by good magic,Me and the other Blue Dragons warriors will focuss our magic then kill it,can you hold it off?"said Yori.
       "Of Course.....WHaaaaaaa"said Haohmaru,while attacking the Zombie.
       The Zombie had more flesh hanging off and the creature grabbed a stick and attacked kepted getting hit but kept coming.Then the Zombie grabbed Hanzo and threw him threw a bamboo thicket.Then Haohmaru shot his Tornado attack at it and then it flew very high into the air.
       "Done,all ninjas,fire!"shouted Yori.
       The Ninjas fire a beam of energy of good magic at the creature and hitted it,then,without warning,it exploded in mid air.The body parts rained and dicintergrated before they hit the ground.
       "Lets get to Morkhanis before he gets back to Japan.."said Yori,while every one followed him.
       They ran through the forest very fast,they wondered if they suppose to get lost,why didnt they.At the shore Morkhanis was meditating,Suddenly WAn-fu jumped at Morkhanis and swung his pillar at him and nail him in the side.Morkhanis flew three feet back.
       "What,but I killed you,never mind about that,I will kill you NOW!shuted Morkhanis.
       Morkhanis charged and let loose a flurry of kicks.Wan-fu smashes him with his weaopon and knocks him back again.Then Wan-fu Jumped in the air and threw his Pillar at Morkhanis,The piller triwled and then engulfed in flames,fling at Morkhanis.Suddenly Morkhanis rose his arm and the opened his hand,then he just stood,all most froze,Then the Pillar struck Morkhanis,but strangly the pillar bounced off of him,then fire was on him,but then you could see that there was a veil of some sort protecting him.The Pillar smashed into a dock and got stuck in a pillar of it.
       "Now to Finish you off....."said Morkhanis,drawwing the Elemental Katana out of His sheath.

Chapter 7 - Return to Japan

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