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Samurai Spirits Neo
by Strider Maverick/Duran the Warrior (official pen name)

SSneo Genki Omake; the Ultimate resource for this series

SSneo Genki Omake; the Ultimate resource for this series
>Major characters (Chapter 1 will be mentioned in the SS Gaiden coming soon)
Name: Nakoruru
Nationality: Aniu
Age: 18 (Phys.), around 318 (real), 16 (perceived age) (Ages reflect at the end of the fic, before the "what happened to them stuff")
Figure/Build: Slim and kinda petite
Black Hair and eyes, fair skin
Likes: Nature, peace, Galford (both)
Dislikes: Violence, People who harm Nature and (younger) Galford
Personality: Soft-spoken, kinda shy, but strong willed
Fighting Style: Her style, holy power, Defense and
Weapon: Father's Knife
Has a small battle role so no Combat Stats
Occ.: No real one, but she was Galford's Guardian Spirits
Relatives: Ann, Yokoruru, Winururu, Hisame (Distant relatives), other family naturally deceased, Galford (Charge, Husband)
Relationship type: Destined (Good)

Galford M. Weiler (or Shin Galford when powered up)
Moderate (Not skinny but not quite solid)
Brown/Blonde (when powered up) hair and Green/blue eyes, normal skin tone
Nakoruru (an understatement), Justice, Anime and such
Those who disturb the Justice or intend to harm
Strong willed, good natured, kind
Revised Weiler Style Ninjitsu (mastered, trick and speed-based, Lighting)
Ninja-to, Raiden Blade (with the armor)
No Job
Michael (Father), April (Mother, deceased), Eliza (Step-mom), Nakoruru (Guardian sprit/wife)
Note: Is the reincarnation of the Original Galford, and thus can become quite powerful.
Combat stats (Second being his powered up form)
Strength: Fair/Good
Defense: Fair/Good
Speed: Good/Hyper
Ki(Energy attacks): Good/!!!!
Equipment Value: Good, Great (Raiden equipment)
New moves: Mega Plasma Blade (Super Projectile)
Mega Plasma Burst (Anti-air attack)
Giga Moves (Extremely powered up versions of his attacks)

Anururu (or Ann, looks much like Rimururu)
Aniu/Jpn. American
20 (Looks like she's 16)
Normal, but kinda slim
Brown Hair and eyes, somewhat fair skin
Singing, her friends
Her family, Aisha, Akira at times (Their view on speaking to spirits, and Aisha sometimes annoys her, and Akira's checking out other women)
Kind, nice, but kinda cold at times
Family: Same as Nakoruru, Akira. Husband
Relationship type: Rather normal
Note: Said to be proficient in making cold remarks

Akira Tomura (Resembles Haohmaru)
Japanese American
Black Hair and eyes, Tanned skin
Sake, Ann, fights, some anime
Some people at times
Laid-back, good natured
Haohmaru's Style (Mastered, wind power, power-based)
Heir to family's company
Hideo (Father), and the rest of his family, Ann (wife)
Note: Has a bad habit of looking at other women
Strength: Great
Defense: Good
Speed: Fair
Ki: Fair
Equipment Quality: Good

Hanzo Hattori (The 16th or something)
Black Hair and eyes, tanned skin
Peace, his family, teaching and testing his pupils
Someone ticking off his wife, Winu in a bad mood
(Hanzo was the first person she put in the hospital), Shippu's Decision (Considers it rather rash)
Calm, Collected with a well intent
Iga Style Ninjitsu (masted, fire element, speed,
trick, and experience-based)
All stats are good except for defense which is fair, especially considering his age
Equipment quality
Head of the Iga Ninja, guardians of Aniu Isle
Winu (Wife), Yoko (Daughter), Hisame (Son), Shippu (Aide)
Normal, but cautious (you'd be too if Winu was your wife)

Yang Kazama (Resembles Kazuki)
Japanese American
Red Hair and eyes, Normal skin
Dancing, "getting it on"
Kyare Kibagami, Ann's cold remarks
Good Nature, Frank, Brash, Brave, hot-headed though
some might say he isn't the brightest one of the bunch.
Kazama style Ninjitsu (advanced, fire, offense-based)
ninja-to "Sazuku"
Wrestler, soon to be action star
Parents (action stars), Yin (Brother), Aisha, Shippu (distant relatives), Helena (Girlfriend)
Relationship type: Steady and rather fast paced.
Strength: Good
Defense: Fair
Speed: Good
Ki: Great
Equip. Quality: Great

