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Samurai Spirits Neo
by Strider Maverick/Duran the Warrior (official pen name)

Chapter 4

Samurai Spirits Neo Chapter 4: The Blazing super hot Tournament! (heheh, I just added those for the anime feel)
By Strider Maverick (better know as Duran the Warrior, Now at
[2 years has passed, much as happened, Yes Hisame and Aisha started dating (Wasn't it apparent when they reunited?) as well as Akira and Anururu getting married, now the tournament is here, and now we'll see who will win...and who will die, but losing doesn't mean dying, just an attempt at making it more dramactic, and now for the listing of contestants]
>Match up and rules
Match one: Galford vs. Yang
Match 2: Kyare vs. Helena
Match 3: Akira vs Shen
Match 4: Hisame vs. Q.Cartman (Related to Cartman from south park and Earthquake)
Match 5: Hanzo vs Tenjo (related to Gen-an); quick track i.e. winner fights the winner of the first 4.
And the special bonus Match: Strider Maverick; receive a prize if he's beaten, penality for loosing decided by him.
Boss: Marokopow Yamgami
Anouncers: Hiryu and Hien (recognize these guys from chapter 2?)
A) Killing is allowed, but it's rare
B) Winner gets the Star Orb, but it takes wins to get more wishes (you'd have to win one tournament to get more another wish), and that almost anything can be wished for, but nothing grossly unnatural like immortality.
C) Possible Penalties for losing the S.B. Match: Death, fight a different warrior, or eliminated.
>Match one: Locale: Seattle High
Hiryu: Hello I am Hiryu, the play by play
Hien: I'm the very colorful commentator Hien
Hiryu: Don't you mean very off color?
Hien: If we're very lucky, we may see a rematch of Akira and Galford!
Hiryu: Hopefully if that happens, it'll be much better.
Hien: As we can see, the 2 fighter's families and friends are seated, now let's listen to what they have to say.
Galford: You may be a friend, Yang, but I've got to win this.
Yang: All right, man, but no pulling punches.
Hiryu: Round one...Fight!
Hien: This is interesting...
Hiryu: Yeah, Galford's just standing there as Yang...oh, he sics the dog on him.
Hien: Isn't this much akin to what happened in the US in the 50's?
Hiryu: Ixnay on the ffoay-olorcay [Pig Latin, it means nix the off-color] As we see Yang getting warmed up, and wow! What an explosion!
Hien: But Galford rolled out of it. As you can see folks, this Galford is new and improved, not the punching bag he was in junior year!
Hiryu: Maybe the possible rematch may yet be interesting. It appears that Yang is now tired out, after all such attacks are meant to hit for the strain is much.
Hien: And it seems that Galford is using this time to focus himself so he can do a similar move.
Hiryu: Ka-Pow, as you see the "Mega Strike Heads" in action, a sort of double combo and finished off with a Powered up strike heads attack.
Hien: Yang isn't out yet, but he is down. He seriously doesn't have much left to go on, while Galford seems only lightly tanned.
Yang: Wait,, man.
Hiryu: And Galford wins the first match! How do you feel about your lost, Yang?
Yang: I expected it, he seems so determined to win, like that Maverick guy said, spirit is a factor.
Hien: So why did you give up?
Yang: I made a few bad mistakes that cost dearly, and he was in control. Guys, this isn't the same old Galford. I'd have to warn everyone else to be careful, since he is now a force to be reckoned with.
Hiryu: There you have it from Yang Kazama, who lost the first match to Galford Weiler! Stay Tuned for the next match in France, with Yang doing commentary with us.
Yang: Huh?
Hiryu: A sort of consolation prize. So what do you have to say about the next match?
Yang: I hope that Kibagami guy doesn't hurt her too bad, or I'd have to ask Galford to tear him a new one.
>Match 2, Rave club in France
Hien: Welcome to match 2, now for the opening words of the fighters.
Kyare: Stay out of this, woman, or you'll get hurt!
Helena: Stay focused... (What a monster...what tales say about them is no lie!)
Hien: Round 1...FIGHT!
Hiryu: And they start swinging!, it seems that Kyare has the edge with more strength and a sturdier, stronger weapon.
Hien: I think she should give up...
Yang: Why do you say that?
Hien: He has control of the fight, and she'll get badly hurt, I'm preparing to call 911 should the case arise.
Hiryu: Good lord! He just broke her weapon...and he slashes again...oh my god, he just scored a critical slash on the stomach, Hien, dial the number!
Yang: I've got to go. <leaves>
Hiryu: Needless to say Kyare wins...what a monster, hopefully Galford will take him to justice.
>Match 3, Japanese Dojo
Hiryu: Good news folks, Helena will make a full recovery, her and Yang are watching from the hospital.
Hien: Here are 2 masters of the sword, ready to fight, and due to the recent events, Galford himself is the commentator. So what do you have to say about these 2?
Galford: They're both quite good, and I expect Akira to have gotten even better in this time, hopefully I've caught up to him. We should be on our toes for this one.
Hiryu: What about Kyare?
Galford: Well I'll take care of him but with this Maverick having the power he does he may change the match-ups. I know he'll choose to face the winner of this match. And now let's hear the opening words for this match!
Akira: Let's fight until one of us is unarmed.
Shen: ...Fine.
Hien: ...Fight!
Hiryu: And as we see here, this is a raw straight out sword fight.
Galford: Just as I expected, they're keeping up a even pace. I think it'll be a matter of focus and stamina, so whoever starts losing them first will also win the match.
Hien: So do you think if you were to face Akira again, that you'd win?
Galford: It'd be quite the fight, since I don't think Akira's one to do something hasty. It'd be a match of trickery against the conventional method.
Hiryu: And they continue their frenzied pace of action, who do you think has the advantage, Galford?
Galford: Akira, he is in perfect health. But Shen has a higher focus. Look you 2!
Hiryu: Seems that Shen isn't feeling all that well....
Galford: He's in one of those coughing fits, I believe that would drop his focus and stamina and...
Hiryu: And Shen is promptly disarmed, and he's giving up?
Galford: Didn't you hear, it was to the disarm, so in other words, Losing your weapon means losing the match, well I've got to go to the stands.
Hiryu: So how do you feel about your loss?
Shen: Doesn't...matter...but I...lost...a true...lost.
Hien: Wait, Strider Maverick's on the field.
Maverick: Bravo, Akira Tomura, now fight me to see if you're the hero that's needed. Don't worry I won't kill you or knock you out of the tournament. Regardless of what happens, the matches will be arranged a bit different as to give more dynamic match-ups. In other words, I'll make it so the winners of Match 1 goes against Match 3, and Match 2 goes against 4. So ladies and gentlemen, you will have that rematch that the 2 men keep talking about. Now show me what it takes to be a hero!
Hiryu: Now we see Strider Maverick in action!
Hien: It's said that this guy is fantastic!
Hiryu: They seem to be in a "Fireball war", with Maverick winning the upper hand. Wait! Akira defected Maverick's attack against him, ouch that has got to hurt. Now Maverick is preparing for an attack, and Akira rushes at him, hoping to score a good hit.
Hien: Wait, Maverick jumps over him and launches a Slash Tornado.
Hiryu: And Maverick uses this delay to finish charging for an attack and here comes Akira, kinda mad after getting hit by that slash tornado.
