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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 1

March 1, 1790 - 09:10:25

      "Sir, are you alright?"
"Huh?! What? Where-?"
       I sat up and looked around. I dozed off on the table. My untouched, still steaming breakfast was on the left side of the table. I looked around and saw a few men looking at me. I shook my head as I touched my forehead, trying to pull myself together.
       "Do you feel ill sir?"
"Oh! Uh-no, not at all. I just...I...well, I'm still a bit tired after my trip yesterday. Guess my sleep wasn't enough. I-I'm sorry."
       I added a yawn and smiled weakly, trying to cover up my folly.
       "That's quite alright. We were a bit worried when we noticed you."
"Well...thank you."
       She blushed and turned away. What happened? Was...was it even real? I-
       Everyone turned to see this dusty hooded man as he entered the inn angrily. He seem to be a foreigner.
       "DAMN THE ROAD!!!! I swear you folks on your way outta take another route if you're thinking of turning left! The forsaken roads all bumpy and dusty!!! Look! My cart full of fruits! All dirtied up and some even didn't survive the damn trip! Now who's gonna buy 'em?!"
       He grumbled and grumbled, cursing loudly that quite annoyed me. And much to my dismay, he sat down behind...Wait a minute...w-why does it seem like...this has happened before?
       I looked beside me and found all my things ready. I hurriedly ate, paid the woman and left. I walked on and on until I came to the two twains: The left and right route.
"Well, he said that the left was unbearable, so I guess-"
       A pang of pain shot through my head. It triggered my memory somehow.
       "think of your decisions wisely..."
I suddenly remembered. "Could it be..." I mean, everything that was suppose to happened DID happen...I wonder..."But..." Then I remembered something. I felt my robe and there it was...NO not my apple, I meant the Digipad. "Then...My memory is not deceiving me? It's wasn't just some spoiled meat I ate?" I looked at it closely and thought. I pondered of what I should do. If I change destiny, then somehow...someone else's destiny WILL be changed too...Like Haohmaru's...So what? Who gives a damn about Haohmaru? So...what if I get to live a little longer? What changes will I make because I am defying fate? Is there a future I am destroying and creating because of this? My head swirled. The queries made my head ache. But then...Kei...if I die, and I'm not going to be there to protect her..."I must live then...For her..."
       I sighed and took the left route.

Chapter 2

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