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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 13

Part 1
March 2, 1790 - 21:11:03

       With the map, things were so much easier (And not to mention SAFER). This Suzuki is a genius! I mean, every route, secret passages, even the ways to get pass the traps! He must've explored it as part of Japan's history...or something. It was dark, I needed to put my Samurai Sixth Sense to its maximum level. At least somehow I'm assured of my path. Just when I was feeling a bit confident, I sensed something moving. I can feel it...someone-or something- is looking at me. I turned to see-or tried to anyway-who it was. Pitch black and blood (how revolting) red walls, I couldn't see anything else. I closed my eyes.
       I was definitely not alone. Someone has been following me. Watching me. CLINK! I heard something clash in my back. I turned with a swipe of my sword. And I sliced in to two a silver ball...huh?!-THUD! Ouch...My head...The last thing I felt was the cold, damp floor.
       "Welcome back my twin. We've been awaiting your return for a long, long time...Sleep, sweet's better you never wake up. Your dreams just might save you from the nightmares of reality."
June 14, 2003 - 21:15:48
       It was late in the evening yet Mr. Masamura was still in his lab, full of excitement. His blood stirred as he awaited for the results of his experiment. His eyes were fixed in a wide glass tube bubbling with water inside. A thin silhouette can be seen within the green water, but nothing more. He hoped to see a sign of movement, a sign of breathing...a sign of life. With each tick of the clock, his restlessness and anxiety increased. Finally, his son who has been watching him broke the deafening silence.
           " this 'it' father?"
           "Is this finally...the conclusion of this project?"
       It took a while before Mr. Masamura could answer. With a sigh-releasing all the breathe he's been holding for some time already-he replied-
       "Yes...YES IT IS!!! Finally, I can prove that science has the power to create another life form!"
           "But-but we're not even sure of the success-"
       "I'M DAMN SURE OF IT!!! Don't say such things or I will-"
       He stopped and sighed. Calming himself down, he continued.
       "I've devoted myself to this for too long. I can't-I WILL NOT-accept failure. All these years..."
           "Yes, all these years...after this...can we please go back...go back to mother now?"
       "...Yes, yes, after this we can rest. I have fulfilled my goal. It's time I make up for my lack of attention to both of you."
           "It would have ended with Lynx if HE didn't show up!"
       "Yes...I had high hopes with Lynx. But-I guess-because we used Suzuki-San's genes, she didn't want to be parted from him. A sort of "homing" instinct I believe."
           "But I thought she was suppose to have Infant Instincts! The first one she sees-"
       "Forget about it! There's nothing we can do! She was a failure. Besides, if it weren't for Mr. Suzuki, I wouldn't have the final ingredient."
           "You mean HE gave YOU the Philosopher's Stone?"
       "...Yes, yes he did. He's coming over to claim it back. I might as well show him the fruit of my labor-"
       Their conversation was cut off when all of a sudden the tube began to tremble. The shaking became more violent that the computer began the alarm system. Both of them stepped back, their mouths gapped with awe.
March 2, 1790 - 21:30:23
     head...What the-?!
       It was a circular room surrounded by pillars will demonic symbols, each lit with fire at the top. I was lying on an altar, my hands and feet tied together in chains. I looked to my left and saw-GOD ALMIGHTY! Oh...I'm sorry, I'm feeling a bit jumpy. It was a black statue of the devil. It was surrounded with an evil force of flames, it's mouth gapped wide open as if I was going to be eaten. What an eye opener!
       I closed my eyes and looked to my right. Another altar. Lying on it with her eyes closed was Shiki. I wasn't sure if she was dead or just asleep, but she looked beautiful nonetheless (In these times, you should always try to find the good side of life). She was still as a photograph, her chest barely moving as she-breathe (Given that she was still alive, of course). Her arms were folded on her bosoms; Her pale face was calm.
       Alright, alright! I'm trying to wrench free of these damn chains. I was busy twisting my wrist and ankles when suddenly an eerie voice broke the silence.
       "Ah, I see you've little pawn..."
       It was HIM. The Dark Lord. MAN, is he UGLY! Possibly worse than Amakusa. I mean, I prefer his dead pale skin than this demon's sickly purple complexion. And his face had a perpetually constipated look (Which would explain his color).
       ON TO MORE SERIOUS MATTERS, I better keep him talking. I'm still tied up and starting a battle this way is not a very good start.
"I'm not your pawn"
       "Ahaha...well, you might be right about that. After all, we lost contact and control of you. And may I say it ALMOST cost us EVERYTHING. But it doesn't matter. You are here. You've returned, my little monster. You've come back to serve your purpose."

Chapter 14

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