Hien: I have an odd feeling that he's playing into Maverick's trap.
Hiryu: I don't believe it, he pulled off one of his Power moves, the Slash Tornado Pillar... and Akira appears to be knocked out cold. Now Strider Maverick, what do you have to say about him?
Maverick: He has most of the right stuff, but he lacks what's needed for a true hero, and he shouldn't have fallen for my trap. I'll give a hint about myself: To make up for the fact my POW moves pack more of a punch, It takes alot more for me to charge up for one. Pardon me, but I've got to make sure Akira's recovered for his next match.
< He goes over, gives him a potion, and leaves, a few moments later Akira comes to and comes to the announcer's box>
Hiryu: So how do you feel about losing to him?
Akira: I deserved it, still he is quite the swordsman, able to manipulate heads as well as his sword, I was lucky he held back on those slash tornado attacks.
Hien: Held back?
Akira: Yeah, normally they'll slash at you, which is different from my Cyclone Slash attack, which just picks you up and drops you. And that POW move was quite wicked, he could have diced me in that if he wanted to. Let me guess I'm the next guest announcer, right?
Hiryu: Yep, and the next match takes place in...South Park!?
Hien: Ah good! I've always wanted to go there!
>Match 3, South Park
Hiryu: This is quite an interesting thing, and here are the opening words.
Hisame: Hello
Q.Cartman: Call me Quakeman! Hello, cat woman, want a date with a dead sexy man? Once you go fat, you'll never go back!
Stan: Sorry Cartman, but your distance cousin is one f___ed up person.
Cartman: Shut up!
Kenny: <untranslatable>
Kyle: What's the big deal about rubbing that cat-girl's cat?
Hien: I got his point...I like Kenny, he's like me.
Hiryu: And folks, that ain't a good thing.
Akira: And...FIGHT!
Hiryu: And the fatman advances towards Hisame, this is like David and Goliath!
Hien: Or the nice skinny boy and the fat b______.
Akira: I'd give Hisame the edge, since this guy's just a thug, while Hisame is rather skilled with his weapons.
Hiryu: Remember folks, the winner of this match will face Kyare Kibagami, and this is something that fuels Hisame towards winning.
Akira: Ha! Look at all that fat jiggle as he gets caught in Hisame's POW move, ouch!
Hien: And he's falling...on KENNY, RUN KENNY RUN!
< Quakeman lands on Kenny, killing him instantly>
Stan and Kyle: Oh my god, they killed Kenny!
Hien: You fat b______!
Hiryu: By the way folks you can watch South Park on Saturdays and Wednesdays at 9pm central time, but for mature viewers for naughty language and other things.
Hien: Like that new teacher with the-
Hiryu: No Hien, the readers don't need to vomit a second time!
Hien: Sorry, hey Hiryu would there be any problems with bringing my girlfriend up for a day?
Hiryu: No, but make sure she doesn't maim anyone other than yourself.
Hien: Can't be worse than dating Irene.
Hiryu: You're hopeless.
Akira: And you're idiots
Both: Ouch, you got to stop hanging around Ann so much!
Akira: Oh and Hisame will get his match with Kyare, witness the battle of the ages, and one that determines the fate of a couple of people, but, wait! It's Maverick!
Maverick: Quincy, I couldn't help but to see you loose so badly, so I'll give you a prize if you land a hit on me, 2 million dollars, just one hit landed, of course if you don't land a hit It's my turn. Oh if I hit you, you'll be dead. Got that?
Quakeman: Yeah, it shouldn't be hard.
Maverick: Fool...
Hiryu: And Quakeman attacks with a teleport move, hoping to land on Maverick, but wait, he was prepared for it all along! It's his second POW move, Vertical Dragon Pillar Blade.
Hien: Yuck, it looks like someone blew up a whale for something.
Cartman: Oh my god they killed Quincy!
Stan: Ya know Cartman, go home and f___ yourself!
Cartman: Screw you guys, I'm going home <leaves>
Akira: Why did you kill him?
Maverick: He was a low life; he's guilty of many crimes that I know.
Akira: Such as...
Maverick: He got his kicks off of a CCS darkfic...if you get my drift.
Akira: That sicko, it serves him right getting killed.
Maverick: Let me guess you're a big Sakura Fan.
Akira: Yeah, second to Galford of course.
Hiryu: Now to the 5th match in the NBC studios? Is this supposed to be a joke?
Hien: No, the folks at Saturday Night Live got so hard up for guests so they have us as them.
Hiryu: What's the band?
Hien: AA
Hiryu: Cool, since I missed their last performance, Ann's so...
Akira: She's my wife, so stop the ideas.
Hiryu: And it shows with those cold remarks. I know how Yang feels now. I shouldn't have forgotten about the wedding.
Hien: Hey, I heard that Mai's looking for a good Japanese guy to make Andy feel jealous, so why not that?
Hiryu: I'll try that.
>Match 5, set of SNL
Wayne: Hey, we're the guest announcers along with the most excellent swordfighter under 18, Hisame!
Hisame: Hello Wayne and Garth. Could one of you tell me why it's taking place here?
Garth: Yeah, since the 2 fighter's places are like secret, and since SNL needed something to do, it's taking place here.
Wayne: Is it true that Aisha, the cat girl and righteous babe is your girlfriend?
Hisame: Yes, she is, and you're right about that.
Wayne: Here are the words to start the fights.
Hisame: The reason why Hiryu and Hien aren't here is that the they're on dates
Hanzo: So, what would you do to a sleeping family? I hope you have enough sense to answer correctly.
Tenjo: Take the daughter, since virgins make excellent sacrifices.
Hanzo: Then you have sealed your fate.
Wayne: And let the kung fu fighting begin! So Hisame, your dad sounds like he can kick major butt.
Hisame: And he can! It's not like this is Akira or Galford, just some guy, I hope that freak fries for saying that about my sister. It's true I played that prank, but as the saying goes, if someone's going to be messing with her, it's going to be me! Ouch! Yoko, what're you doing here?
Yokoruru: I wanted to see father roast him as much as you, brother.
Wayne: Whoa, he just strapped a bunch of bombs to him.
Garth: Those are bombs and the thing on his back is a rocket
Wayne: Let's take a look at this through the giblet-cam...what a most excellent fireworks display/fatality. Hisame, your dad knows how to rock
< Both Yokoruru and Hisame sweatdrop [the lone action in the play by play].>
Both: We're not worthy! We're not worthy, we're scum!
Hisame: Now for AA, with my distant Cousin Anururu and my girlfriend/best friend Aisha Clan-Clan!
<They sing some songs dressed up their ancestors! (Rimruru and Cham Cham)>
>Round 2 matches
Match one: "Epic Rematch"
Match two: "Latest battle in the war of the ages" Kyare vs. Hisame
And Match 3 Hanzo against the surprise contestant, Shinji Yaguu!
All matches will be held at the Maroko Arena, and the last person remaining out of these matches will fight Hanzo, and Yes Strider Maverick will still have special matches, regardless you may not want to fight him.
>Match 1; the Arena
Hiryu: Hello.... we're back....
Hien: What's with you? Does it deal with your date with Mai?
Hiryu: Yeah.... I saw...her.
Hien: That isn't a big deal, since that outfit doesn't hide much. I'd say what people seeing nude would be a big deal, but I'd end up getting killed in the process.
