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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 14

March 2, 1790 - 22:45:23

"I have no idea about serving my purpose…", I told him scornfully, "but I don't feel comfortable being called a MONSTER…I'd watch my mouth if I were you."
       "Hahaha…you truly are one of a kind. Or rather…one of two kinds."
"What do you mean? What's going on, why hadn't you killed me yet?"
       He FLOATED towards me. A chill ran down my whole body as he drew closer.
       "Kill you? Why would I want to do that? I don't kill my servants without reason, you know."
"Why do you keep calling me YOUR servant? I'm not one of your-"
       "-Puppets? Of course you're not…" He paused and bent down to me. "…Or at least that's what you think."
       I was thunderstruck with what he said. I felt my eyes narrow with shock.
"Wh-what do you mean?"
       "Tell me, how SURE are you that I-the great Dark Lord-couldn't do SUCH a thing to you? Wasn't it POSSIBLE that YOU were also a puppet? Well, I never did had such a narcissist for a servant before, so guess you overlooked the fact."
       He laughed, I froze where I was, still as a picture, forgetting my objective to get free. I…I was a puppet? My brain just couldn't register it in. The tarot cards…Then another mind-numbing thought crossed me. If was a puppet, then it's possible I'm one of four. And since I HAVE been defying fate, then, it would mean I'm the Fool's card, just as Asura was the Lover. I slowly turned to look at Shiki. She was pale. Dead pale. She was dying. Out of service. The Servant Card…I wondered who the Traitor was, but it didn't matter. It seemed too much of a coincidence. The Fate's voices rang in my head. "FOOL, FOOL, FOOL!!!". I was the fool. I thought I could alter my fate. Now, my own folly brought me here, to the demon which I was suppose to kill. Now, he's going to kill me, as the fate said. I will die by his hand. This is it. It's over.
       I felt hopeless, tilting my head back to the stone altar I have been lying on, thinking of Kei, remembering the happy memories before I die-huh?!
       My hands and feet are free. I looked surprised at my palm, then at the Dark Lord who had floated away to the end of the room. As he spoke, his voice boomed all around me.
       "Now, pick up your sword! I know you're not going to give me your energy willingly like Shiki. I'll FORCE it out of you! And once that's done, the ritual will be complete and earth will be under our ENSLAVEMENT! The prophecy WILL BE fulfilled."
"…Give me a break!"
       A surge of pure energy filled up my whole body. If I was going to die, I'm not going down without a fight!

Chapter 15

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