Aisha Clan Clan [Name inspired by Outlaw star] (Resembles Cham Cham)
Mixed Japanese (Born in Japan)
Normal, but veers more towards model
Purple Hair and eyes, tan skin
Singing, Hisame (to say she likes him is a understatement), showing how lucky Hisame will be Most guys (Due to how they tend to react to her, especially when she first came to the US)
Nice, rather open towards Hisame, Knows she's a cutie-hottie (a side effect of American life) Does use Some Ninja self defense moves, but she'd rather have Hisame protect her.
Singer (With Ann)
Shippu (Father), Hisame (Childhood friend turned boyfriend)
Much like Galford and Nakoruru's, though Aisha isn't shy about some things
Note: Females in her family have the neko aspect; that and has become friends with Mai, since they have childhood friends that they're wild about, but unlike Andy Bogard, Hisame is just as wild about Aisha

Helena Colde (Descended from Charlotte and looks similar to her)
Dk. brown hair, eyes, kinda pale skin
Dancing, doing crazy things, Yang (He's the gutiest guy she's met)
Typical Noble life
Frank, kinda cool, somewhat cynical
Colde Style fencing (only a hobby, so she's not so advanced)
Strength: Fair
Defense: Fair
Speed: Fair
Ki: N/A (Hasn't quite tapped into it)
Equip. Quality: Fair
None ("That's one nice thing about being in such a family, no rush to get a job")
Jean Claude (Father) Ann Marie (Mother), Yang (Boyfriend)

Shen Tachibana (Modern day Ukyo)
kinda slim (Being sick will do that to ya)
Black hair and eyes, normal skin
Yoko, poems, flowers
His illness, Yoko's choice in paths
Calm, kinda silent, romantic
Tachibana style swordsmanship (mastered, fire element is used at times, Focus and style-based)
"Drying Cane" (family treasure)
Strength: Good
Defense: Fair
Speed: Kinda slow (But his attacks are rather fast)
Ki: Fair
Equip. Quality: Quite good for its age
Not really known, except for Yoko, which is his girlfriend
rather good, but Chaste

Hisame Hattori (Or Shizu/Shizururu as Aisha calls him)
16 (still looks about 14)
Slim, short (He's easily the male version of a ruru) Brown/White (when his demon aspect is active) hair, Brown/Red eyes
Aisha (another understatement), Peace, his family, arcade games
Kibagami family, his sister at times
Kinda Shy, Naive, though a pacifist, if Aisha is threated, he will fight.
Minazuki (Both sides) Swordsmanship (Mastered, the Ratsetsu uses some quake and fire elements, empathizes nothing) with some Iga ninja tricks
Umbrella and Family Sword
Strength: Good (Passive effect of demon aspect)/Great
Defense: Fair/Good
Speed: Good/Fast
Ki: N/a (He normally doesn't use it)/Good
Equip Quality: Above Average, Good
None, though he may follow in his father's footsteps
Winu (Mother), Hanzo (Father), Yoko (Sister), Aisha (Childhood friend turned Girlfriend)

Strider Maverick (Real name unknown)
Appears to be American
Appears to be around 20
A bit on the Solid side
Brown Hair and eyes, normal skin
Anime, unknown
unknown, but he does dislike evil
Seems to be good natured, clear headed, also quite smart, but also a bit cryptic
Own Style of unsheathed swordsmanship (mastered, uses wind-element) and Sheathed style based on Ukyo's (also mastered), and they're well- balanced in all respects
Kusanagi Kitana and Armor
Strength: Fair
Defense: Top-notch
Speed: Good (though there is lag in some of his attacks)
Ki: !!!!!
Equip. Quality: !!!!
Moves (Some aren't used in the fic, but you might see him in another fic of mine):
Slash Tornado: Multi-hit projectile
Dragon Blade: Anti-Air attack
Dragon Rush: Forward moving attack
S.Tornado Pillar (POW): Super Projectile, extremely powerful
Goku-Ten-Chi Dragon Blade (POW): 3 hits that are QUITE Painful
Dragon Blade Pillar (POW): Ultimate anti-air attack
Dragon Blade Repetitions (POW): Shoryu-reppa in Sword form
Sonic Slash (Sheathed attack): Projectile with little recovery time
Sonic Frenzy (Sheathed POW): Many Projectiles
Dragon Slice (Sheathed): Apple Slicer, sans apple
Mirage Strike (Sheathed): Much like Ukyo's move
7 Flashback Blast (Sheathed POW): Much like Ukyo's move
Cherry Blossom Murder (Sheathed POW): Slashes many
Kanji, weakening their abilities and even possibly killing them out right
Chaos Blade (POW): Unavoidable, but blockable
Spirit Blast: Final Attack of absolutely last resort
Observer, and assistant of the tournament
Family Unknown
Note: A mystery in human form, he appears to aid others in their quests, but is now on his own Journey.

