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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 15

June 14, 2003 - 21:30:33

       CRASH! Homunculus suddenly burst out of the water-filled glass tube he's been kept in. Both Mr. Masamura and his son turned away and covered their faces from the pieces of glass that flew around them. The lab was flooded with chemical-mixed water. After a few minutes, assured that there was no danger at all, Mr. Masamura looked eagerly at the now broken specimen tube, hoping to find the Homunculus lying inside. To his surprise, Homunculus was sitting on top of tube, his hands at the edge, swinging his feet merrily.
       "Hmm!" He stretched out his arms and legs and was shaking his head, drying of the water. He was fully clothed, unlike moments ago, with black garments, "How long has it been since I set foot on the earth."
       "What-what's the meaning of this?"
       "What your self. You were the one who broke the seal!" Homunculus said as he jumped off and landed right in front of the Mr. Masamura. His son, frightened, clung at his back, peeking at his side.
       "So now, what is it that you want? Eternal youth, all the riches of the world, fame?"
       "Name it, and I shall give it to you…of course, when you die, your soul is mine for the taking."
       "What is this lunacy?! For this I sacrificed almost EVERYTHING?!"
       Mr. Masamura dropped to his knees, his head down in despair. His son tried to comfort him. Homunculus looked annoyed.
       "Oh please, enough with the drama! Old people…Are you going to wish or do I have to wait another century for your answer?"
       There was a moment of silence. Then Mr. Masamura stood up, tears flowing down his face. He looked grieved and full of rage. Then, he spoke with force.
       "What a fool I was to believe this crap! No more! I shall abandon this insanity and will live a fulfilled and content life with my family, the family I neglected yet loved my dearly. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!! I DON'T WISH TO SEE YOU AGAIN!"
       "Is that it? Very well…"
       All of a sudden, Mr. Masamura began to fade. His son screamed. He looked at his hands that were fading slowly, horror struck. He gave a strong wail before totally vanishing.
       "There. You won't be seeing me anymore. Hehehe…"
       "FATHER!!! NO!!!"
       "Well, good bye!"
       "Wait! No! Please-!!!"
       But Homunculus has gone. The poor boy was left there all alone. Confused and frightened, he dropped to his knees and cried. Then the lab door opened and Mr. Suzuki entered. His sorrow was replaced with rage.
      "What happened? Are you alright? Where's you're-"
       "He's gone" , he said, giving him a look of disgust, "And it's all your fault!!!"
       "If you hadn't taken away Lynx it would have ended there! If you hadn't given his the stone, I'd still have a father! Now he's gone! What will I and mother do without him?! Curse you!"
       The boy ran pass him and out the door, still sobbing. Suzuki was left to ponder on what happened before he came. Then, looking down at the wet floor hoping to find an answer, he saw a red stone. He picked it up and stared at it, as if it held all the answers to his question.

Chapter 16

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