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Samurai Spirits Neo
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Chapter 5

Samurai Spirits Neo Chapter 5/Finale: Living with Nako
By Strider Maverick (E-mail,
< As we last saw them, they were getting ready for a party, and needless to say, Nakoruru's going to get a taste of being a modern female, rather forcefully>
>Women's Store
Nakoruru: Are you sure that you're suppose to be buying this much?
Anururu: Of course! You can't expect to wear that all the time!
Yokoruru: Even Mother and I buy clothes so we don't stand out too much.
Winururu: Be thankful that we're taking you shopping, who knows you might have ended up in some rather awful clothes.
Nakoruru: For that party, would this sundress as you say it be good?
Yokoruru: It's just
Anururu: I think we should shop for some...undergarments.
Nakoruru, blushing: ... [What else would you expect?, I hope this is her being true to form]
Anururu: Just try it ok? What do you 2 have to say about the matter?
Winururu: I don't really go out that much, so I haven't worn such stuff much, but I'm a bit more inclined towards the traditional.
Yokoruru: I'd also say try it, since I find the modern stuff more comfortable and more...reassuring. < She blushes after the last part>
Anururu: Where is Aisha...
Nakoruru: Did you invite her?
Anururu: Yeah, these days shopping is a social activity, that and a way to keep guys in line.
Nakoruru: I'll remember that (I won't drag him along if I do find that I like this)
< Aisha comes running up, wearing a t-shirt and jeans>
Aisha: Sorry about being late, it's just that the guys are taking Hisame shopping, going on about being in style, oddly enough that Maverick guy was with them, so I guess he's in good hands then. What are we shopping for now?
Anururu: We've gotten her several outfits, and now we're going shopping for undergarments.
Aisha: Oh good, I've been planning to get some new sets.
Nakoruru, blushing: How can she speak so shameless about that area?
Anururu: Well, she's a bit wild in that area. Hey Yoko, does your brother know the birds and the bees? Yoko, blushing: No...
Aisha: Don't tell him.
Anururu: Don't ask why, but I have a feeling that Hisame's going to end up somewhere where he didn't have any plans for going.
Aisha: I read what happened between Shizumaru and Rimururu.
Anururu: Yeah, but this time it'll be more like Shizumaru and Cham Cham. Too bad that Rimururu isn't around, since I'd like to ask her what her take on that would have been.
Nakoruru: No chance of it really happening. I think it was love at first sight for them, more so since I introduced them.
Yokoruru: Why did you do that?
Nakoruru: Well, my sister was kinda the odd one in the bunch and I heard of the trouble Shizumaru went through so I figured that they'd make good friends, but what resulted was pretty nice too.
Winururu: Aisha, I did speak with your dad and I found out the real reason why he sent you away.
Aisha: What would that be?
Winururu: Since you're part gajin, certain...benefits come from that, and he heard of how such girls get hassled by the locals and draw so much attention from guys. He was concerned about you and how focused the ninja trainees were, so he sent you to the states so none of that would happen, I'm still mad at him about that.
Aisha: What does that mean? You seem to be beating the bush.
???????: It means that he sent you away because of your figure!
All the ruru girls: !!!!
< It turns out the person who said that was Helena, in her usual black clothes>
Helena: Sorry for butting in, but someone needed to say it. So is there room in this group for me?
Anururu: What are you doing here?
Helena: Yang's with the group of guys.
Aisha: He'd better not drag Hisame to some dirty movie.
Helena: Why are you concerned about that?
< Aisha whispers to Helena something>
Helena: That's going to be interesting. Well I think the other guys will keep Yang in line.
< Meanwhile with the guys>
>Men's store
Yang: What do you mean, no letting him see a dirty film?
Maverick: I have a feeling when he sees something like that it's going to be worth the wait.
Yang: He-
Maverick: You don't want to anger him, I do remember from my predecessors what happened to Kazuki when he pestered Shizumaru about what he saw that one night [Yeah it's a reference to another SS series I'm doing that focuses around Shizumaru and Rimururu, and it's connected to Chapter 1 of this!], and I don't think you'd like that.