Kyare Kibagami
Red hair, Black eyes, normal skin
Killing and other really bad stuff
Shizumaru and Rimururu's descendents
Mean, cold-hearted
Kibagami Style Swordsmanship (Mastered, Brutality-based)
Family Kitana
Strength: Frightening
Defense: Great
Speed: Fair
Ki: Fair
Equip.Quality: Good, though there seems to be a odd reason why though..
Job and family unknown
Note: The Last Kibagami descendent

Shinji Yaguu
28 (Deceased)
Black hair and eyes, somewhat tanned skin
Serving his country, tea
Those that threaten it
Good-natured, cool, but kinda rash
Yaguu Style Swordsmanship (Mastered, Defense-based)
Yaguu Swords
No stats, since he only fought in one battle (but all around fair to good)
Secret Agent for the Japanese gov.
Family unknown

Markopow Yamgami
Around his 20's (Deceased)
Kinda Frail
Red hair, Black eyes, kinda pale skin
Evil Stuff
Strider Maverick, heroes, Kusanagi Clan
Evil, calculation, merciless
Orochi-enhanced Black Magic (He is related to Iori, though as with most Yamgamis, Iori would rather see him die)
Bare hands enforced by magic
Strength: Weak (Great if he uses magic)
Defense: Quite Frail (but uses magic to repel all attacks)
Speed: Fair (Once again is assisted by magic)
Ki: Frightening (second to !!!!!)
His spells are quite powerful indeed Spells: Attack reflect: Defense Magic, turns attacks toward the attacker, requires a higher Ki to cancel out
Strength reinforce: Enhances his strength so a slap hits like a brick
13 devil destruction (POW move): Ultimate attack
magic, easily avoided, but he usually uses it on worn out opponents, which are torn apart by the condemned souls in the alternate space
Head of the tournament, and all around evil bunghole
Iori (Estranged relative)

Genjuro Kibagami (Aka Orochi Genjuro; resulting from Markopow calling upon his spirit in Kyare's sword)
Late 20's (But add around 300 to that, deceased once and for all)
Pink hair, black eyes, kinda red skin (normally normal)
Killing, doing it with hookers. Revenge Haohmaru, The Ruru and Minazuki clans, Hookers
Much like Kyare
Kibagami Style Swordsmanship (But now enhanced by the Orochi blood)
His Kitana (which Kyare used)
Strength: Frightening/!!!!!
Defense: Good
Speed: Fair
Ki: Fair/Frightening
Equip. Quality: Fair
Angel of death for all those concerned
Kyare (Descendent; dead), Tojo (same as Kyare, but born in the 1930's)