Hiryu: Right, now we have the much-awaited rematch, anyone that went to Seattle High knows how Galford got beaten badly, now we see 2 good fighters face off.
Hien: Who is our guest announcer now?
Hanzo: I am. Would you know how Helena's doing?
Hiryu: She's in good shape, and I heard that Yang hasn't slept many winks since that happened, but I know they're watching this from the hospital room. So who do you think is going to win?
Hanzo: It will be close, but I think it'll go to Galford, since what drives them is different. Isn't Akira's real goal for fighting here is to prove himself the best?
Hien: Yeah, and what's Galford's
Hanzo: I cannot say that, but he's planning to use the wish to help out a dear friend of his, needless to say he's very determined to do this.
Hiryu: Oh the 2 fighters are stating their starting words.
Akira: I hope you've gotten better, Weiler.
Galford: I have indeed, but what is your drive here?
Akira: To be the best. I know what's driving you.
Galford: Yeah, then you should know that I'm not going to go down easy at all!
Akira: Now we'll see how good you really are, since that match was kinda lucky for you.
Galford: Much has changed; I know that this win won't be easy in the slightest.
Akira: I have a feeling if you win, you will be facing Strider Maverick, whatever you do, don't fall for his mind games.
Galford: Thanks, but let's get started, I have a mission to do.
Hiryu: Round one...Fight! And Akira charges towards...what!? Galford's vanished
Hanzo: Basic Ninja technique, I hope he knows to look behind him.
Hiryu: Ouch, Galford gets the first blow in
Hien: Talk about getting the drop on him!
Hanzo: Akira may be skilled in a toe-to-toe fight, but I don't know about going against a Ninja.
Hiryu: Now we see them dueling, and Akira strikes a glancing blow, and what a counter with the Dog!
Hanzo: Yes, he even taught his dog a few ninja tricks as well. Akira fell for the basic trap.
Hiryu: That is charging the ninja, the ninja jumps over the attacker and counters with a projectile. But unlike the last match, Akira choose to wait things out, and Galford's prepping for something, and so is Akira!
Hanzo: Expect some major attacks.
Hiryu: Ouch, they both struck each other with their POW projectiles, and they're both disarmed. So Hanzo, who has the advantage?
Hanzo: Easily Galford, since his style isn't reliant on his weapon, in fact, he can do most of his moves without his weapon, so Galford effectively has control of the match.
Hiryu: It seems that Galford's saying something.
Galford: You may have gotten better with your sword, but you haven't really learned to fight without it.
Akira: I guess you have then.
Galford: If you read up on the original Galford, you would have learned that the weapon plays a very little part in his moves. So are you going to continue fighting?
Akira: Yes, since I'm still in good shape and have a decent chance of getting my weapon back.
Galford: It seems that you've developed a move similar to Maverick's. I developed my Mega Plasma Blade based on what I saw in the fights on TV
Akira: So how about being a nice guy and letting me get it.
Galford: I'll stop being aggressive, but my next attack will get you before you get your sword.
Hanzo: Interesting, since he said that he has developed new moves.
Hiryu: And Akira preps to jump over Galford who seems to be preparing something, but I don't think he has anything to work against someone overhead, since I have with me a list of moves in Weiler-style Ninjitsu.
Hanzo: I wouldn't be too surprised if this "move" isn't on there, same with his POW projectile.
Hien: And Akira's over Galford's head...and what the?
Hiryu: Seems that Galford's calling down something while yelling "Mega Plasma Burst"...Whoa; a massive bolt of lighting hits both Galford and Akira.
Hanzo: Interesting move indeed...attacking by making oneself ground zero for a lighting strike. Now to see who gets up for such an attack, since I think that has put a strain on him.
Hiryu: And...Galford gets up, and he seems okay! But it seems that Akira's in a battered shape.
Akira: Heh, I never expected that, I guess you took that out of Yang's book.
Galford: Yeah, but that did hurt, I made that up as a sort of unexpected surprise against anyone over my head. So will you continue the fight?
Akira: It feels like I've been hit by a truck, and you seem to be able to stand up easily. I give.
Galford: I think it might have been a draw with that blow had been more solid. Still it was quite good.
Akira: I think perhaps, you're the hero that Maverick's looking for. Sooner or later, you will fight him...and win. That I know.
Hiryu: What an intense match, and to think that there's another match just as intense next!
Hanzo: Yes, the latest match in the feud of the 2 families
>Match 2
Hiryu: Hello folks, today we have Shinji Yaguu with us, so what's the reason that you're in this?
Shinji, (Japanese guy in suit and sunglasses): Something concerning Japan's security, I'll let the others fight over the Star Orb. I'm only concerned with that wizard.
Hien: So how are you taking the fact that you'll fight Hanzo in the last match of the 3rd round?
Shinji: We'll try our hardest, that's for sure. I know that everyone here wants to beat him, but for the good of the world, he must die.
Hiryu: Now we'll hear the opening words between these 2; there is only one feud bigger than this: The Kusanagi's and the Yamgami's, but in recent events, the latter feud seems to have ended.
Hien: Oh did you know that other than the friends and family of the fighters, there are in fact most of the top fighters sitting here today, including the Kyo and Iori, are they still bitter enemies?
Hiryu: No, in fact, they're rivals concerned with skill, much akin to Ryu and Ken, now for the opening words.
Kyare: So take a good look at your final resting place.
Hisame: Don't get too smug; I heard that in every match since then, my ancestors won every time.
Kyare: Why are you here other than fighting me?
Hisame: I'm also playing a part in the test that will reveal the hero, according to Mr. Maverick.
Kyare: Not in the Star Orb?
Hisame: Not really, are you really interested in it?
Kyare: Sure, I've though of a good wish, but don't worry you'll find out soon enough, when you're at death's door!
Shinji: Needless to say this will be a bloodbath; the prize in this fight is to be alive.
Hiryu: Round 1...FIGHT! And they start dueling, and Hisame is putting up a good fight despite Kyare's brutal fighting style.
Hien: I don't think he stands a chance fighting like this.
Shinji: This may be true, it seems Kyare holds up the tradition quite well: He's fighting like an absolute monster. I remember his history for murder, I may have to take care of him too while I'm at it.
Hiryu: Shouldn't tha- Oh, for the love of god, he's pummeling the kid silly!
Hien: Yeah, what a recovery!
Hiryu: But while Hisame may have struck a great blow, he seems to be on his last legs.
Hien: I think we'll find out what Kyare's has planned.
Kyare: Now my wish is to be unstoppable, able to extract my full vengeance, against that cat-girl, against your family, against all those that oppose my family, Huh? You look like you're crying. Is it because you'll be helpless to stop me?
Hisame: Can't...give...up...must save...Aisha...and family (What a burning rage...should I go with it?)
Kyare: Hahaha, you're so pathetic, now di-ouch!
Hiryu: And Hisame threw his umbrella, and what's this, his hair is white?
Shinji: So this is the demon aspect that I've heard about.
Hien: What's needed to summon that up?
Shinji: Simple: being a descendent from Zankuro, which this boy seems to be.
Hisame: It's time to end this once and for all!
Kyare: So you look different, it's not as if you're grown any stronger.
Hisame: Let me ask this: What is stronger? A weapon that protects and defends or one that kills and destroys?
Kyare: The second one.
Hisame: Let's see if you're right...
Hiryu: It seems that Kyare won that round, now Round 2...fight!
