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Samurai Spirits Neo
by Strider Maverick/Duran the Warrior (official pen name)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1/Prelude: The stage gets set/One for the Shizu/Rimu fans out there (Shizumaru/Rimururu side story)
Warning: While for the most part no one gets degraded; Genjuro might get some of that due to my portrayal of him as a rather jerkish guy what deals with "ladies of the night"; so if you like him more than the rurus or Galford; don't read this
<Yuga is dead at last; the warriors are departing their separate ways; some to continue their paths; some to go home and rest, some go else where.... now we will deal with some of them>
Galford: Wait! Nakoruru; don't do this!
Nakoruru, teary-eyed: Sorry Galford; but I must... Please move on; do not worry I'll watch over you and your family from above and tell Rimururu to go be like a normal girl..., so long.... <Fades away in a shower of light>
Galford: Nakoruru <Sobs and cries>
<4 days later, at a resturant in Edo, Japan; Galford is eating a last meal before he returns to the USA; but he notices a familiar kid with an Umbrella come in>
Galford: Hey Shizumaru; long time no see!
<Shizumaru comes and sits down>
Shizumaru: Hello Galford-san; how are you doing?
Galford: Not so well; it seems that Nakoruru has passed on for the last time...I don't know how Rimmy is handling it
Shizumaru: Oh....
Galford: You like her don't you?
Shizumaru: Yes
Galford: I think I last heard her staying at home for about a week...that means that she'll still be at home for about another 3 days..
Shizumaru: I'll see how she's doing and try conforting her!
Galford: Yeah! So what brings you here?
Shizumaru: Help on this matter; I'd heard that Ukyo hangs out here. Haohmaru-sensi may be good with fighting; but he doesn't know much about women.
Galford: I guess you got that solved; so why haven't you tried fighting with us recently?
Shizumaru: I needed to think about things; like my demon aspect, and other things.
Galford: Like Rimururu? (Well this is definely taking my mind off of things)
Shizumaru: Yeah; I knew I liked her; but I wanted to see if it's really something.....
Galford: Here's some advice from someone who's been there: Don't let her go; try to stop her for getting ideas; that and tell her it's something that her sister would have wanted: for her to take the path that she didn't choose. Now get going before it's too late.
Shizumaru: Okay! I will!
Galford: So long Shiz-man; I might not come back here again; good luck on that!
Shizumaru: Okay! Don't let the past comsume you.
Galford: Okay..... Well; time to eat then leave......
<Shizumaru starts his journey towards Rimururu's Village, Ainu Moshiri-Kamui Kotan; it was uneventful though someone was watching him>
?????: (I think that girl is at home; good a chance for me to redeem myself after loosing to such a little girl twice; and what nerve for her stuck up sister to say that I'm nothing; if she weren't already dead I'd show her how I'm nothing; well there is always the girl....since I haven't seen a brotel anywhere; I might have to see how some grade A Aniu feels....even if that boy tries sticking up for her; he'll die; since that weaking Haohmaru taught him.....well I will leave going after that weaking for another day.....I never though that I'd be planning to do this; but this is a change of pace from the usual)
<He finally arrives 2 days later>
>The Aniu Village of Ainu Moshiri-Kamui Kotan
Aniu Man: What is your bussiness here?
Shizumaru: I am a friend of Rimururu's
Aniu Man: Well I'll let you in; but you'd have to clear it up with her grandparents
Shizumaru: Thanks <Walks over to her house> (Been a while since I last been here; I remember first seeing her; and a slight fight; one that I was distracted in..... I guess cuteness does run in their family....come on; get yourself together, Shizumaru)
Rimururu's Grandmother, Monashiri: Hello there; you're here to see Rimururu right?
Shizumaru: Yes I am; I'm seeing how she's holding up.
Monashiri: <Goes in the house> Rimururu; a friend of yours is here to see you
Rimururu: Could you ask his name?
Monashiri: She wants to know her name.
Shizumaru: It's Minazuki Shizumaru; formerly Hisame Shizumaru
<Rimururu comes out of the house>
Rimururu: Shiz-kun! I've been so worried about you; I haven't seen you since we went after Amakusa and Zankuro at Amakusa Jo. Hey why are you taking that demon's name?
Shizumaru: I did that as part of being myself; after that I've been thinking about that aspect and my father....
Rimururu: Oh...
Shizumaru: I guess I was so busy doing that I didn't hear about Yuga, so how have you been holding up?
Rimururu: Fine; I was just kinda greiving...doesn't it seem kinda silly doing that for my sister; after all she chose to go that path.
Shizumaru: Well; I hope you don't do that for too long; since Galford told me that she wanted you to do something...
Rimururu: Would that be taking her place?
Shizumaru: No I think it was being a normal girl...
Rimururu: That does remind me......I missed you, really I did; I was worried about you; since I haven't heard from you in a while..
Shizumaru: That's something that you needn't worry about.
Monashiri: Oh; should we expect any more visits from that nice Gajin Boy that Nakoruru was friends with?
Shizumaru: Not really; but it might happen.