>>Minor Characters:
>Michael: Galford's dad, in his 40's, Police Chief. In his youth, he traveled the world researching Justice. Supports his son no matter how weird things may seem.
>April: Galford's mother who died in bearing him. It's said that she was a very kind and sweet woman
>Eliza: Galford's stepmom, but acts more like a mother figure, in her late 40's, she does treat him like her real son.
>Ann's family: Since the Aniu hunt, they have shut off that side of their heritage and are pretty set on it.
>Hideo and Akira's family: A typical Business family, rather lax on what Akira does, but they do expect him to take over the family business one day and Akira knows that
>Yin: Yang's brother, rather quiet and shy, is involved with Irene, who is his "mistress". He is easily considered the opposite of his brother, resembles Sogetsu.
>Modern day Kazama's: Their parents are action starts soon to retire. Their work takes them out of town for the most part, but want to sometime see their sons. though Yang will be making the scene as soon as they leave.
>Scott Sura: Japanese/American Male, a Goth, and also one of Irene's slaves, not much is known, descendent of Asura and Shiki.
>Irene: Dominatrix; Is mistress of Yin and Scott, she is feared by some due to her habits, even Strider Maverick, still she's rather nice once you meet her.
>Hien and Hiryu: Really the Striders from Capcom's Strider 2, but they guest star in this fic, since the author often gives them work since Capcom doesn't. Hiryu will get his own fic (and hopefully lose that slight "knack"), and Hien is content with his girlfriend.
>Akane Tendo: Hien's girlfriend, seen on the anime Ranma 1/2, does maim Hien (and whoever nearby), but no long as repressed due to Hien's efforts in his first fic (A sucky lemon), still she has taken on a S and M twist since meeting with Irene.
>Helena's Parents: Typical high class people except for Jean Cluade liking Hong Kong action films. They have learned to be supportive of their daughter due to a few words form Galford; luckily for them, Helena has also realize some of her responsibilities.
>Seniors: Only worth noting since Aisha's contact with them, kinda made her dislike most guys more.
>Winu(ruru) Hattori: Late 30's but look in her late 20's. A Kind woman with a real vicious mothering streak, that and a kinda wicked temper. Something worth noting is that she is a rarity: A female with the demon aspect. She is very mad at Shippu for sending Aisha off and causing Hisame much distress. After the party she did catch up to him and put him in the ICU. In her youth, Hanzo accidentally angered her while courting her, and she put in him in the hospital as well, but she came to visit and apologize. She also acts like a mother to Nakoruru, as well as doing alot to help her out. Resembles a older Rimururu
>Yoko(ruru): Hisame's sister, who seemed to have gotten the red hair (long), but has brown eyes. She is usually kind, but got her mother's temper, though not the demon aspect. She does get annoyed by her little brother. Dates Shen, but due to her being the current Maiden of light, must remain chaste. She does this to help Nakoruru, whom she admires and looks up to.
>Shippu: Aisha's dad, he's a wind Ninja as well as 2nd head of the Iga ninja. He sent Aisha way to the US since she was growing up and though to be a distraction to the Ninja trainees, though this upset Winu and Hanzo (Winu MUCH more so) since Hisame was good friends with her. Hisame found out the reason and got upset, this prompted Winu to nearly kill him (Anyone that knows her knows that you don't get in her way, especially when her children are involved)
>Abster and Chona Chona: The latter is Aisha's distant relative who travels the world with her boyfriend Abster (another alias), an explorer.
>Tenjo and Quakeman: Evil goons who were invited by Maverick with his intention being their being killed as well as filling out the ranks of the tournament.
>Ratsetsu Nakoruru: An evil clone made by Amakusa to corrupt or kill Galford, since he felt Galford's potential power, but Amakusa died before she really could be used, but Markopow found her, turned her spirit into more of a sucubus with the same intent, but got slain by Nakoruru. Some of note is that she is the anti-thesis, being curvy, brazen. She was inspired by this one picture of Bust/Ratsetsu Nakoruru at my fanclub. In stats she's the same as Nakoruru. IN a weird way she also had feelings for Galford, but a hatred of the real Nakoruru, since that's who had his heart. The same played out to the end this time.
>The Aniu Hunt: Took place in the WWII era in the SNK/Capcom universe, Tojo Kibagami ran japan while the emperor was a figurehead. He decided to extract the grude against the Aniu by hunting them down. This resulted in some of the Aniu leaving (some of which are those who would make up the american branch of Rimururu and Shizumaru's descendents), but he was stopped at last by the Trio of warriors: Hanzo Hattori, 14th in the line, Kanzo Yaguu, and Kyo Minazuki, thus partially supporting the feud between the Minazuki's and the Kibagami's
>The Spilt of the Aniu: the group that fled shut off their heritage and lived as normal people, Ann is one of these, though she does embrace her roots. The ones that stuck around moved to an Island, where the Iga Ninja guarded them as a result of a age-old deal between Galford and the first Hanzo Hattori
>The Split of the Kazamas: Sogetsu and Kazuki chose different paths: Sogetsu joining the Iga ninja after he found out that his old clan got wiped out, and Kazuki living like a normal guy, and eventfully moved to America. The friendship between the Minazuki's kinda died off in the American branch due to lack of contact. The Dynamics of the Ninja branch took a interesting turn when Hanzo married Winu, and their son became friends with Shippu (Descendent of Sogetsu)'s Daughter.
