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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 2

Part 1
March 1, 1790 - 14:47:23

      What the man said was, unfortunately, true. Well, half anyway. The road was indeed rocky and dusty (I kept coughing my lungs out) but only to an extent. After which the road was bearable. And so I went on. I walked for hours, tired but I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to linger for even just a while (especially if someone's out to kill you).
       I almost forgot about the whole Homunculus-time travel incident when I passed by a small village. "This is probably the last village I'll pass because of the evil surge that's spreading" I said to myself. "Maybe I should stop for a while and gather what I need for my journey." So I did.
      I had no intention to stay there for the night, really. I just wanted to buy what I can. I was bargaining with the merchants in the market (Some girls were following me. I knew because they kept giggling behind my back. I am such a charmer!) when I came across a woman whose whole body was covered by her purple cloak, her face covered by its hood, her pale hands the only visible sign that someone was actually wearing it. She was sitting at the corner of a building, the tall shadows covering her. She had a table in front of her covered with velvet. On top of it was a crystal ball, and around the ball were tarot cards. She was moving her hands across the ball as if it had mystic powers.
       Yes, a fortune teller. Another one of the foreigners' gags to fool us. Heh, like I'd fall for any of them. I didn't really pay any heed to her, I was walking straight ahead when she said something that caught my attention.
       "The puppets will die by their brethren's hands, only one will live. And only the chosen one can kill the demon."
      I turned slowly and walked towards her.
"What did you say?."
       "The one whose parents' sacrificed their lives for..."
" got my attention. What do you mean?"
       "The child whose parents' were cast into the flame shall have his revenge and send the demon back to hell...unknowingly...And the destined one shall receive the powers of the Dark Lord."
"What about the other puppets?"
       She stopped for a while and moved her hands across to the tarot cards. She picked one and showed it to me.
       "This one shall die out of love..."
       She moved her hand to the next card and flipped it sternly.
       "This one shall die out of folly"
       "And this one will die out of service..."
"Wait, are you saying this...this 'chosen one' will be the only one who can kill the dark lord? Then...what is the use of trying?"
       "I speak of only one path. I'm not certain what may happen if something else intervene. If you give up, who knows what might have happened or what might NOT have happened? What if you have an important role in his part, but due to your lack of faith, he fails? I am not here to discourage, but to help..."
       I was silent for a while. She was right. What if...what if maybe fate changes? I will regret living under evil because I didn't take part of the adventure. And what if the puppet becomes evil, drunk with power? Who else should be there to stop him but me? Besides, I should not rely on this "puppet". I shall see what I cand do...I'd rather die in battle than in a rat's hole. But...I wanted to know-
"Who...Who are the puppets?"
       She didn't speak for a long time...then...
       "You will know...and when you do, one of your mystery will be solved..."
       "One of them…is after your life!"
       I was taken aback. I tried to persuade her to tell me, but she told me no more.
       "Why do you ask for more? Did you not think that I was a hoax?"
       I finally left. As I was walking away, I realized I hadn't paid her. I turned to give her payment, but...she was gone!
       I was a bit surprised that it was a while before I realized the Digipad was glowing...

Part 2
September 5, 1763 - 19:06:36

       The first question that popped in my mind was-
"WHAT am I DOING here?"
       And indeed, I meant well. Well, for one thing I was WAAAAAAY back in the past, I think there is nothing that has any connection to my death. Second, the scene was a blazing village. The whole place was burning! People panicked, screamed and ran to every direction bringing with them their belongings. Oh, no, I'm not heartless, I helped of course.
      I ran through houses, coughing along the way (People didn't mind the blood on my robe. They all thought it was just a wound I got from the fire). I slashed fallen posts and ceilings that blocked the path, I used my chi to prevent the fire from touching me and my damsels in distress (Well, most of them were women who were frozen with fear-no pun intended-when the fire spread out.)
       "LOOK OUT!"
       The burning ceiling was going to fall on us.
"Hiken TsubameGaeshi!"
       That move was very useful. Thank goodness I perfected that move (Then again I am perfect). Not only did it manage to stop the falling debris from crushing us, since there was no ceiling anymore, it manage to get us out. Of course, the ones I was rescuing tightened their grip a little. Once, a child hung from my neck and I almost choked when I landed. Well, anyway, that was my last. I was helping them out to the 'safety zone' by the river. As I looked ahead, I noticed...I noticed a figure in the center of the river, half its body submerged. It was dark already, I couldn't see who it was. It was carrying a basket with what looked like a sword. It gently let it flow down the river. I set the victims down for a while, taking my eyes of the figure. When I looked back at it, it was...gone...

Part 3
September 5, 1763 - 21:06:36

       "What happened"
       "Oh this is it!"
       "Bad omens!"
       "Oh may the gods have mercy on us!"
The fire had been stopped, but it left nothing but ashes. Some were…being very hysterical about the whole event. I was busy attending some of the victims (And some of the girls were busy attending me) when someone spoke-
       "Hey look!!! A child! I found a child in this basket floating in the river!"
It was like a bolt of energy that made me remember about it. I rushed to take a look.
       The man was carrying the basket. It was open, and now I can see a child within it, sound asleep. He had black hair and a...VERY FAMILIAR LOOK...
       Then I remembered-
"The sword?! Where's the sword?"
       "What sw-"
"The one tied to the basket!"
       "Oh, you mean this-"
He held out the sword from his back. I took it from him and examined it. I tried to find flaws, but I was certain it was his sword. I felt the blood drain from my face. I just couldn't believe it! can't be...
       "You know him?"
       "Oh dear me! That child! He was born today! By-by the-the couple who lived in-in that-THAT house that burned! Where-where the fire started!"
       "Goodness! Who will care for the child now?!"
       "I will!"
       I turned to see an small old man carrying a tall, balck staff (Taller that him). He wore blue robes and-WAIT A MINUTE! He's-
       Though younger than he is in my time, he was still recognizable. Then, I realized that he might recognize me…someday. I got a cloak lying on the earth and hid my face under its hood.
       "Oh master Nicotine!"
       "Give him to me! He looks like a fine child! Yes...ah! He has very strong arms! Perfect for handling a sword! And he even has a sword now! Yes, yes, I will raise you and you will be a strong samurai indeed!"
"Yeah right...Hmph!"
       The man gave the basket to Nicotine. I was imagining Nicotine changing Haohmaru's baby underwear (Almost made me laugh) when I remembered the words of the fortune teller:
       "The child whose parents' were cast into the flame shall have his revenge and send the demon back to hell..."
       I was already surprised to find out about Haohmaru's past, but this brought lightning and thunder. a puppet?! The 'Savior' Puppet?! Could he possibly be...but he can't be! No...but...ah!...I don't know...
       The Digipad was glowing again. Back to my own time. I better leave. I think I'll stay in an inn after all. This has been too much for me...

Chapter 3

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