<He hears a slight suffle at the enterence>
Aniu Man: Hey you're that rude man that came by a year back.
Genjuro: Out of the way! My beef's with that girl and boy!
<Shizumaru runs up>
Shizumaru: What about me and Rimururu?
Genjuro: Simple you being a student of the weaking Haohmaru and that girl; a matter of venegence; twice I lost to her, and now I'll take my revenege!
Shizumaru: Could we do this outside the village?
Genjuro: Sure; and say your last living words to the girl; don't worry it won't be long before you 2 are reunited in the after life!
<he goes over back to her>
Shizumaru: Well I guess I'll have to take him on...
Rimururu: Be careful! Despite what my sister said he's tough....
Shizumaru: I know; even Sensei has yet to slay him; what a shame. (I can only hope not to lose it...)
Rimururu: Wait!
Shizumaru: Is there anything else you need to warn me like any new attacks?
Rimururu: No; just something I want to give you....will you take it?
Shizumaru: I will; since it will be something for luck...
<She goes up and kisses him>
Rimururu: Please come back...
Shizumaru: That I will do (There will be one way that he'll harm her....over my dead body!)
>A few yards away and a few moments later
Genjuro: Good now I can say a bit more about what I plan to do; pretty much kill you and the girl; and seeing how good aniu are in the sack.....if you get my drift boy.....
Shizumaru: What nerve.....I can see why sensei got that scroll and not you...
Genjuro: Unlike him I can value pleasures of the flesh, and it seems something you do too.
Shizumaru: .......Are you truly that heartless? Only you would think of such things.....
Genjuro: That you know; there was Gen-An the gobin warrior; I think he could have used 2 virgins in his works, and Earthquake; the fat Gajin Ninja reject.....he would have done something worse.....then again depending on the order of my actions I may surpass them.... Well boy if there was a brotel nearby; I'd just kill you 2... And you ought to consider that; after all aren't you the son of Zankuro; the worse person; he must have killed and raped more people than I could imagine.
Shizumaru: It is that reason why you shouldn't anger me!
Genjuro: There will be only one way to stop me; and that will happen when my heart stops beating; I know for a fact that after all the times we fought he never killed me; he might have won; but I still lived to come back another day. So boy; let's start!
Shizumaru: All right!
<They started fighting...... Shizumaru was trying to use his speed against Genjuro's raw power, pretty soon Genjuro was cornering the youth>
Genjuro: Well boy; get ready to die like the weaking you are! I can't imagine you being Zankuro's son nor you slaying him at last....
Shizumaru: (He is a my father.....Sensei said to me that everyone is part demon.....and to sometimes slay one you must become one.....please......Kami.....please stop me from doing anything I regret)
<At this moment; Shizumaru gets a burst of strenght and pushes Genjuro away; and when the Vulgar Warrior recovers; what he sees is rather scary; the scarlet-haired boy now had White hair and red eyes and in his hands wasn't his trusty Umbrella; but the sword he kept; and on his face was a look that only certain people see; those that would soon die; yes in SS64 2 terms this is rasetsu Shizumaru, and what a fitting term; since he is basically like his father>
Shizumaru: If you're wondering how I slew him; simple; he was pretty much the same as you are; he spoke of slewing Rimururu; the only girl my age that didn't refer to me as demon child, but as Shizumaru Hisame; the polite boy. I snapped and thus this happened; but at least he died happily seeing his son out do him, now low-life prepare to die!
<This time things went differently; with Shizumaru having as much strength as him; but having more speed; in addition; he started attacking with his father's attacks; but with less power and more speed. With in moments Gejuro Kibagami was on his knees>
Genjuro: Damn it all........why is it that i lose....
Shizumaru: Simple; you lack spirit and your only cause is to kill and wreak havoc..... Sensei beat you due to the difference in spirit....and the reason why you're going to die...... since a man truly fights his hardest when protecting people he loves.... now you will die a pathetic loney..
<Genjuro with a last wind attacks Shizumaru with 2 desperate slashes; they miss him mostly but cuts his left cheek in a X pattern>
Shizumaru: Yes I will kill you most painfully like you ask!
<Then what occurs is a dance of death that would make Basara blush; Afterwards; Shizumaru returns to his normal self; drained due to the strain of controling the "Demon". He stumbles back to the village where he passes out.>
Rimururu:! I"ve got to get him to the healer! <He drags him to the village healer he looks him over>
Healer: Don't worry he's just tired; his wounds are relatively minor; though that face cut will leave a scar.
Rimururu: I'm glad he's alright....still I worry about Genjuro; what if he comes back...
Healer: Well you will have to ask him that when he wakes up.
<5 hours pass by; Shizumaru comes in her house>
Shizumaru: I heard that you were concerned about Genjuro. You don't need to be worried about that.
Rimururu: Why? Did Haohmaru finally get around to killing him?
Shizumaru: No....I did.......he spoke of some.......unspeakable things.....then it went like it did with my father.....
Rimururu: How did you beat both of them?
Shizumaru: I used my demon aspect....with that I gained a great deal of strenght and speed; but it' draining to control it....after all if I don't control it....I'd be no better than my father.....