Hien: Ouch, it seems that the boy's a completely different fighter now!
Hiryu: And He just landed a 2-hit combo.
Shinji: So this is why the Kibagami's always order to protect their loved ones, Hisame's family summoned the dark legacy that is theirs, and used to it overcome the greater evil....
Hiryu: And it seems that Kyare's unnerved, and now Hisame's starting to really thrash him.
Hien: He's seems to be saying something while he's slashing, let's listen.
Hisame: This is for Helena! And this for threatening my mother!, and this is for threatening my sister, and these are for threatening Anururu's side!
Kyare, coughing blood:
Hien: I think I know what's going to happen
Hiryu: Yes, I think I know what will happen next.
Hisame: Now this one is for threatening Aisha, and this move I've saved for last. Now die, and leave my family alone!
Shinji: Those attacks seem to be in return for the threats, but the last one seems quite vicious.
Hien: There are just some things you just don't mess with.
Hiryu: Oh, and he finishes the match with a smooth decapitation and he goes to slice the head in half! Needless to say, Hisame wins, but I think I'll need to call 911 again. Wait! Marokopow is making his appearance! Let's hear what he has to say.
Marokopow: So, Shinji Yaguu, you want a shot at me and don't care about the star orb, well, here I am if you want your shot now.
Hien: What are Hanzo and Strider Maverick doing there?
Hanzo: Don't, he's quite powerful.
Maverick: If you value your life, go the other way, his power is greater than mine, the hero is needed to slay him, while you may be a good man, you are not the hero, so please run.
Shinji: A mission's a mission; I'll kill him or die trying.
Maverick: Now see the power he controls for yourselves, folks.
Hanzo: Does he have a chance?
Maverick: Sadly no, and Marokopow fights so brutally, more so than any Kibagami.
Hanzo: Then who does stand a chance?
Maverick: Possibly Galford, but I have to test him to see if he's the hero. I'll go and say a few things about him.
Hiryu: Now we see a special match: Shinji Y. vs. M. Yamgami with Strider Maverick himself as the announcer. So what do you have to say about this?
Maverick: If you're not used to blood and gore, please look away, for he'll die.
Hien: Hey I bet you can beat that wizard, after all you whooped Akira pretty good.
Maverick: I did go up against him once, but I was lucky to get out with a wicked Stomach wound. That's why I'm searching for the hero, so he can be defeated.
Hiryu: What do you know about him?
Maverick: He's easily one of the most evil men know, with sick twisted tastes, ones that make Hien look like an altar boy. I've read one of the fics he reads, and it's truly sickening tale concerning the warriors. That's how my quest against him started. And the fact that some Orochi power flows through him enhances his quite deadly spells.
Hiryu: Why hasn't he used the prize already?
Maverick: He needs to win this to use it, and a wish in his hands would result in total darkness for the world, if not the utter destruction of it! Now let us see about this...
Hiryu: And Shinji launches a fierce attack, but what the... how did Shinji stab himself?
Maverick: One of his powers, the ability to turn attacks against the attacker, I believe a great amount of spirit and ki is needed to counteract that.
Hien: Ouch, talk about a slapping.
Maverick: It is not mere smacking, those hit as hard as bricks. !!! No...Not that...
Hiryu: What is he gearing up for?
Maverick: The 14 devil destruction, a POW move, but it was forged with the lives of 14 innocents. Its power is unreal, but a healthy warrior can avoid it, but Shinji's in bad shape. I share my condolences with his family.
Hien: Wait it isn't over yet!
Maverick: It will end as I predicted.
Hiryu: ...Oh good god! Whatever was in the black portal tore him to bits.
Maverick: That move claims yet another life. I'll be going, but I'll be back when hero faces him. I know more about the world and people than they even know.
Hiryu: So Hanzo, what will you do now?
Hanzo: I think I will take on Galford, while my son gives up, since he doesn't feel like fighting anymore. He's done what he came here for. Could to switch over to the hospital?
Hiryu: Sure
Hisame, in some bandages: I'm doing fine, I'll be up in a few days, and look I'm sharing a room with Yang and Helena.
Hien: Who's that cat-nurse?
Hisame: Aisha, she insisted on being "my nurse".
Aisha, in a cute nurse's outfit: What guy doesn't want to be nursed by his girlfriend when she's dressed up as a nurse?
Hien: I know the Author wouldn't mind that, but due to distance, it won't be coming true for a while.
Hiryu: This is a sad day, since Shinji Yaguu died, but on the bright side so did Kyare Kibagami. Stay tuned for the next match: Galford vs. Hanzo, "Duel of the ninjas!"
>Round 3, Match 1, Arena
Hiryu: Well here is the match that determines the finalist in the tournament, which can be Galford or Hanzo.
Hien: Wait, I remember Maverick saying if Galford won this match, that Maverick will fight him next. So who is our Guest announcer for this match?
Irene: I am, along with these 2.
Hien: Why are those guys in black leather speedos?
Hiryu: Don't ask. Long time no see Irene; we can see that you're still bossing around Yin and Scott.
Irene: They really do like it.
Hien: ...
Hiryu: What's up with you Hien?
Hien: Akane's like that once a month for a week.
Hiryu: Well here's the same old, same old.
Hanzo: Do you even know that Maverick asked most of us to join this to test you?
Galford: No, I didn't, is that your only reason?
Hanzo: My real reason is do a sort of final test of your skills. I may not be as young as you, but I've got experience!
Galford: I think I have the grasp of my fighting style. So let's get this over with.
Hien: Whoa, talk about a trick-fest.
Hiryu: They're doing sort of dueling with teleports
Irene: I remember Galford...he always ran away from me; I wonder why...
Hien: No offense, but it's because of your S&M habits Ouch! Sorry Irene!
?????: If anyone's going to smack my man it's going to be me!
Hiryu: Oh s___.
Scott: What are you saying that for?
Hiryu: Hien's girlfriend is no other than Akane Tendo of Ramna 1/2 fame. Needless to say we might have the mother of all catfights.
Hien: No that was when Chun-Li was fighting with Sakura over Ryu.
Hiryu: Then this might be the second worse that is unless Athena started to fight Yuki over Kyo Kusanagi. Oh by the way ladies, please take that outside.
Hien: Ouch, they both turned on poor Hiryu and beating him to a pulp.
Yin: Due to Hiryu's state, I'll take over, and it seems that they're both somewhat cut and such, and now are charging up for some major attacks.
Scott: And Hanzo rushes Galford, who's still charging.
Hien: He's doing it again...and during Hanzo's bomb move!
Akane: Whoa, what a blast.
Hien: What else would you expect when there's bombs at ground zero for a lighting strike.
Yin: Now a matter of who gets up from the wicked exchange, and it's Galford, who seems to be in sore need of rest. Now he's going over to Hanzo.
Galford: You're...out like...a light...I guess...I won then. So Maverick, let me guess, you're next, right?
Maverick: Yes, but tomorrow, you need the rest, and I'd want to give a little test before the match. If you match my to my expectations, I will have to go all out.
Hiryu: Good news, the 2 girls are now friends, that and Akane's more of an S&M queen than before, taking advice from the queen of queens. Hey guys why do you 2 do this?
Yin: Since discipline feels good, that and she rewards good boys.
Hiryu: Should I ask how?