>The story of Aisha and Hisame: Aisha was born a Neko girl and she was a victim of something that always happened to such girls: They were considered outcasts due to their ears and their Gajin aspects. This happened regardless of the family she was born into. 2 years later, Hisame was born. Their parents often left the children together. When She was 4, she got to held the little baby Hisame, and got him to stop crying. This continued on throughout their life. Hisame was told by other boys to leave her alone, but he still was her friend, and this made Aisha pretty happy, since there was someone who didn't consider her a outcast. Aisha soon started Adolescence, and it was then boys starting to notice her for the wrong reasons. Hisame still regarded her the same way as always. This got Shippu concerned, since he felt she may end up distracting the trainees and getting into a mess, so he sent her away when she was 12. This caused Hisame to be quite sad (and in the process enraging Winu), Hanzo told him about the results and how it was selfish for him. Things did calm down, with Hisame taking up swordsmanship, since he wanted to protect her when they met again. They did meet, but he still talked to her the same way as they did 4 years back. (Something amazing, since she has a way of making almost any guy's head go in the gutter), this even extended to the most intimate of situations.
>Note about this pairing: I had it like a mini sub-plot, and it kinda came up with a discussion with Abster, suggesting a Shizumaru/Cham Cham pairing, I did this instead, and as I though about it, it grew to be a considerable side plot, and will be included in SS Gaiden.
>The story behind Irene's and Abster's little plots: I did this to apologize for the Sogetsu/Cham Cham pairing, since it ticked them off, though the reason why Abster got a small apart compared to Irene is because I put him in rather late.
>More details on the Striders: They're guests in a few of my fics, with them having the same personalities as they did in this fic. Hiryu is THE strider who's been in both Strider games (as well as the other strider games by different companies and such), the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Hien is new to Strider 2 (White uniform, distance attack, Black hair in a ninja style ponytail). I gave them personalities to liven them up, with funny results. I do plan on getting Hiryu a girlfriend, and thus going to do a fic with him as the Star, but expect cameo's by other characters in my fics.
>The inner struggle of Nakoruru: In her years as a spirit, she started to long for some things, marriage, love, "it", but yet she still feared them. As time went on, she got over a few of those things, but it came to a point after she was revived that she had to overcome the last one, especially if she were to have children like she wanted sometime. This was overcomed with aid of Galford's words (this was the ultimate challenge Maverick spoke of)
>Her guardianship of Galford: She was determined to protect and help him in about anyway, with her guidance, teaching, healing him. This is most evident in her fight with Ratsetsu Nakoruru, since Galford's spirit was slowly dying, Nakoruru set aside her dislain for volence and killing to the extreme to save him. (R.Nakoruru's sheer existence at that point was acting like a spiritual poison to Galford)
>The real identity of Strider Maverick: It's real obvious, it's me in a role I excell at: one of support. The reason why he/I never fights the big guys is that it'd disrupt the balance and make for a boring story. I plan on doing this in later fics of mine as well.
>S.Galford compared to Kyo and Iori: They are pretty equal when they're all going all out, same goes for Ryu.
>Souls and comparative power
Galford: Pretty powerful due to 2 souls (Hanzo could qualify, but he wasn't in any crisis.)
Kyo: Same amount of power, but one soul.
Iori: same thing. (Note that Ryu and Terry have the potential to equal them, but hardly reach the max) Maverick: Impressive power for a single soul person, but beneath those 3.
Most fighters: Strong, but below the others.
Normal people: The weakest ones, but they don't live up to their full power potential at all.
>Evolution of the fic: It had the basic frame as this one does, but it was going to be a lemon with Nakoruru, then when I came to the SSF MB and met Galford, I came to see that doing that wouldn't be respecting her, so I changed it and filled in some of the blanks, and we have the current SSNeo; though if Chapter 5 seems a bit off, it was because my main drive was somewhere else (The GGX fic)
>The ruru thing: A considerable flaw to some people in the fic, well I may have overdone it, but I considered them semi-important, being related to the main heroine.
>>Other fics of mine (Under the name Duran the Warrior): Fanservice (Poor fic, but the striders make their intro)
Seiken Detsetsu 3 series "Seiken" (First real series, decent quality fics, but most likely you haven't heard of this game)
Star Ocean 2 fics (said to be my funniest works, better)
MMX6 (my idea, pretty good, I think capcom should have based MMX6 off of this.)
Future fics so far...:
Strider 3: A fic starring Hiryu; takes place in the ANN (Amazing Nurse Nanako universe)
Metal Slug X fic (Based on the PS1 verison): Tales of a soldier named Lance in the combat school [Fact: I was thinking about putting him in this fic, but I changed my mind, that and make it that Michael went there and got the super devil rank] Guilty Gear X fic: (Comedy/Drama/action/lemon): Nearly done, perhaps an outstanding work of mine. [Another though was to have some GGX characters and others jump in during that fight scene, but I felt that'd detract from the battle itself]
Tales of Destiny lemon: an try at doing this right. And possibly an uncut and complete version of a scene in this series (No it doesn't involve Nako, so get the notion out of your head! The Hisame/Aisha scene)
>>SS Gaiden: This details Rimururu's and Shizumaru's travels after the first chapter of SSneo, this will have most of the SS cast as well as the first Observer, then will switch to Aisha and Hisame's youth in more detail, but don't expect this to be out soon; got other projects to work on.
[I hope you enjoyed the fic and this omake file, please do check out my other works]

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