Rimururu: I have a feeling that you did that to protect me......(I wonder if he has the same sort of feelings I do)
Shizumaru: Yeah.....Well I guess I could stay around here for a while.
Rimururu: What about Haohmaru?
Shizumaru: He seeks enlightenment through combat; I am more interested in settling down with the girl I love.....
Rimururu: Who might this girl be? Some Japanese or Gajin girl?
Shizumaru: No....(Alright Shizumaru; time to show your courage.....) Well let me see she's Aniu; nice, energetic, my age, cute, is often accompanied by a floating ice spirit, and I'd call her Rim-chan... That's one of the things I've been thinking about all this time...
Rimururu: Don't worry I have the same feelings for you....Shizumaru.... <Sniffs around> No offense Shizumaru; but you smell bad.....
Shizumaru: Oh; I forgot I've been traveling and killed someone....You know where I could bathe myself?
Rimururu: There is the bath house and this place my sister showed me and I think It'd be alright to show you that place after all only I know the place now and she said to share it with someone important...such as you.
Shizumaru: Okay; I'll see this place.
Rimururu: First let me get the soap and stuff!
<A few moments later>
>The bathing pool
Shizumaru: Wow.......what a view of the sky...... I wonder if Galford-
Rimururu: She showed him; but that was the only time that him and her were there at the same time.
Shizumaru: Oh...I forgot about your sister's strictness on privacy
Rimururu: She usually had her 2 animal companions watch over her.
Shizumaru: I guess that's why you'll be sticking around.....try not to peek, I think your sister wouldn't like that one bit.
<He goes over to check out the reflection; Rimururu sneaks up behind him and pushes him over; he falls in the water>
Rimururu: I think I was as good as Hanzo
Shizumaru: Help, I'm drowning!
Rimururu: ! I'll help!
<She goes to pull him out; but he pulls her in>
Rimururu: That's mean!
Shizumaru: Hey it wasn't my idea to push me into the water! What are we going to do now? We're both drenched.
Rimururu: Mmmmmm; I think this lake is big enough for both our baths..
Shizumaru: Huh?
Rimururu: I was just thinking we wash each other's backs; then after that; we separate and finish them....
Shizumaru: All right then (Remember your meditation Shizumaru....)
<And they did just that; He had the pleasure of hearing her sing; they do finish the baths; but their clothes are still wet>
Shizumaru: What are you supposed to do about this...
Rimururu: I just remembered something; I'm babysitting Hazuki tonight!
Shizumaru: Isn't that....
Rimururu: Yep; that means we can have him dry off our clothes
Shizumaru: Speaking about heat isn't it getting a bit hot
<Then in the plain an explosion occurs, and from it is no other than THE fire ninja Kazuki Kazama>
Kazuki: Whoa; I didn't think kids this young did this kind of stuff...
Shizumaru: No; it's just that we decided to take baths since we both ended up in the water with our clothes on...
Rimururu: So could you dry them off, Please?
Kazuki: No problem, after all I can now go on that date thanks to you.
Hazuki, far off: Brother; have you found her yet?
Kazuki: Yeah; she'll be right there in a few moments.
Rimururu: Could you forget about this place, Kazuki?
Kazuki: Oh yeah, I think this is famed bathing pool....
<He then hangs their clothes on a tree limb and uses his powers of fire to create heat to dry them off>
Kazuki: Well, I've gotta go; make sure she behaves!
Rimururu: Well; I think I should dry myself first and get a some more dry towels.
Shizumaru: Okay
<He then submerges himself; she dries off and leaves; then he comes up for air; he senses someone>
Shizumaru: Sogetsu, I know you're here; and you'd have better not been peeping on Rimururu.
<A bubble is seen leaving the water and it turns out to be Sogetsu, water ninja with a considerable female fanbase>
Sogetsu: Do not worry; I have not do so; but noticed your fight with Genjuro, and that you did not peep yourself, it must have been hard.
Shizumaru: I just used my training from Haohmaru-sensei
Sogetsu: Oh that explains it....he is quite amazing for one without an elemental talent. I can resist doing that since it is a part of water's nature.
Shizumaru: So what brings you to these parts?
Sogetsu: To see my sister. While it is true my brother goes on dates; the real point for it to see my sister, since my brother is supposed to be dead at my hands. Rimururu also knows about this. We should try talking once you're dried off.
<He walks away; a few moments later Rimururu comes back with dry towels>
Rimururu: I told grandmother that I fell in and had to dry off. I won't look. <Shizumaru starts drying himself off> I'm wondering something Shizumaru, I noticed that you didn't once try peeping at me, why is that?
Shizumaru: I mediated to take my mind from it; for one we're rather young to be seeing that; that and I thought that you wouldn't want that. It was very hard not to.
Rimururu: Kinda reminds me of this girl Sister met in one of these fights, this weird cat gajin.... she can make one insecure and such.
Shizumaru: Why would do you say that?
Rimururu: Since she's around my age, and she had more curves than my sister!