Scott: For one, not pimping us out to those old ladies, that and she's a hottie, and it's fun doing some things with her...
Hiryu: Kinda reminds me of this weird thing I heard: How the author takes orders pretty easily from his girlfriend easily.
Hien: A semi-submissive?
Hiryu: Nah, I think it's more of a "Knight and his Lady thing"
< And Galford went back to his Hotel room to rest for the match.>
>Hotel room
Nakoruru: Something's up with that Maverick, I can't sense what his true intentions are.
Galford: But I really need the rest if I'm to take him on. Good night.
Nakoruru: I hope that your rest will be peaceful. (I may have to fight once more...)
>Galford's dream
Galford: What is going on?
Maverick: Simple, a test of mine; it isn't complex since all you have to do is tackle the evil in your heart.
Galford: Why?
Maverick: Simple, a man with evil in his heart can be controlled by him, since I know that he won't kill you so easily, so he'll try to gain control of you, now fight and defeat your dark self! < points to a mirror copy but in darker colors with a mask over his face>
Galford: You must represent the beast, then.
Bust Galford: Yes, since I'm the closest thing to evil in your heart.
Galford: I have no problems with this, since I want to gain control over the beast!
Maverick: You seem quite wise, since after all with a girl such as Nakoruru, you must take things much slower than usual, and if not checked this "dark self" will do something quite terrible, at least that's how it is in this one fanfic.
Galford: Right.
< The 2 Galfords start fighting until the good one triumphs.>
Galford: Yeah! I won, hey, where are you, Maverick?
Curvy Girl: I am here as a sort of reward for your test.
Galford: You seem familiar...who are you?
Girl: Why does that matter? Don't you want to do wicked things with a girl like me?
Galford: I don't have feelings for you, only for Nakoruru.
Girl: Oh you mean, that overly modest girl? And not a curvy girl who wants to show you every inch of my body?
Galford: Hey- urk, what the...
< Galford finds himself stabbed in the stomach by the girl, and falls unconscious>
Girl: What a foolish boy...I offered you all the physical pleasure any man could want, and you still want. My name? I'm know as Ratsetsu Nakoruru, or what some would say the Anti-thesis of all that is Nakoruru, even down to the body.
Nakoruru: Leave him be!
R.Nakoruru: So it's my goody 2 shoes "Sister" Good now we can settle this!
Nakoruru: Why are you here?
R.Nakoruru: Simple, either corrupt or kill Galford, but it seems that taking you on might be a pleasant bonus.
Nakoruru: You must be working for Marokopow aren't you?
R.Nakoruru: Yeah, with his magic, he transformed me into a true succubus, but you do know that he has his heart only for you.
Nakoruru: Yes, I know that, and I'll do what I can to protect him!
R.Nakoruru: How long has it been since you even swung that knife, must be quite a while.
Nakoruru: I had a feeling that I'd have to fight...
R.Nakoruru: I know how I'm not "real", but something made by Amakusa, so Galford could be manipulated, but you always had to go and steal him back. You really want to know something? I wanted him so much; it may be something from you.
Nakoruru: Let's just end this.
< And they start to fight, it was interesting, since there is no animals to aid either fighter, and they stop to take a breather>
R.Nakoruru: Not bad...but you better hurry or you won't be alone in the afterlife.
Nakoruru: (I must do this...)
<: She tend tears into her evil sister in a flurry uncharacteristic of her, and goes over to Galford>
Nakoruru: Galford, are you okay?
Galford: Yeah, but it hurt.
Nakoruru: Don't worry, that evil loose girl is gone now, now just rest for your match.
Galford: I wish I could have seen your face...
Maverick: Sorry about that, Marokopow interfered with the test, but you passed. I know why you can't see her face, that is because you have no idea what it looks like, and for a perfect dream imagine, either magic power or memory of the face is needed. I look forward to tomorrow.
Nakoruru: How come you're able to do stuff in dreams?
Maverick: It's a type of power; still there are some talents that I don't have.
>Special Match, Arena
Hiryu: Well, this may be one of the best matches ever seen, since it will be a true battle of the minds.
Hien: Since it seems that these 2 can easily mess with heads.
Hiryu: Now let's see what these 2 unstoppable warriors have to say to each other.
Maverick: I ask one thing: Show your true power and prove that you're the hero that's needed! Don't hold back, otherwise I'll kill you!
Galford: You're serious about this, aren't you?
Maverick: I know of your job of reviving Nakoruru, and if you beat me, you'll show how serious you are about that. I know you have the potential to beat Marokopow, and if you beat me, I'll give you something that will help you tap into that, as well as tell you what's ahead, since there will be one more fight before you fight Marokopow. Now let's begin!
Galford: Right!
Hien: This looks to be intense!
Hiryu: Round 1...FIGHT!
Akane: Look at that! They're really going at it.
Hiryu: What is she doing back here?
Hien: We needed a 3rd announcer.
Hiryu: Could I ask you something Akane?
Akane: What is it?
Hiryu: When you start acting like Irene, could I be...your b____?
Hien: Good mother of god, everyone has face faulted, even the 2 fighters.
Hiryu: I'm a bad little boy...
Akane: Okay, since Hien there isn't the most accepting guy of that.
Galford: I did not know or want to know.
Maverick: Let's continue.
Hien: Now that everyone recovered, they're in an intense duel of skills and attacks.
Hiryu: And Maverick is now dizzy! And Galford finishes charging for his attack and what a move, he kicked him, slashed him with his electrified weapon and a strike heads, and it seems that Maverick's wooden sword is broke.
Maverick: Not bad...but you haven't seen nothing yet.
Akane: He pulled off his cloak, and it seems that he has golden armor and a new sword.
Maverick: Now, Weiler, let's see how you handle me fighting my hardest! Let's hope you still got some left for this one!
Galford: I can't loose and I will win!
Hiryu: Round 2, with Galford with one win...FIGHT!
Akane: I didn't know he does 2 sword styles.
Hien: I think this sheathed style is similar to Shen's, and I guess his other style was similar to Akira's.
Hiryu: I think we will see something truly wicked.
Akane: The clashing going on kinda reminds me of the old days, but he was always better.
Hiryu: They have landed a few blows on each other, but nothing major. Wait he's saying something.
Maverick: Impressive indeed, and you have yet to go all out yourself, then again I still have one last card to play, but it isn't time for that.
Galford: I'm surprised about that, since I didn't think that I'd be doing this well against you.
Maverick: Maybe it IS time. Time to see overdrive in action! I'm going to be a nice guy and explain it to all the nice people watching, it's inflicting a wound on oneself to max out the POW gauge, but it will drain the user, avoiding all the POW attacks sounds easy, but it isn't. Basically Galford, if you can live through the upcoming onslaught, you'll win. But as I said before, it won't be easy!
Hien: Ouch, he just cut his stomach with his sword and I can see an aura build around him.
Hiryu: I have found someone who knows about Maverick's gear, Saisyu Kusanagi, Kyo's dad, what is he wearing.
Saisyu: The family armor and sword, according to a legend, after defeating Orochi, my ancestors gave them to some one calling himself the observer, and I guess he must be a descendent of that man. Is it okay for me to go now?
Hiryu: Sure.
Hien: Talk about powered up, he's letting loose all his most powerful attacks in an attempt to kill Galford.
Hiryu: And it seems that Galford has little problem avoiding them.