Hisame: You think this is necessary?
Maverick: Sometimes you just gotta be stylish!
Galford: I'd have to agree with him, just as long it isn't Robert Garcia's idea of style.
Maverick: I have a very good sense of style that's both cool and manly, not like that fruit.
Akira: Heheheheh.
Galford: What's so funny?
Akira: Let me see, 4 Ruru girls going clothes shopping, and I also mean underclothes.
< Akira gets quickly punched out by Galford and Hisame>
Maverick: We'd take your dad along, but the ninja thing's quite stylish. And remember Hisame, take this as a lesson of sometimes keeping your mouth shut, but I know the way you and Aisha are you won't need to do that with her. And trust me, you have no idea how open she'll be with you < Starts laughing>
Hisame: Galford, what does he mean by that?
Galford: Just take his word for it. (I remember how she's rather touchy about being with other guys, but I know that it's different between her and Hisame.)
Maverick: What you think about this dark red suit?
Galford: Nice looking, but isn't red a odd color?
Maverick: His name I think means red rain, so I thought it'd be good.
Hisame: I'll take it. I am a rather unusual boy
Maverick: Young man, you're 16 don't you remember?
Hisame: Yeah. That and I want to stand out some.
Yang: Yeah, for the hot mama Aisha, yeah she's-
< He falls to the ground, after getting hit by Hisame's Umbrella>
Hisame: It only isn't good for sun blocking and rainy days, but good for hitting people too.
Galford: I think we should go, since we're done here, let's go wait at the food court.
Hisame: Why not the arcade?
Galford: Yeah, that sounds good.
< They leave dragging the KO'ed Akira and Yang>
< Time passed and it was time for the party, everyone pretty much dressed up their best with a few exceptions, those being Kyo and Hanzo mainly>
>The party
Ken: You know Galford, that not many Americans make it into these ranks, nice to see someone new other than myself and Terry Bogard.
Galford: I wasn't really aiming for that, just doing a friend a favor, and things just ended up much bigger than expected.
Ken: I heard you saw that infamous catfight on your travels, is that right?
Galford: Yeah, we were hoping to see a fight of sorts, but I have a feelings that it isn't with the KoF or SF tournaments.
Ken: You're right about that, did you see what happened to Ryu? I heard he tried to break it up, I hope he didn't get maimed in the process.
Galford: No we left before that, he might just be late (Where are the girls?)
< We see around the party, how most of the group is there except for a few, as well as Jean Claude speaking with Yang's parents (Remember he's a closet fan of hong kong action flics) and Kyo comes up>
Kyo: I heard about everything, nice indeed, I bet you must have been held back a few years in school training.
Galford: No, I was generally a straight B student, and I had a few honor classes, I did most of my training when I wasn't studying, that and I did most of it in the last 2 years. You should consider learning more, since you can't be a top fighter forever.
Kyo: I know that Ryu and Terry been in it for a while. Galford: Yeah, but they live for the fight, and they train pretty hard.
Kyo: It's no fun talking to a goody 2-shoes know it all. < Leaves>
Ken: You should consider joining the fighting gig, since you'd make a great role model.
Galford: I'm not all that keen on fighting for fun, but if there's some evil villain that needs to have his clock clean, I'm game. What is taking them...
Ken: Most likely a dramatic entrance.
< Then Dan and Joe burst on the scene>
Dan: Yeah! I'm the best!
Joe: That's right, together, we are
Both: The Ultimate Duo!
< Everyone else at the party sweatdrops while having beady little eyes>
Ken: I want to know, who invited them?
Galford: I guess the Bogards are here then.
Ken: You seem to know a lot about the tournament scene.
Galford: I used to watch the fights as a kid
Ken: Well, I've got to see how my family's doing.
< He leaves then Terry walks up>
Terry: Nice job, kid.