Shizumaru: Well; don't be; I remember talking with Sensei; and how he remarked that you and your sister were among the cutest girl he's seen, and how you 2 have a certain charm, "Too attract Gajin, and to make Shizumaru, the silent boy, talkative" Well I'm done; so lets go and talk.
>Rimururu's House
Rimururu: How are you Hazuki?
Hazuki: I'm fine. I wish my brothers could talk without one trying to kill the other....
Sogetsu: I have to put up an act so the other ninjas wouldn't supect anything if they saw me. If I became head ninja....I'd do something like welcome him back...
Hazuki: Kazuki hasn't told anyone of such secrets; he hardly fights since that last battle. <Notices Shizumaru> So this is the Shizumaru Hisame I've heard about.
Shizumaru: Now Minazuki Shizumaru; I've started to accept the truth. I wonder what's it's like to have brother or sisters...
Rimururu: Hey, Hazuki, Sogetsu; why not treat him like a brother?
Hazuki: Okay; it's going to be kinda funny having a polite brother!
Sogetsu: Okay brother, have a nice fall! <Pushes him over>
Shizumaru: Hey why did you do that?
Sogetsu: That's what older brothers do to little ones.
Shizumaru: I guess then you know what happens next then?
<He then hits Sogetsu in the shins with his umbrella; Sogetsu then prances around holding his shin; while both Rimururu and Hazuki are laughing.>
Rimururu: That was just classic!
Hazuki: Reminds me of him with Kazuki.... but that time he set Sogetsu's hair on fire!
<They both laught at that>
Sogetsu: I hear a slight conflict outside.
<He goes outside to see that a bunch of Aniu girls are confronting a Green-haired Cat-girl, better known as Cham Cham>
Aniu GirlA: What are you doing back here?
Aniu GirlB: Here to steal our men with your big bust, Gajin girl?
Aniu GirlC: I think she is....
Sogetsu: (I guess I'll have to defuse this)
<He walks over in front of Cham Cham>
Sogetsu: Don't go jumping the conclusions now, girls, I don't think she's interested in the boys here.
Aniu GirlA: Then why is she here?
Sogetsu: What is your name; neko-girl?
Cham Cham: Chamm Chamm, and I am heree to seee Nakoruruu.
Sogetsu: I think I'll have her sister break the news to you. The reason why she isn't interested is that her brother told me that she liked big strong guys
Cham Cham: (So nice...So buff)
<A few moments later>
Rimururu: And that's how it ended.... I'm better now. But I don't know about Galford...
Shizumaru: I did see him; he seemed depressed and kinda bitter. I think it dealt with him being unable to do anything about it; not against Nakoruru...
Cham Cham: Ohh. I guesss I havee too waitt forr a weekk thenn.
Rimururu: Why do you say that?
Cham Cham: Shipp willl nott bee backk forr a weekk.
Rimururu: Oh why not stay here instead and call Sogetsu your boyfriend, would that be too much to act, Sogetsu?
Sogetsu: No, not at all, in fact I wouldn't mind really doing that
Cham Cham: Yayy....
Hazuki: I think soon I'll have too many brothers and sisters.
<Everyone acts shocked; then starts laughing. A week passes by; it seems that the 2 couples are getting along great; and Hazuki getting along fine with the other Aniu girls>
Rimururu's Grandfather, Sanouku: Are you sure having all these foreign people around such a good idea?
Monashiri: They seem to be getting along. Is it me or does that nice boy Rimururu cares for has a frog with him, but how did he get it?
<Sanouku calls for Shizumaru>
Shizumaru: Yes, honored Elder?
Sanouku: I'm worried about all the japanese and gajin that's been gathering here; Since for a fact that the Japanese have been kind of feuding with us....
Shizumaru: There is no worry; your 2 granddaughters, in their journeys out in the world made friends; there are few that wish to ever really hurt them, but not to worry such people haven't been seen or dead.
Sanouku: Might that rude man be one of them?
Shizumaru: No need to worry, he won't be trying to harm her any longer. A dead man can't harm the living; unless his name's Basara that is.
Sanouku: All right; I hope you're right for your sake....
<Shizumaru goes over and starts talking to Cham Cham>
Shizumaru: Have you met Genjuro, Gen-an, and Earthquake?
Cham Cham: Yeahh theyy meann scarry, butt I heardd thatt the goblin annd the fat guuy diedd, butt still worrieed about pink hairred guyy
Shizumaru: Need not worry about that; since I made sure he won't be killing again; Thank you for your time.
<He leaves her and runs into Rimururu>
Shizumaru: Oh; mind if I ask what you were doing?
Rimururu: Talking to sister, even though she's a spirit, the bonds of family can't separate us. She approves of you and me. That and I'll have to start looking for something for Ukyo; since he's coming by or so sister says. Well; I gotta look now! Keep an eye out for him, he...
Shizmaru: I remember him; the poet warrior bound for death...
Rimururu: Sister told me that she made a cure and that she was planning on giving it to him...if not for the emergency popping up.
Shizumaru: Okay I'll do that.
<They separate; Hazuki comes by>
Hazuki: Do you like Rimururu?
Shizumaru: Yes, in fact I love her, and she loves me back...