Akane: You 2, that ninja is charging up while the swordsman is lagging over his move.
Hiryu: What is his hair doing being blond?
Galford: (What's happening?)
Voice: (I'm helping you again)
Galford: (Who are you?)
Voice: (I'll tell you when the time comes, but for now I'm someone who has the main goal of making Nakoruru happy)
Hien: Whoa... I've never seen that much power from a single person, and it seems that Maverick is finally beaten!? That's rather impressive.
Hiryu: Maverick's gotten up and saying something.
Maverick: Good...but you didn't need to hit me that hard.
Galford: I couldn't help it, this voice decided to help me again.
Maverick: Ah, here is the Rajin Armor and Sword, they are ninja gear that help draw out one's full power, and if necessary become possessed by the thunder spirit to aid you. But save those for Marokopow, since the next match is easily won with your normal power, but it will be trying for you. Remember this: Necromancy can imprison spirits, and to free them, you must destroy the undead body, remember this, since it will be very important in the next match. If you make it through that match, you will be the hero that the world needs. Now I'll take my normal place and observe with those announcers.
Hiryu: Galford wins this one! He's amazing, fantastic!
Hien: He has beaten Strider Maverick, so his power must be god-like indeed.
Maverick: I lost fair and square; it feels good having to go all out in a fight.
Hiryu: So Galford, how you feel about this?
Galford: Good, but I'm worried about what Maverick said, hey Nako, did you see that? Wait!? I can't sense her at all!
????????: Is this what you were looking for?
Hien: Wait, it seems to be a girl in black and red clothing...wait, it's a zombie!!
Marokopow: Hahahaha, now let's see you get to me now! I know that she's your weakness, you may be more powerful than that obsessed fool Maverick, and quite incorruptible, but you can't stand to hurt something that looks like her. Now Let's see you do it.
Hien: Do you think Galford can win this?
Maverick: Yes, he can easily win, but we need to hope that Marokopow's plan doesn't work.
Hiryu: Wait, it seems that Galford is at tears.
Galford: (So this is what Maverick meant...that...that...b______, doing this to her! I must do this, no matter how pained my heart is)
Hiryu: He seems to be POWering up rather fast.
Maverick: He's turning the pain into power.
Hien: Whoa, and Galford just blew up that zombie good, but what is he doing on the ground crying?
Maverick: He had to hurt the image of one who's dear to him. What is that evil madman doing?
Marokopow: Oh look, now I'll have to add another death to my list.
Galford: Shut up, you! I'll kill you for doing that to Nako-sama!
Marokopow: Go and try, boy...if you can.
Galford: I'll show you that I'm your doom, for I'm the hero!
Hiryu: Round 1, FIGHT!
Hien: Galford's charging him, but won't he get hurt?
Maverick: No, since I can sense his power and it's slightly stronger than Marokopow's.
Hiryu: Way to go, as you can see here folks, Galford in fact has stabbed Marokopow in the stomach, and seems to have cut him pretty badly too.
Marokopow: No...I can't...die...must sword...a spirit that...never got...put to rest.
Maverick: Who's sword is that in the gound?
Hien: Kyare Kibagami's.
Maverick: Oh no...I hope it isn't his sword...
Hiryu: Who are you talking about?
Maverick: Genjuro, his spirit never passed over, he is a evil man, on par with Marokopow, should those 2 evil souls meet, a being of power equal to Orochi himself will be born.
Hiryu: Bad news, it seems that he's starting to change.
Maverick: Galford! Use the gear now! Maybe then you might stand a chance!
Galford: What's going on?
Maverick: Genjuro's spirit has found the orochi power, a demon with god-like power will be born, and the world will be in a true crisis. Needless to say I'm powerless to stop him.
Galford: He's done transforming...who are you.
??????: I am Genjuro Kibagami, now in the body with the power to grant my quest for vengeance. Go ahead and try to take me on.
Galford: That I will! Ahhh!
Hiryu: Round 2, Galford with 1 match won, FIGHT!
Maverick: Don't do that!
Hien: Why?
Maverick: The Kibagami style is brutal and straightforward, and Galford's playing into his hands, I now pray that he survives the coming attack.
Hiryu: Like that wicked triple slash he did. It looks like that Galford is nearly dead.
Galford: (That was this it for me?)
Nakoruru: I'm going to use what energy I have left to heal you, but I won't be able to talk for a great while after that.
Maverick: So spirits can manifest themselves physically at great strain, Galford may have a chance yet.
Galford: I'm back Kibagami!
Genjuro: It was that girl Nakoruru, thanks, kid, with that wish I'll finally be able to show her how I'm nothing! And I have a feeling that she'll be defenseless, how do you feel that you've sealed her fate!?
Galford: ...Must get power...
Maverick: So I guess he's trying to summon the full power of his armor.
Hien: Hey there's a fierce lighting storm going on. And what's his hair turning blond again?
Maverick: There is yet hope, since it seems it's just as I thought.
Hiryu: What about Galford?
Maverick: He's the reincarnation of the original Galford! He should have enough power to over come him! I guess the armor is drawing out his full power that also includes the elder Weiler's.
Hien: Whoa...a massive thunderbolt hit Galford... and he seems different with Arm and Shin guards and a muffer around his neck, and electricity.
Maverick: He is... "Shin" Galford, the perfect match to go up against Orochi Genjuro!
GalfordM (Modern one): (Are you him?)
GalfordD (Orginal one): (Yes, I did this to ensure that she found happiness, I want her to move on like I did, I need not worry about finding someone to take care of her, since you've done a great job of showing that. I am now lending you my power and memories, so your spirit can flare up at its maximum!)
GalfordM: (Is that what her face looks like?)
GalfordD: (Yes, Isn't it beautiful?)
GalfordM: (Yeah, I don't see how anyone could harm her...)
GalfordD: (Let's show him what 2 Galford Weilers can really do!)
GalfordM: (Yeah) Hey Kibagami, the only way you'll hurt her is over my dead body!
Genjuro: Sure remember last time?
Galford: Yes, but I too have changed, I have now the memories and additional power of my Ancestor, Galford D. Weiler. I guess I am now able to do something he's wanted to do for so long: Kill you, and hopefully put you to rest, not only for those that Marokopow killed, but for ones who suffered by your actions.
Genjuro: Sure, boy, now die!
Hiryu: Final Round...Begin!
Maverick: This is the battle that will determine many things, the world, and the fate of Nakoruru.
Hien: What happens if Galford looses?
Maverick: The last resort...spirit blast, it will require the lives of everyone here, but it'll be better than leaving him unchecked. Let's hope that it doesn't come to this.
Hiryu: They're fighting quite fiercely, but it seems that Galford has the edge.
Maverick: Of course, with the power he now possesses and his skills, he's in control. There is some good news, since Genjuro possessed a foreign body, he'll be dragged with Marokopow's soul down to hell, where they belong, and at last the feud will be over at last. Wait, he's saying something to Genjuro.
Galford: Time to end this, you 2 fiends, prepare for the ultimate wrath and spirit of those who find Nakoruru dear in their hearts, the woman you threaten! (I can feel her pain, your pain, ancestor, as well as my own, I'm turning all that into power, enough to destroy such a evil)
Hien: Whoa, he just teleported and now is pummeling him.
Maverick: This is the Giga Strike rush at work. I suggest that we run.
Akane: Now why is that?