Galford: No offense, but I'm no kid. It's nice talking to the greats, but it's kinda dull waiting.
Terry: Oh yeah... Such waits are usually worth it. What's up with that kid in the red suit? He seems anxious.
Galford: He's waiting for his significant other, same thing I'm pretty much doing.
Terry: You think that Ryu's found a girlfriend?
Galford: There's a good chance. Judging by the talk about that fight being over Ryu. Who do you think he chose?
Terry: From what've I heard most likely Sakura, even though she's working at a profitable job, but her reappearance suggests that she wants to be with him, even on the road. Seems to be most interesting.
Galford: That wouldn't be the most unusual thing I've seen.
Terry: Forgot about that. Not everyday you get to revive someone.
< He goes to sit down, fretting, looking around, and he happen to see Ryu and Sakura come in, and Ryu happens to be in a tux.>
Galford: (Well I'm surprised..)
< He goes back to waiting and fretting, when someone taps him on the shoulder, he turns around to see Nakoruru in that sundress with her hair in a ponytail, as well as slight blush on her face.>
Nakoruru: May I have this dance, Sir? Is that how it's said.
Galford: Yeah! But wait, that's a bit forward for you..
Nakoruru: I'm getting over my shyness somewhat. Oh look! I guess Hisame and Aisha have met up. That and could you help me out with the dancing part?
Galford: No need to ask.
< They start dancing a slow dance on the dance floor, meanwhile Maverick comes up to Hisame to say something>
Hisame: Hello Mr. Maverick
Maverick: Well I've been thinking about your current pet name for her, and it seems kinda childish
Hisame: I did make that up when I was really young.
Maverick: Here's a better one: Ai-chan.
Hisame: That is a good one, thanks.
Maverick: Now to tell the hero of his hardest challenge, but maybe after this.
< He leaves>
Aisha: What did he tell you.
Hisame: He wanted to help me out with something, Ai-chan.
Aisha: Shizu, do you think I'm attractive? (It's amazing how he talks to me like I haven't aged a bit, and I know how many guys would most likely be undressing me with their eyes)
Hisame: Very attractive. Why you ask?
Aisha: Since to tell you the truth, I'm surprised how little things change between us, we kiss and stuff, but you're still cute little Shizu, and you regard me the same way, regardless how I've grown. I guess I can call you Shizururu.
Hisame: ?
Aisha: Since it seems you've gotten some features from your mother's side. (He really is so cute)
Hisame: I know how I'm short and look kind of young, kinda weird, but then again mother isn't so normal.
Aisha: Well... I got sent away because my father though that I would be too much of a distraction.
Hisame: Could I tell mother?
Aisha: But tell her not to kill him.
< He does go and tell her and she gets this angry look on her face, and quickly we see what's kind of unusual about Winu(ruru): she's a female with the demon aspect, now for some reactions>
Shippu: Oh no...
Hanzo: Oh yeah I forgot that today was in her period.
Shippu: I'm going to die...All because I thought that sending Aisha away was a good move.
Hanzo: I've got to go, after all I don't want some of that. (I've been on the receiving end once of such a rage, and I couldn't move for a week)
< Now back to the dancing couple>
Nakoruru: This does feel nice, let's do this as long as we can.
Galford: Don't worry, we've got a nice long time.
Nakoruru: (It's nice that I'm not so shy...but sooner or later, we'll get married, then... )
<Back to the other couple, they're alone since Winu is chasing Shippu, trying to put him in the ICU, when Maverick comes up with these people>
Maverick: Aisha, have you met your distant cousin, Chona Chona, and her boyfriend Abster?
Hisame: Isn't this a lame attempt at-
Maverick: Clever kid, now zip it-Oww! <Runs away from the berserk Winu saying "I'm sorry!", and the 4 start talking, and things went smoothly as they can until this next part which happens some time later.>
[Update: Galford and Nakoruru are engaged, Aisha's planning something with the aid of Mai, but there are a few challenges for our hero to conquer yet.]
