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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 8 - Knowledge is Power

       Haohmaru and Hanzo and Yori were by Mount Fugi looking for a cover entrance while the rest of the Blue Dragon Clan were keeping a lookout for Morkhanis.They found the entrance which was small so only one at atime could fit through.Haohmaru goes in first.He squeezes through and hit the ground of the of the cave where the small shaft led.
       "Its safe,no Morkhanis or lava, guys,lets have some sake NOW!"said Haohmaru.
       "NOOOOO"echoed through out the cave.
       The Entire group got into the temple and found that they couldnt get in through the door.So they began to think how to get in.
       "There seems to be a wooden seal on the outside and a metal seal on the inside,and from the looks of it the metal seal is meant to be sealed on the inside,I got it,Haohmaru give me your sake!"said Yori.
       "Nooooooooo,not my sake,every time I want to drink you say no,but when I get time I have to give it to you,Noooooooooo!"shouted Haohmaru,while hugging his sake bag and chearishing it like a newborn.
       Then with a blink fan eye Yori snatched the sake bag poured ir on the wooden seal.
       "NNoooooooooooooo,my SAKE!" shouted Haohmaru.
Suddenly Yori took a few different powders and put them together and put them in a small cloth pouch and threw it on the sake.The Sake Ignites and burnts the seal of the door,They enter and look around,they are amazed they found nothing more than a large room with a PIllar made of black stone with a Golden round seal in the middle and with a blood ruby in the center.
       But back where Nicotine is,he was reading while he was eating some fried rice and seaweed cherry rolls.Suddenly Morkhanis appears infront of him.
       "NOW,.....Give book....Now.." said Morhanis,as his voice echoed through out the room.
       "Uh....Be kind to your elders?"said Nicotine,wile being scared out of his wits.
       "Ha,I am more than 5000 years old,whos the elder now?"said Morkhanis as he took the book from Nicotine,which was paralyzed from fear.
       "As I thought,the book tells of me and where the Temple is,My army will destroy all of Japan,then all of Asia!" laughed Morkhanis
       Then he vanished with a breath of the lungs.But back where Haohmaru and the others are.
       "I thought there was boobytraps around here,I dont see any?"said Haohmaru,walking towards the wall.
       "DUCK!" shouted Yori.
       Haohmaru ducks and barely dodges a large hammer that came from the impossible to see ceiling.
       "Some one is coming, everyone hide." said Hanzo.]\
       Suddenly Morkhanis comes in and doesnt notice the others.HE walks towards the pillar.
       "ATTACK!" shouts Yori.
       The entire group charges Morkhanis,but Morkhanis makes an energy Barrier and pushs them all away and into the wall.
       "HA,you think you could catch me off gaurd THAT easily!?" shouted Morkhanis.
       The fist to attack is Yori,they began to sword fight at blinding speeds,sparks began to fly and then with a strong blow from the Elemental katana shattered his sword.THen Morkhanis delivered a swift punch to his head and moved on.Suddenly Hanzo attacks and throughs a flurry of ninja stars at Morkhanis.Morkhanis dodges then and ignores him.
       "Morkhanis,I am about to open a can of Whoop @$$ upon your amored......oh...came to late.....hes at the pillar here all ready!" SHouted Haohmaru.
       Suddenly, focusing All his dark energys into the Elemental katana, insirts it into the pillar.A rumble overtakes the temple.SUddenly, fire rises from the ground and lave rises from holes all over the place.
       "The opening of the portals are jepordising the balance here,Mount Fugi shall erupt,get out, retreat, NOW!" shouts Yori.
       Morkhanis teleports out of there to there surface while everything under the ground there is engulfed by lava.The entire group gets out before they are burned like Haohmarus butt when he betted Hanzo he could ligt his fart on fire.
       When the group got out, they saw it, a Large portal, where Demon warriors came out.Creature where they wore armor that was just pads or shoulder pads and chest plates, not very much but they had from swords to hammers,they were fixed on making chaos on Morkhanis's order.
       "Gezze,these guys are as almost as ugly as Gen-an......ALMOST" Shouts Haohmaru.

Chapter 9 - Put of the Dark hole

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