Maverick: Simple, the finisher will be so powerful it will vaporize anything in a radius, and it will take a while for Galford to get done wit the pummeling that's slowly getting faster and more powerful. EVERYONE RUN!!!
[Now the play by play ends, and it's back to the normal action system] < Everyone runs away from there, from the SF and KoF fighters to the others, they ran a mile away from it and look on.>
>Spot where everyone is pretty much
Hanzo: So he'll win?
Maverick: Yes, if he took me on with that much power, he would have killed me easily.
Hanzo: I guess you're powerful in certain terms.
Maverick: Yes, for a person with a single spirit, I am quite powerful, but for someone with 2...I'm no match. I guess that applies, but I don't think the case is that strong with you, Hanzo.
Hanzo: I guess you know of how I have the spirit of my namesake as well, but why hasn't it come out?
Maverick: You were never in anything truly trying, like Galford was.
Anururu: What will happen to Galford though?
Akira: Yeah, will that move vaporize him?
Maverick: Don't worry, he has so much will to live that it's a moot point.
Hien: Hey look, there's a lighting pillar.
Winururu: What frightful power...
< We go over to the battle field where Galford is nearly finished pummeling him>
Genjuro: No way...
< Galford finishes and does something like a strike head>
Galford: GIGA...
< He continues to rise higher and higher, he stops to say something to Genjuro>
Galford: Here's an famous american saying: Yippie Kay Yay, you motherf___er!
< He now is coming down from the height>
Galford: STRIKE...HEADS!!!
< As last he hits the ground and the massive lighting pillar strikes with all its might, creating a massive dome of electrical energy that could be sensed by many people and disrupted many things.>
>The waiting Spot.
Kyo: Dad, did that blast kill Genjuro?
Saisyu: Yes, in fact it could have easily killed Orochi, rather scary at how much power this man has. I'm glad that he has good in his heart.
Yokoruru: I guess I'm truly resigned to my fate, well Nakoruru deserves this every much, that and I won't be alone so I won't mind.
Shen: ...Hopefully...nothing...really bad...happens to...nature...
Winururu: Come on, it's gone, so let's see if Galford's okay.
< We switch over to the arena ruins amongst them is a broken and rusted kitana, and a brown haired, green-eyed young man, who despite seeing his fair share of battle raises his fist in the air and yells a triumph cry of victory, this young man is Galford Michael Weiler, and he has won at last. Now his friends come up.>
Galford: I did it...
GalfordD: (Yes you did, now I'll go, but I'll leave my memories so they can help you and my power to be called upon at a time of great need. So long, tell your dad that you and him did the family proudly)
Galford: (Yeah, so long, it was nice talking with you.)
Maverick: Bravo, Galford, but isn't there something to be done?
Winururu: Don't keep her waiting Galford, go!
Shen: ...Go.
Hanzo: You can talk with us after you do this.
Michael: Go and tell her, son.
Galford: Right.
< He goes over to where the Orb is, unharmed by the massive attack that destroyed everything else in its radius. He holds it in his hands with the wish in his heart. It glows, fades and breaks, leaving a note>
Galford: What is this?
Note: This relic was made to undo a terrible tragedy, that being the premature demise of Nakoruru, so this was made so at a later date, around the year 2001, that it could be undone, since you're reading this, it means that you've fullfilled the intended use of this. Don't worry, It'll happen soon. I guess the reader must be Galford M Weiler, right? How do I know? I'm the observer of that time, and since then I've had a vison of these events, including Genjuro's last fight. Go now, Signed Sir Patrick Marv, aka Maverick. P.S. Tell the current one to find his destiny now.
< Just as soon as he finished reading that a bright light filled the sky and when it was over, there laid Nakoruru in her normal clothes. Galford rushes over to her>
Galford: Hey, Nako, you all right?
< She comes to>
Nakoruru: I'm...alive?
Galford: Yep, and I saved the world in the process. I wonder, you have feelings for anyone, if so I'll help you find him.
Nakoruru: He isn't too far, in fact he's around here.
Galford: Who? I'm the only single guy asides from Hiryu...
Nakoruru: I have a feeling that he'll return my feelings, that guy. I'm feeling better now.
Galford: That's good, I must tell you something that I've been keeping the last 2 years.
Nakoruru: What would that be?
Galford: ... I must tell you you, I always have, but around 2-3 years ago, it changed into a mature love.
Nakoruru: I guess I must have really great news then.
Galford: ... Yeah and my namesake told me to tell you to move on.
Nakoruru: That should be easy, now for me to give my first kiss to that man I have feelings for. < goes up and kisses Galford on the lips, and giggles slightly> That man's you Galford, and your actions prove once again that you're only concerned with my happiness despite your feelings.
Galford: Yeah...This is so wild, like a dream, but it's not! How about going and talking with everyone else?
Nakoruru: Okay, since we have all the time in the world.
< They go over to where everyone else is, and everyone starts talking>
Nakoruru: I hope that you have no real problems with me, Mr. Weiler.
Michael: First start calling dad or something, since I know for sure you 2 will get married, that and I haven't had any objections in a long time, after all because of you, he grew up to be a quite a good man.
Galford: Dad, Galford told me to tell you that he's proud of both of us.
Nakoruru: Him... I hope that he's not mad about that...
Galford: Don't worry, he isn't, he'd be happy that you moved on as well.
Hanzo: I guess I was right Mike
Michael: Yeah you were, but you weren't expecting him to save the world in the process!
Hanzo: So you're the famous Nakoruru everyone's talking about. I guess we should stop by the hospital so you can meet them.
Yokoruru: Could you tell me what's it like to be a holy maiden?
Nakoruru: It's a position of duty and sacrifice, I hope that the future doesn't require you do what I had to do. That gives me an idea to tell your mother.
Winururu: What is that idea?
Nakoruru: I just remembered that my father was a sort of warrior, and it might be possible to train someone in that.
Winururu: I guess it'd be Shen then, since Hisame would most likely be moving around with Aisha. I'll try that sometime. Today's a pretty happy day, more so for Galford.
Nakoruru: I have another family member to speak to.
< Goes over to Anururu and Akira>
Anururu: I must say that you're amazing, Nakoruru
Nakoruru: Why would you say that?
Anururu: It's the way you carry yourself, it seems to have a sort of grace and maturity, and I guess Galford knows that. You remember my husband, Akira Tomura, right?
Nakoruru: Yes. So did Galford surprise you?
Akira: no, but I didn't have any idea that he'd be this intense in going about it.
Nakoruru: Could I speak with Ann alone?
Akira: Yeah. < Leaves>
Anururu: What is it that you want to talk about?
Nakoruru: The perhaps whole story with Galford liking you. I suggested you so he wouldn't go and get feelings for me, since I heard his and your fathers talking about that matter. So I wouldn't be too surprised if during the time you were in my shadow, I just had to confess that.
Anururu: Oh, well it doesn't matter, everyone's pretty much happily ever after. I understand about you doing that since you were a spirit, but now that you're alive, everything's going to be okay. What about people from my family, are you going to try to get them to accept their heritage?
Nakoruru: I won't force them, but it's nice that one person from that branch is interested in her past. Is that Galford's stepmother coming up?
Anururu: Yep, I know that she'll try to see if you're deserving of her stepson, but it shouldn't be too hard for you.
Eliza: So what do you like about my son?