>Galford's living room
Michael: Galford; where did Nakoruru go?
Galford: To Mini- Riten Kyo
Michael: S___! That's a hotbed of crime! Why didn't you tell her about that?
Galford: She said it sounded interesting, and... I'll go and get her before it's too late.
Michael: I'll see if I can find an excuse for going there with a full SWAT team, since there are a lot of low lives, big and small there.
<Galford Leaves>
Michael: Just great...maybe now I get to clean that up.
>Warehouse, where the tribute to Shinji the 10'oclock assassin takes place (the action part)
Nakoruru: Hello anyone there?
????1: If it isn't one of the Aniu
?????2: Didn't you hear she's from the old days, if we could use her holy power, we'd be unstoppable.
Nakoruru: I know you're evil, show yourselves!
<The 2 men revel themselves as M.Bison and Inixs, the heads respectively of Shadowlaw and NESTS>
Inixs: Quite a bit of luck having her fall into our laps, and no Weilers to spoil the fun!
Bison: Yes, and quite the start to our merger as the ultimate crime syndicate!
< Galford then comes in>
Galford: Stop right there, you won't touch a hair on her head!
Bison: You alone? Don't make me laugh, we have our soldiers here! <there turns out to be 100,000+ army>
????: No, I've called backup since I saw this coming a week back!
< the giant door busts down to reveal Kyo, Iori, the Ikari Warriors, K' and his team, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li with her interpol officers, Hanzo with his ninjas, Terry Bogard, Both the Striders (the true identities of Hiryu and Hien)
Inixs: Good thing we have back up too! Morden, we need assistance
< Another 250,000 come out, but then a wall blows up to reveal the Metal Slug team [Expect a fic about that sometime], and Akane and the combat cast of Ramna 1/2!, and the mystery man turns out to be Strider Maverick, decked out in combat gear and enough guns and ammo to make Charlton Heston blush>
Maverick: I can't take on the big dogs, but you can leave the small fry to me!
< Then the mother of all battles erupted, the heroes against the villains, even Kyo and Iori going all out, but time goes on and the good guys are losing ground.>
Maverick: This isn't good.... we need something big. < And unbeknownst to the good guys Nakoruru, tries to attack the 2 men, but gets smacked in the face and falls off the catwalk, which Maverick sees and rescues her and puts her down outside, but other than that the room goes quiet, like a calm before the strong.>
Maverick: Holy S___
< Since Galford seems to be powering up, but there are small bolts of lighting, causing the release of the new ShadowNEST project, Dark God of Evil, Oda Nobunaga, everyone then runs except for the 2 head villains, and some of the heroes>
Hanzo: Wait, Maverick, doesn't he need the armor for him to do that?
Maverick: No! That's just a catalysis! If you don't think you're great, get outta here!
< Just then, Galford goes Shin Galford again, it's him, Maverick, Ryu, Kyo, Iori, Terry against the pentiultimate evil (the ultimate being Disney) Nobunaga!>
Maverick: This is a case where I can help, now let's send him back to hell!
< The magnificent battle begins, everyone going all out with their best attacks until the Evil King is stunned, then Kyo does his New Fist of Kusanagi, Ryu with his Shin Shoryuken, Maverick with Dragon Blade Pilliar, Iori's 8 wine cups, and finally Galford's Giga strike heads, totally destroying the evil king, soon afterwards>
Galford: What about Nakoruru and those guys that escaped
Michael: Not to worry, she's okay, and we caught most of these guys, but Bison and Inixs escaped.
Galford: They'll get dealt with sooner or later.
Maverick: Are you prepared for your ultimate challenge?
Galford: Wasn't that it?
Maverick: Nope, this is easy compared to the challenge. I'm sure you'll be able to handle it.
< The wedding goes off well, and now we switch to a scene at Akira's house, where Hisame is thirsty late at night, and tries looking for the bathroom, and he ends up walking in Akira and Ann doing what married people do at night at times, he freaks and ends up running into Aisha>
Aisha, in a nightgown: What's the matter?