Hazuki: I'm one of the first to know; since you're among her more popular topics when she talks with me. It's like "Shizumaru's so mature, Shizumaru's so good looking, Shizumaru's blah blah" and so on. I wish to find such a guy someday....
Shizumaru: I wish I could help; but I only really know older guys; and they're dead, related to you, lost thier loved one, and so on.
Hazuki: Thanks, brother! Hey, Isn't that blue hair guy coming up him?
Shizumaru: Yes it is. Hey Ukyo-San!
Ukyo: ...Hello.
Shizumaru: Well; there are some good news and bad news. Let's go in side
<They do, and after telling him about all that happened>
Ukyo: ...interesting...
Shizumaru: And Ukyo-san I've made a sort of poetic line "Tachibana Ukyo , the poetic and stylish warrior at death's door" I know it isn't as good as yours; but it just came up.
Ukyo: ...that's good...for a beginner.... (Interesting...he could be my successor....)
<Rimururu comes out with a pouch>
Rimururu: Oh! You're here! I finally found it! A cure for your Illness that Sister spent a good deal of her time to find! Here!
<She hands it over to him; and he takes it and he starts feeling better>
Ukyo: I have to thank her...
Rimururu: She says you're welcome.
Ukyo: Good; it seems that you can talk to spirits too.
Rimururu: Not really, it's more of a family thing. Now that I think about it...where is Mamahaha and Silkou [Author's note: I got it from the SS3 TAPFAQ; so don't yell at me for that!]?
Ukyo: ...Oh, I think I saw them heading this way; they should be all right...Thank you and good luck you 2.
Rimururu: I take it you're better now...but what's with the pauses?
Shizumaru: I think it's part of his style.
Ukyo: ...Yes, now I must figure what to do with my new life....
Hazuki: Wait! I want your autograph!
Ukyo: ...It's a curse to have such good looks...
<Signs her paper, then leaves>
Hazuki: You know what Rimururu what I want to be when I grow up?
Rimururu: A ninja?
Hazuki: No, one of Ukyo's groupies!
<Shizumaru and Rimururu facevault at the remark, as for Sogetsu and Cham Cham; they stayed at the guest cabin, back at Rimururu's house; there is a sort of sleep over with Hazuki staying in Rimururu's room while Rimururu stayed in her sister's, and Shizumaru was sleeping on the floor on a bed roll>
Shizumaru: (Well this beats sleeping on the cold dirt)
<Meanwhile Rimururu dreamt of running into this red-haired man who had a sword like Shizumaru's, and he said that he was his father and he wanted to stay a few last words; then after that she dreamt a most dreadful dream of running into Genjuro who attacked her and left her for dead; she wakes up screaming..>
Rimururu: I'm too old to wake up my grandparents about this; but I'm just the right age for waking up Shizumaru <Gets out of bed; puts on some of Nakoruru's old night clothes> Sister, I hope you don't mind this
<She goes over to the den and sees Shizumaru sleeping>
Shizumaru, talking in his sleep: No Sensei, I won't dress up like a geisha to get more sake....
Rimururu: Wake up Shizumaru; I had a bad dream.
Shizumaru: Oh Rim-chan it's you...what was the dream about?
Rimururu: The first part was running into this man who looked like you; but the odd thing was that he seemed like a normal an older you...but the scary thing was Genjuro.... he attacked me and...
Shizumaru: I wish I were there so I could help.
Rimururu: Mind if I sleep with you, so you'd protect such and me?
Shizumaru: Okay, I hope your sister speaks with your grandparents; otherwise this might end up killing me!
Rimururu: Good night Shizumaru, sweet dreams.
Shizumaru: Same to you, Rim-chan.
<They both fall asleep, and due to her slight spirit speaking talents; they end up having the same dream>
>Dream (LSD like trippy scene)
Shizumaru: Rimururu?
Rimururu: Don't worry I'm here. I didn't expect this to happen at all.
Shizumaru: Uh oh...we don't have our weapons...
???????: Excatly; I will not die such a pathetic death alone; in fact I'll have my vengeance as well! I guess I have become a sort of demon.... not that I mind. Prepare to die!
Shizumaru, now in front of me: I won't let you, Genjuro! Even if I have to fight you with my bare hands! I'll protect her! (I pray that Nakoruru is watching over this)
Genjuro: A demon and the couple; first Zankuro, Basara, and his lover, now me and you 2...
??????: A demon assailing a couple.....Something I was helpless to stop the first time; but not now! Such a wretched spirit should be put to rest.
<Basara pops up out of the ground behind Genjuro with his pinwheel weapon at Genjuro's throat>
Genjuro: I though you've been put to rest...
Basara: Still; there needn't be others like me, now die demon! <Slashes his weapon across Genjuro's throat, and looks at the couple> Remember Son of Zankuro, without mediation; the path of the blade leads to being a demon....
<He disappears into the ground; and a man with red hair appears>
Man: Shizumaru; you've grown up to be a brave young man. I'm sorry for the way things turned out.
Shizumaru: Who are you, and why do you resemble me?
