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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 7 - Return to Japan

       "Ha,you wont kill me...for I will anihilate you,for a man hired by the Emperor is no weakling."Shouted Wan-fu.
       Suddenly Wan-fu ran for his weapon and grabbed it and came back in seconds, then he put the weapon on the ground and smashed his head agains it a few times.Then Wan-fu lunged through the air,and when he was over the head of Morkhanis he threw his weapon at Morkhanis,Wan-fu's weapon engulfed in flames which burned so brightly that it would blind some one,Then the weapon hit Morkhanis and a gaint explosion came from the weapon and there was a pillar of flames.The pillar of flames burned like the sun,and after a while the flames died down.Where the pillar had struck the ground that Morkhanis stood was black and smuldering and was hard to see due to the smoke and flame.But Wan-fu's weapon survived the blast.
       "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,I told you I am no weakling,My Pillar of destruction attack took you down,ha ha ha ha'' gloated Wan-fu.
       Suddenly like a pheonix from the ashes Morkhanis rose from the ground,burnt alittle and armor red from the heat.
       "Do you think that I would die from an attack from you,ha ha ha ha,I hold the Elemental Katana,the most deadly and powerful sword in the world,I can control the elements with it."shouted Morkhanis.
       Then Morkhanis focus his mind,meditating,he floated a little and then the flames from the explosion began to burn again but even more brightly.The Flames lunged at Wan-fu and burned him,but not fataly.Then Morkhanis summoned a gust of wind and blew Wan-fu away,miles away.But afterwards he sat down and begen to mediatate.Back where Haohmaru and the rest are.hey heard a strange sound from the sky,It was Wan-fu,he was flying through the air,but coming down at high speed.Then with a blank thud he hit the ground.
       "Whoa,its Wan-fu,are you ok?Oh yay,you @$$hole,now that I remember you almost got us injured,why.!"said Haohmaru.
       "Before you answer that question asnwer this....while you flew through the air,Did you get any SAKE????!!!"shouted Haohmaru,while he looked at his empty sake bag.
       "Morkhanis....he beat me...then blew me away,hes.....on the shores.....meditating...."said Wan-fu,catching his breath.
       THey set off and Wan-fu followed them and they went to the shore where they saw Morkhanis.He was meditating by the shore,with the Katana in his hands.Suddenly the water rose in a tital wave grew higher and higher.Then it turned into a spike of water and came crashing down on everything,destroying houses and drowning many people.Then,while all where trying to swim he consenrated and made a path of ice that led all the way to Japan.He began to walk on his underwate ice path ,due to the fact he didnt need to breathe.When the water withdrew and all was dry,haohmaru survied and so did the rest of the allies,even Wan-fu.But back where Nicotine was reading the book of Eternal Spirits.
       "Hmmmm,there are incantasions here.....ah....acording to the book,I can teleport anything to anywhere with this incantation,I will try this,maybe I will teleport Haohmaru and who ever is with him."said Nicotine.
       Then Nicotine spoke the incantasion.Then a flash of light blaze by Nicotine,and Wan-fu,Haohmaru and Hanzo and the rest were in the room,soaking wet.
       "Bah,you getting my new floor wet,get out and dry off,Bah."shouted Nicotine.
       They did as he asked and came back in.
       "Nicotine!!!!How in the hell did you geet us here?"shouted Haohmaru,as he was looking at his sake bag to make sure he was not drunk.
       "I spoke this incantasion and you appeared,but enough about that,what of Morkhanis?"said Nicotine.
       "He escapedn and is heading back to Japan,maybe you know what hes going after?"said Hanzo.
       "Hes here to revive his army,to conquer the world!''said Nicotine.
       "How do we stop him?"said Yori.
       ''He must get to the temple of eternal darkness and plant his sword when its is charge of dark energy and at the base of mount Fugi the Portals will open and his evil demon army will acend and await his command."said Nicotine.
       "Where is the temple of eternal darkness"asked Yori.
       "IT is located Underground,in a cavern close to Mt.Fugi."Said Nicotine.
       "But be warned,the original Blue Dragon clan made booby traps."said Nicotine.
       "One more thing,not even Morkhanis know where the temple is,so dont tell him...."said Nicotine.
       But back to where Morkhanis was.
       "Hmmmm,my powers are regenerated.......but....I need to recharge them,they need to be at full again,.....My army can wait........"said Morkhanis.
       "I am far from any interferers....I will begin recharging."said Morkhanis.
       Then Morkhanis drew the Elemental Katana,and stabbed it into the ground.Suddenly the ground trembled and shuddered.Trees became gray and rotted next to Morkhanis,ground became dry.Energy came from the ground it was absorbed by Morkhanis's body.Then Water began to slow the flow of rivers and soon stopped.Animals fled in fear,The Ground became to crack and bleed lave and oil but that soon became hard or had withered strenght.Flames from the earth was absorbed.Son every thing withing 7 feet was dead or dying from the draining.
       "Ha ha ha ha ha,The Power,I am recharging,and it feels better than life."shouted Morkhanis.
       THen in a flash a spirit appeared in front of Morkhanis.
       "Stop.......You...are hurting nature.......stop or...feel my wrath."said The spirit of Nakaruru.
       "I seen you before......must stop you....."said Nakruru.
       THen Nakaruru closed her eyes and concentrated hard.
Suddenly Morkhanis and Nakaruru saw each other in eachothers mind,like a mental areana.
       "So young one,you think you have the power to stop a Great warrior and sourcer in the known world?Ha,I am also a General of my Demon Army,Still have confidence now?"said Morkhanis.
       "You wil face my wrath for defilinh nature......"said Nakaruru.
       Then Nakaruru attacked with her knife.She Missed once,then again,she couldent getclose to him before he teleported away.Suddenly Morkhanis uppercutted Nakaruru and she went flying and landed on what ever they were standing on.THen Nakaruru got up but fell.
       "Natures,hurting,cant be,......natures dieing around here...... .{cough}....Why would some one destroy all of nature.....why"said Nakaruru,weakenin and tring to catch her breath.
       "Now,your precius nature will wither and die within this area.....HA HA HA HA HA HA,dont take it personally,I need something to recharge me...."said Morkhanis while his ming was phasing back to reality.
       THen Morkhanis withdrew the Katana from the desert like soil and stepped on the roten log whish was a big tree not too long ago.
       "Now to Find The Temple of Eternal Darkness."said Morkhanis,as he was walking from the vally that was turned into a arid area.

Chapter 8 - Knowledge is Power

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