Hisame, in a t-shirt and shorts: Oh, I accidentally walked in them. Did I wake you up?
Aisha: No, I felt like taking a midnight swim, want to swim with me?
Hisame: Sure, but where is the bathroom again?
Aisha: 2nd door not 3rd silly.
>The pool [The scene where there won't be any actions shown]
Hisame: What are we supposed to wear?
Aisha: Our birthday suits.
Hisame: b-but-
Aisha: It's okay, I don't mind being like this in front of you.
Hisame, blushing:....
Aisha: Am I attractive Shizu? If the answer is yes, touch me right here...That feels good...
Hisame: Feels pretty nice.
Aisha: And I though I was the only gifted one. I guess you're happy to see me then. Let's get back in the house...
< As they go in, Hisame has 2 SD's: one of Shizumaru and one of Genjuro
Genjuro: Go ahead, rock her world, make her scream! Shizumaru: No, be gentle, this is making love, not going at it like animals.
Genjuro: But it will hurt her, do you want that or the pleasure more.
Shizumaru: you know what to do Hisame, as for him < SD Shizumaru goes Ratsetsu and turns SD Genjuro into a SD pile of gore>
Shizumaru: Point proven, now go and make each other happy.
Hisame, Kinda blushing: (Thanks)
>Honeymoon Suite
Nakoruru: But-
Galford: I won't force you do to do anything.
Nakoruru: But part of me wants to do this, be a mother, be a wife, while the other is afrid of it, please help me deal with this.
Galford: Fear is natural when going into the unknown, I'm also a bit afraid of this, since you'll end up feeling pain at first, the same was true going against Maverick and Genjuro, but we'd have to have hope that things will work out and go forward.
<We see the floor and we see some clothing drop on to it, and Galford say "wow"...then...sorry, but due to respecting Nako-chan as well as the ratings for this site, we must cut this out..and everyone lived well I guess.>
>What happens to the heroes
Galford and Nakoruru: They had twins who people say are pretty cute, and They both work on the UN Enviromental team, they're still happily married.
His parents: Same old same old.
Akira and Ann: Have a son, who's rather interested in taking over the family business one day, Akira still trains, and Ann and Aisha are a big hit.
Aisha and Hisame: The night after He went catatonic from the overload he experienced, they're married and have a young daughter with both her parents aspects (even the demon aspect), but seems like a sweet child. Hanzo paid for the wedding since Shippu needs the cash for the bills he has to pay
Hanzo and Winururu: Winu did get her hands on Shippu, and sent him to the ICU.
Shippu: Spent a great deal of time in the ICU thanks to Winu, after that he apologized and made up.
Shen and Yoko: Shen did take the cure, and live pretty happily.
Maverick: Went off on his own adventure, he goes in parts unknown
Yang and Helena: Still dating, they both consider Marriage slowing down, which they aren't ready to yet. Yang's gone into professional wrestling until his parents retire, then it's to the big screen!
>Some of the minor characters' fate
Yin, Scott and Irene: She's still in command
Akane and Hien: Still the same
Hiryu: He's on his own adventure which will be featured in a fic
>Next up is the Genki Omake file
Profiles, the complete resource to SSneo
>Omake 2: What would happen in a fight between Aisha and Britney Spears
<Snap goes the neck>
Aisha: What else would you expect from a daughter of a ninja? Just because Shizu sticks up for me doesn't mean I can't take care of myself, I just rather have him do it.
<Her cell phone rings>
Aisha: Oh Mai! It's you... Don't worry it went great, and I DO know the meaning of the phrase "Demon in the sack". Oh he's in there, well, lock the door and hide the key somewhere where he'll have to "search" for it. That'll leave him open to your plans. Okay bye, call me back with the results anytime other than tonight, I don't need to say why not. Bub-bye.<Hangs up the phone>


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