Man: I am your father; now unaffected by the demon since it and I have been slain. I thank you for that. I wanted to say some lasts words before I moved on. Remember all that Hoahmaru taught you, since he has the right way of being a warrior without becoming a demon like that man.... I need not say anything else. So long son....
<He fades away, and Nakoruru appears>
Nakoruru: Don't worry Shizumaru; I've told them everything already...Still I wished I could have stopped Genjuro's spirit before he could start Harassing you 2....
Rimururu: It was nice seeing you again sister!
Nakoruru: And Rimururu; try not to hit Hoahmaru too hard for that Geisha incident.
Shizumaru: How do you know about that?
Nakoruru: I watch over my family, and you talk in your sleep. Well, I've got to see how Galford's doing since my departure...I hope it hasn't killed his spirit.
<She floats away; and the scene changes to a grassy landscape; the couple spends the rest of the dream talking with each other about stuff>
>Next day
Hazuki: Rimururu, Brother, wake up!
<Shizumaru wakes up kinda groggy>
Shizumaru: Yes sister?
Hazuki: Could you see how Sogetsu is doing, I heard strange noises from in there, I hope that nothing hurt that cat-girl...
Shizumaru: Okay (I know something happened; Sensei told me about it...but I'd have to have my morning tea before I could figure that up)
<He walks over to the cabin, and opens the door, and it seems that he walked in on his adopted brother and the cat-girl...doing some stuff in the buff. Needless to say Shizumaru gets so flustered he runs away and into a tree.... several minutes later>
Rimururu: Shizumaru, wake up!
Shizumaru: Whoa...I though I'd have a busted nose from running into it so fast.
Rimururu: Nope, I managed to do some healing, though I accidentally made an ice block that barely missed your head.
Shizumaru: Oh, don't worry, all that matters that I am fine.
Hazuki: So what was Sogetsu doing, brother?
Shizumaru: From the look of things, things with his new girlfriend.
Hazuki: Oh.... that was what was going on?
Rimururu: That's Shizumaru all right; running into a tree after getting flustered after seeing something like that. No one ever told me the details of that...
Shizumaru: I don't think you'd want to know at the moment...second time I walked in on a couple...I really need a cup of tea....
Rimururu: Oh! I remember how you like drinking tea. I made a special tea mix for you; I hope I didn't mess that up, since one time I made sister's hair turn kinda green from some of my cooking.
Shizumaru: I think a great man once said "If it doesn't kill me in a half hour, then it can't be that bad!" I wonder what's Sensei doing right now...
<Everyone has breakfast, though there is some awkwardness in the air>
Rimururu: You say he drinks Sake in the mornings?
Shizumaru: Yeah; he always tries getting me to drink some; but I still to my tea, and your mix tastes good, Rim-chan, and I'm not just being polite to future wife.
Rimururu: Really? I never really had any before; Sister said that it made me too energetic. Could I have some?
Shizumaru: Sure. <Hands the cup over to her>
Sogetsu: This is starting to-
Hazuki: Sogetsu, you and your cat girlfriend and your stuff made brother almost break his nose, so I think you have no right talking about them.
Sogetsu: Oh, sorry about that (I guess it's not really a spectator sport; at least to young people)
Rimururu: This is good.... I guess it must be the leaves.
Shizumaru: I think it was more the heart that was put into making such a mix.
<Some one comes running up>
Man: That Sake-drinking Japanese man is back! What should I do?
Rimururu: Let him in; since he's Shizumaru's Sensei!
Man: All right.
<Hoahmaru comes up>
Haohmaru: So I guess you're doing well; after all being in a town with a cute little girlfriend..
Rimururu: I am not little; and here's a little something for trying to have my Shizu dress up like a geisha!
<She starts forming a ice block with Konril>
Haohmaru: Let's talk this over <She then throws it at his head> OWWWWWW!
Shizumaru: I though you knew not to call her little...
Rimururu: Yeah; only Shizumaru can call me that!
Haohmaru: By the know what happened to Genjuro; he didn't show up at our dueling spot. He's gotten so bad that I decided to end it.
Shizumaru: Sensei, he's gotten really bad, good thing I stopped him dead. Some may fight to fight, some to win, some to profit, but I fight mainly for protection.
Haohmaru: Could you stop calling me that? It brings back memories of my sensei trying to pinch girls' butts. Unless you want me to start doing that, please don't call me that. What do you mean by "Fight for protection"?
Shizumaru: Well he did come by here, I think looking for her; since it seems that she beat him twice.
Haohmaru: Wow, she's gotten that good...
Shizumaru: I think that what caused him to be so mad; losing to a girl... and I was facing him, and he was talking about very unspeaking things to her; so I fought him, he was so powerful, as if a demon... and I remember what you said once "Sometimes to kill a demon, you've got to become one for a bit", and I did just that, after that winning was easy, good thing I snapped out of it. I can't really keeping constant fighting like that; so I decided to stay here.
Haohmaru: Hey it wasn't like I expected you to take the path of the sword. Just live your life the way you want to.
Rimururu: Haohmaru-san; could I ask you about something?
Haohmaru: What about?
