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Legend of Morkhanis
by Nicotine

Chapter 9 - Put of the Dark hole

       Suddenly a demon warrior lunges with a club at Haomaru.Then quikely Haohmaru dodges the attack and stabs the demon warrior in the gut and it falls over.Suddenly,It comes back to life and attacks again.
       "Oh no,not another demon thing, last time I almost got touched by one with no skin....Ew...."Said Haohmaru,as he was cuting the arm off the demon.
       Then Morkhanis appeared up on a tall rock above the demon horde.
       "Ha-Ha-ha-ha-ha, Now my demon hordes shall over run you all, enjoy your last breath as you are destroyed....." Shouted Morkhanis.
       "Now my demon Hordes.....ATTACK!!!" shoted Morkhanis
       Suddenly,the thunder of the skies the ground rumbles to the feet of the demon warriors pounding the ground as they charged.But the group,moments away from getting impacted began to talk about what they were to do.
       "Haohmaru,Hanzo, I want you to take care of the demon warriors in front, we'll get our weapons and our powders ready and then assist you." said Yori, while getting ninja stars out.
       "Yes Yori, we can,Hahomaru,do you ahve any sake left?" said Hanzo.
       "uh......not much...." responded Haohmaru.
       Then without thinking Hanzo took it and when the first demon line arrived he splashed it all over them.
       "MY SAKE!Why.....why....my beutiful sake.....(Sob)" shouts Haohmaru as he slices a leg off a demon warrior.
       As Haohmaru and Hanzo battle started to be come overwhelmed the Blue Dragons come in finally with a barrage of ninja starts.Which took out a good number of demon warriors.
       "There just way too many of em!" shouts Haohmaru.
       Suddenly Yori pulls out a small pouch and throws it 20 feet way to a large group of Demons.With a great flash the were all engulfed by fire and smoke.Then the rest of the Blue Dragons ninjas began to do the same and took out a some bulk of the demon army.But the ravonous hordes still kept coming.
       "Fellow Blue Dragon Ninjas,it is time, we must summon Ganthor,the Almighty Blue Dragon Spirit." Said Yori.
       The Blue dragon Ninjas manages to group together and get into a circle for a few minutes before more demons arrive.They all speak incantaions and get into positions and then a a energ radius comes from the middle of the center and all the BLue Dragon ninjas turn into energy and merge and form Ganthor.A mighty Beast,LArge wings and mighty Talons and with a glow.
       "Now, dark Army of Morkhanis, feel the might of my Wrath!" shouted Ganthor,in a thunderous rage.
       Then the Great Blue Dragon Extended its wings and Opened its massive jaws,and then a thunderous sound came from inside of the Dragons,it shook the ground near it,Suddenly a BLast of Blue fire shoots out like a bat out of hell.The Blast covers the entire Demon army and burns them into dust.None remained exept Morkhanis Ganthor,Hanzo and Haohmaru.
       "Now to get Morkhanis Before MOunt.Fugi Erupts!"shouts hanzo.
       They engage Morkhanis and begin to fight the final battle.Morkhanis draws the Elemental katana and is ready for COmbat.Haohmaru Lunges and gives a flurry of Slashes and hits Morkhanis a few times.Then Morkhanis Picks Haohmaru up thorws him back 12 feet.Then,without warning An explosion hits Morkhanis and he is pushed back.Wan-fu emerges from no where and runs and retrieves his weapon.
       "I Guess I could let you guys have all the fun...." shouts Wan-fu.
       Then Hanzo lets loose a barrage of kicks and stabs,and they all missed barely.Then Morkhanis In retaliation did a quik slash and cut open Hanzos Arm.Then Wan-Fu Swings his wepon and hits Morkhanis in the leg,then another swing and nails him in the side,and the third hit him in the head,Then In the moment Wan-fu Swings again but this time Morkhanis catchs the weapon and takes it ad bashs wan-fu In the head and threw his weapon at him but missed and shattered a rock near by.
       Then Ganthor came into battle,Morkhanis took caution now.Ganthor takes a swipe at him but misses,Then Morkhanis jumps really high and lands on Ganthors back and stabs him,but not deep enough to kill.Ganthor takes off intot he air with Morkhanis on his back.Ganthor triwls and Flings Morkhanis of his back and catchs him in his Talons.Woth all his strength,Ganthor throws Morkhanis towards the distant Earth.When Morkhanis landed on the ground he made a crater 8 feet deep and in diameter.He arose slightly weakend.Suddenly he Started to speak an incantation,and then strom clouds came,they drowned out the sun,then thunder came,a lightining bolt stuck the ground.
       "Now,with the Elemental Katana,I shall weild the elements....Ha ha ahah aha ha!" shouted Morkhanis.
       Then according to Morkhanis's whishes he Made the Lighting strike Ganthor and made him fall to the earth too.THen Morkhanis stabeed the Katana into the ground and made the rock and clay take form into a monstous being of imense strength ina crude shape of a Human.They earth made being swung its great arm and clobbered wan-fu and made him fly far back.Then Hanzo got by it and stabed its legs repeatedly and weqkend the leg but the Earth beast kicked Manzo and knocked him back a few feet back.Also Haohmaru lunges again and did a flip in mid air and did a really powerful chop with the sword and cut the Earth made mans leg right off.The Earth creature screeched in pain and then fell upon its chest and could get up due to its off balance.Then Wan-fu took his weapon and rushed the creatures head into sand and it was dead.
       Then Ganthor Fired a blast of Blue fire at morkhanis and it Engulfed him and he was in acualt pain.
       "Now,while hes disabled!" shouted Ganthor.
       Suddenly Haohmaru lets loose a very strong Slash and was so strong he lost balance from the force,the blade hit agains Morkhanis's Armor and Banged agiainst it quite hard and still cauesed pain.then Hanzo Threw a Ninja start blizzard at Morkhanis and did some consiserable damage.Then Wan-fu with all his strength swung his pillar and smashed Morkhanis extremly hard.zThen Ganthor took his massive Talons and began to take a few swipes at Morkhanis.All three hits hit Morkhanis and he flew back, with his armor cut open by the chest area from the mightly swipes of Ganthor.Then Morkhanis took the Katana and stabbed Ganthor in the chest and punctured Ganthors Heart, GAnthor cries in pain from the deadly blow form Morkhanis katana.Then MOunt Fugi begins to eprupt and lave begins to flow towards the group.
       Morkhanis and Ganthor, both weaken sinificantly,Ganthor grabs Morkhanis with his great talon and goes infront of the lava flow.
       "Ganthor,what are yuo doing!" shous HAohmaru.
       "I am making sure Morkhanis's evil will die along with me" shouted Ganthor.
       "You fool,I may die here today,but my spirit will remain...someday..I will regain my body and rule this world once more." shouts Morkhanis,while the lave moves very close,and being pinned down by the body of Ganthor,while Ganthor is bleedin badly.
       Suddenly the lave covers Morkhanis and Ganthor and they both get roasted and burnt alive.But then the lava flow stoped and the sky returned to normal.
       "I cant believ they gave their lives to save us all,wow," said Hanzo.
       "Wow indeed,I am proud to ahve seen this batle,to live and see what is to come and go in this world,I thank them all,....now in my deepest respects I saw this with great pleasure.................................LETS DRINK SOME SAKE!!!!!" shouts Haohmaru pulling out a small bag of sak that he hid in his shirt.

The End.
(P.s. Haohmaru never did shared his sake with Hanzo or Wan-fu)

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