Nakoruru: He's nice, kind to animals, noble, the passion he does things with, and how he tries to make me happy regardless of his own feelings.
Eliza: You mean that if you had feelings for another guy, that he'd help you get started with the other guy?
Nakoruru: Yes, he was quite dense about that, but I find that to be rather cute.
Eliza: I guess all I have to do is wait until I have a daughter in law. That and everyone's going to the hospital now to see the others.
< They leave for the hospital>
>Hospital, waiting room
Doctor: Well Mr. Hattori, your son is perfectly fine, since most of his injuries weren't really that serious, so him and I guess the girl who's soon to be your daughter-in-law will be coming shortly
< Hisame and Aisha come out>
Hisame: Wow, Galford I saw how you fought, and you're amazing! Is that woman there with the long hair Nakoruru?
Nakoruru: Yes it's me Hisame, I must say to you 2 that you remind me of how Galford and me are like when we're together.
Aisha: Yeah, I remember holding him as a baby when I was four, and how I stopped him from crying.
Nakoruru: I'd have seen that, but I was busy. It's nice that you 2 are together. I hope that Helena is okay.
Doctor: You mean Helena Colde? She's going to be okay, but she'll have to take it easy, that and the orange-haired young man finally started sleeping again at last. Let me tell you, I couldn't separate him from her, at least not without getting burned. So we let him stay. I think they should be coming out now.
< Yang and Helena come out>
Yang: I guess you heard the good news, and I saw how you were kicking butt and taking names, Galford.
Helena: Who is that girl? I never saw her before.
Galford: You 2 meet Nakoruru.
Yang: THE Nakoruru? Well, saying that she's ugly would be a lie, that and earn me a trashing by Galford.
Helena: I'm sorry about what I said 2 years back. I guess you 2 are together at last. Well I'm fine though I won't be able to do too much for the next few months. That and it seems that it's love between Yang and me. I was told how he stayed up late and didn't eat much. So I guess the first thing to do is to eat and sleep.
< Kyo Kusanagi comes up to them>
Kyo: I just came to tell you guys that you're all invited to the victory party in honor of Galford's win. That and a lot of people are looking forward to talking to you Galford.
Galford: What for?
Kyo: Your performance earned you a rep that few really get that of a legendary fighter, it's easy to be good, but to be compared with me, Terry Bogard or Ryu, and it's really something. That and it's semi-formal, or you can wear a suit or normal clothes. And it's taking place in 2 weeks.
Yokoruru: I guess mother and me have something to do.
Nakoruru: What are you talking about?
Winururu: Don't tell me...
Anururu: We're going to take you shopping for clothes! I wonder if Mrs. Weiler's going to
pay for them...
Eliza: Of course I am! But I think I'll let you 3 take her, since you have more in common with her.
Maverick: This ought to be interesting.
Galford: In this note I read, it said to tell you to pursue your own destiny.
Maverick: I will in due time, but maybe after this party. (Now the real interesting part begins...)
>Previews for next episode
Rimururu: Yay, sister's back.
Shizumaru: Now we get to see how she adjusts to living again, as well as some rather intense stuff.
Rimururu: Next time on Samurai Spirits Neo, Chapter 5, and the finale, Living with Nako, and please tell the author you want more fics with us.
Shizumaru: Since I think that'd be an interesting story in itself, even if it causes some people to puke because we're a sickeningly cute couple.
Rimururu: At least we should be glad that the author is who he is, especially me, since I heard what happens to me in a certain fic.
Shizumaru: Don't worry, Rim-chan, everyone gets what's coming to them sooner or later, and that same goes for that guy.
>Omake 1: This just isn't right
Akane: Nice idea, Irene.
Irene: Akane, one of them is slowing down.
Akane: Baka!
< It turns out that they're on ricksaws pulled by the guys in black leather speedos [I told you that this just isn't right], and Akane's whipping Hien>
>Omake 2: In South Park...
Kyle: Did you see that fight?
Stan: Yeah Galford kicks major @$$
Cartman: I guess Stan should be happy to know that Wendy's dressing up like that Nakonunu chick.
Kenny: <More untranslatable muffles>
Stan: You mean Kenny I should dress up like Galford?
Cartman: Yeah, maybe then you wouldn't puke like a p___y [Inspired by "Captain Tylor the irresponsible Captain, the Expectional episode, where a guy says that in Japanese, and in the subtitle it says "P(CENSORED)Y] each time you see her, instead you'd be like a man.
Kyle: Dude, that's going too far.
Cartman: Oh yeah? At least I'm not a stupid ___ [Censored, what else would you expect when you try porting a MA show to a fic that's limited to PG13?]
< Then out of nowhere, the SNKvsCapcom 2 version of Shin Akuma comes up and does the raging demon to Kenny, killing him>
Stan: Oh my god, they killed Kenny!
Kyle: You B______!
< Wendy comes up, dressed like Nakoruru>
Wendy: Hi Stan
Stan: Hi Wendy, you look cute.
Wendy: Thanks Stan
Stan: Whoa, I didn't puke, thanks man!
Author: You're welcome. < The young couple leaves>
Cartman: I'm going to sing my new song, "Nakoruru's a flat chested b____"
Kyle: Don't Cartman, the author will get mad at you.
Cartman: What do I care? Not as if Kenny's going to come back and start fighting like Ultimate Rugal for SNKvsCapcom 2 and he does a that G-Execution move on me. < Starts singing it>
Author: Bad news for him is that I'm the author and I can do about anything except do something truly offensive, and insult my sworn enemy.
< And shortly after Kenny comes back to life, dressed up like U.Rugal and he does just that, killing Cartman>
Kyle: Oh my got you killed Cartman! All right!
Kenny: < Muffles that translate to "Like the author says, no one disses Nakoruru and gets off lightly", and a few more>
>Omake 3: new things in chapter 5
-Anime-style non-actions (In other words, things will happen, but won't be described, so you can only tell by what the characters say. That and this is also due to rating limitations and the matter of Respecting Nako-chan)
-Genki Omake file: Profiles of all major and important characters, that and it's in addition to the Normal Omake scenes at the end of the fic!
-Homage being paid to Shinji the 10 O'Clock assassin: A massive action scene, like in the last chapter of King Successor Evagelon or something like that.
>Omake 4: The dancing Kaffine Monks
< A bunch Monks do various dances, such as the robot, the Charleston, the Macarena>
>Omake 5: A word from U.Y Tylor, the irresponsible captain
Tylor: Hello, the Author told me to come here to say a few things, that and he paid me. I think I should start off with something that happened in chapter one. In other words, Cham Cham is still a maiden, since it was more of a birds and the bees thing. That and the western misconception of Nudity always being connected to sex, that just isn't true at all. That and some things should be shown or said only a few times so they don't loose value, after all there is no value what so ever in seeing a playmate nude, but pardon me for saying this, but seeing Nakoruru does have tremendous value, and it seems that the lucky guy is Galford D. Weiler. And one last thing to the Author: I'm going with Yuriko, even though Azalyn's quite pretty and such. I could try dating both at once, but it's a series not one of your fanfics, so get that CLEAR! Thank you lovely ladies and gentlemen, now I've got to run since I think Dom's still trying to kill me, Bye!
< He leaves and Dom from the same series comes up>
Dom: Have you seen an irresponsible coward named Tylor?

Chapter 5

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