Rimururu: About Shizumaru, since it seems that you know him the best, and that I think asking him that directly is rude...
Haohmaru: Where did he go?
Shizumaru, from outside: I'm out here, I don't want to listen in on you.
Haohmaru: So what do you want to ask about him?
Rimururu: Well, we took a bath in the same place and he didn't peek at me once.
Haohmaru: Well...he's always been a polite one...! You don't mean... you want him to peek...
Rimururu: It's that I trust and care him enough for him to, but I don't want to come off like some top-heavy...loose, rude girl (I know a better word, but I know that Sister will scold me for saying it).
Haohmaru: Mmmmm, I wonder if I told him about that...Mmmmm yeah I did; I think on such a topic, I said that peeking is wrong; but if she decides to show something, take it in, since it's a sign of compassion and trust. (I know that she doesn't have much of a body...but if I remarked on that, I'd have to contend with the wrath of her whole family...) Well don't worry about that, he'll like what he sees. I've got to go now; since I want to see how Galford's doing, if he still has that spirit, that and I don't want to delay you two.
Rimururu: Get your head out of the gutter! We won't be having any kids before we're 18, no matter how badly my grandparents want great grandkids.
<We see Haohmaru running; why? Simple despite Rimururu controlling ice, she has a rather hot head, especially when it deals with sake drinking ronin who dared suggest her now boyfriend to dress up like a geisha to get more Sake>
Rimururu: Hey Shizu...
Shizumaru: Yes, Rim-chan?
Rimururu: I want to show you something, but first how about taking a bath?
Shizumaru: That sounds rather nice right now.
Rimururu: Okay, let's go!
<They leave>
Sogetsu: Oh, I know that he will like what he'll be seeing, but I don't know he can handle that...
<Kazuki comes running in>
Kazuki: Something unbelievable just happened!
Sogetsu: It had better be good considering my orders...
Kazuki: The clan got wiped out!
Sogetsu: By who?
Kazuki: The iga ninja, lead by Hanzo, the 2nd red hot fire ninja in fighting entertainment! Do you know what this means?
Sogetsu: What would that mean?
Kazuki: That we can be one happy family again!
Hazuki: Would you mind a little brother, Kazuki?
Kazuki: Hey; a little brother would be rather cool.
Sogetsu: Since we adopted Shizumaru as a brother.
Hazuki: Since he didn't have brothers or sisters, that and I'd want Rimururu as my adopted sister in law!
Sogetsu: I want to introduce you to my new girlfriend, Cham Cham
Kazuki: What the...she's a cat girl...a cute one, but still a frickin' Cat-girl!
Sogetsu: Let's just say that she's all far as that goes.
<Kazuki faints, and makes an explosion when hitting the ground [Author's note: If you're a fan of MSHvsSF, you'd know where I'm coming from on this]>
>Secret Bathing place
Rimururu: (Sister, I hope this doesn't make me look rude...)
Nakoruru, speaking from the other side: (I really don't know about this; but I know that it took a lot of effort for him not to peek, and it seems that you care for him so much... do what you think is right, since we're not the same people. Still don't you 2 go and making a child now!)
Rimururu: (Hey! I know that! I know that I should wait until 18 and such, do you make a child?)
Nakoruru: (You'll find out when the time comes; Shizumaru knows, and he also agrees with your plan even though you haven't told him that. I must be going, since I don't want to intrude upon the upcoming moment)
Rimururu: (Well; here I go...I hope that this goes well...Still I know that with Shizu, I am not "Nakoruru's younger sister who aspires to be like her" I know this is right)
Shizumaru: What about the thing you wanted to show me?
Rimururu: Just get in the water and close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you!
Shizumaru: You're going to show me while I bathe?
Rimururu: Yes, something to go along with a relaxing bath. (I guess this is it; I know that he'll like it...even Haohmaru said that the female form is a thing of beauty, and I know that there won't be any misunderstanding...I wish I knew the details of that!)
Shizumaru: Okay
<He starts bathing; while she gets in too, and goes up behind him>
Rimururu: Hey, I'll help wash your back
Shizumaru: Okay; still keep them shut?
Rimururu: Yep, I'm wondering something Shizumaru
Shizumaru: What would that be?
Rimururu: How would you react if I wanted you to
Shizumaru: Amazed, since that would show that you cared and trusted me a lot, that and you're...very...beautiful.
Rimururu: Really?
Shizumaru: I don't mean just your looks; it's how your energy in doing things, cheerfulness, and everything else come together. Why did you ask me that?
Rimururu: Just wanted to know, and to make sure that I wouldn't be making any mistakes
Shizumaru: Mistakes with what?
<She finishes washing his back>
Rimururu: Turn around and keep those eyes closed.
<He does just that while she stands up>
Shizumaru: All right (I have a feeling that what she's going to show me is going to be something out of heaven...)
Rimururu: Okay, before you open your eyes...this is a gift from me to you that no one else should know about. Will you tell anyone else?
Shizumaru: No, "Kiss and tell" is a rather rude and immature thing.
Rimururu: Okay, open your eyes now!
<He opens them and sees her, and both their faces blush. It is like an art piece in motion; it seems to him the planets are aligned, and a bunch of other stuff [Like the author finding a job and getting online, since at the time of writing, I'm grounded off of it until then]>
Shizumaru: ...I won't tell for sure, this is like looking at an angel...this is kinda interesting...
<She walks up and sits down in the lake next to him>
Rimururu: What do you mean by that?
Shizumaru: An angel girl and a demon boy...wouldn't you say that's interesting?
Rimururu: Yeah, could we not separate during these baths now, since I don't really want to be apart from you...?
Shizumaru: Anything for you, anything. I guess I'm a rather lucky guy to get a girl like you...
Rimururu: Hey don't count yourself short! You're quite a catch too, not often where one finds a boy polite and mature as you are, and good looking too!
Shizumaru: I won't need to worry about getting older.
Rimururu: Why do you say that?
Shizumaru: I know that we'll age quite well. That and for some odd reason the name "Keshin" comes to mind. I've been having that name in my mind since I got this face scar.
Rimururu: Oh I wouldn't worry about that, since such things do happen.
<Meanwhile a mysterious figure overhears, but doesn't peep one bit>
??????: So it seems that they have a happy ending; but the tragic heroine won't be getting hers for another 2-300 years.
<So ends this side story, now to reveal what happened to the all the fighters>
>Rimururu and Shizumaru: They lived happily ever after, their descendents still having such powers, like spirit speaking, and the demon aspect which seemed to be in every male. Other things of note; he never did tell anyone; though he threatened to kill the few that asked. Sometime during WW2; the family split, half going to the US and the other half staying in the village; which moved to an Island a year or so later.
>Haohmaru: He continued on the path of the sword, only losing a few fights, one of which was Galford. He made a remark about moving on, which angered Galford so much that his assault caught him off guard. He also had this slight adventure on this lawless island, where he meets this swordsman who seems much like himself. Soon after he passed on his skills to a young swordsman seeking the path of sword, this continued though until it came to a man with a son, but the son, Akira Tomura, will be discussed later on.
>The Caffine Monks: Their shire flourished, extending into the modern times, and are famed for their skills and bad habits.
>Ukyo: He lives a long healthy life and he marries a woman he met after his recovery; but it seems that his family has a slight curse of TB...
>Hanzo Hattori: His clan continued to do well; though separating from the government in WW2. The title of head ninja is his name; his family had that title for a great while. That and he, as an unspoken favor to Galford, watched over the Aniu. This continues even now.
>The Kazama Siblings: Sogetsu does marry Cham Cham despite protests of both their brothers. Kazuki also married a girl when he was around 30, as well as an incident involving Shizumaru (It was more along the lines of Kazuki asking about what Rimururu looked like nude and how Shizumaru responded by saying next time he asks that he'll get maimed). Hazuki did become one of Ukyo's followers, but he told her to find someone who hasn't lived the better part of his life; she did marry a nice guy. Something to note was that a similar split happened with this family; one side to live a normal life in America, the other to aid the Iga clan. Note that the sibling-like relationship between Shizumaru and the Kazamas only went on for that generation; after that the 2 families were good friends.
>Cham Cham's family: Nothing really of not until 100 years later where the Green Hell culture collapsed in a war. After that some wandered the world, still Cham Cham's female descendents aren't that hard to miss; you can usually tell by the cat ears.
>Shiki and Asura (Or the only characters introduced in the SS64 games that were popular): They seemed to vanish from view; though recently their descendents have been seen in the USA and Japan in the goth circles.
>Hamma Yagyu: Just vanished; oddly I don't think anyone cares.
>That guy with the giant paintbrush: Died in a battle with Yuga, though I don't think that anyone cares.
>Gen-An and Earthquake if you didn't know: They bit the dust after SS2
>Genjuro: He did have an unknown son who when heard about how his father died, he swore revenge against 2 families: Those of Shizumaru and Rimururu. Something of note is that one did rule japan, playing a part in World War 2 (In the SNK universe); during which he tried to wipe out the aniu; causing a split of sorts, but a group of people put an end to his ambitions, though the A-bombings did occur.
>Jubei Yagyu: His family still serves the government of Japan, from food runs to assassinations; those who want to overthrow the government fear his family's name.
>Galford: He married a woman who lost her boyfriend. He did duel with Haohmaru, which he won due to a remark about the departed love of his. He did live happily; but he had a little dirty secret: His wife was second in his heart to Nakoruru. Still the fire that was his spirit was more subdued after Nakoruru's passing.
>Nakoruru: She watches over her family and Galford's. One day she will be able to speak with a descendent of his; and that's where the main story is centered. She has made friends with Basara and his love, that and due to his talents of causing nightmares to anyone, he helps her by scaring those that dare hurt those that she cares about, them and people running polluting companies (She'd be one to say that under that scary exterior is a rather nice guy).
<The stage is now set for the main story, one where the tragic heroine gets her happy ending, as well as other things ending once and for all. A samurai spirits tale in modern times, Samurai Spirits Neo!>

Chapter 2

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