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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 16

March 2, 1790 - 00:12:59

       The whole room was filled with his scream. I delivered the final blow with the last bit of energy I had left. It was successful. I did it. I killed him! I destroyed him and ended his evil. I coughed. He was in agony for a few minutes, then a blast of light turned darkness into day. And then…he was gone. We, Shiki and I, were the only ones held inside the horrid place. I was heavily wounded, every bit of my body bore cuts and bruises (except my face which I had been keen to protect, though blood poured down my mouth. Revolting…). I limped over to where Shiki was lying, traces of red following my step. I tapped her face gently. I whispered to her, hoping she'd hear me.
"Wake up…wake up…You're…WE're free now…Asura…would love to see you free…"
       But it was too late. She was dead, her face gentle and calm. Serene. It was like she was just asleep, her hands clasped on her stomach. She died for her master. Then I noticed she was holding something, something that I was sure wasn't there moments ago. It's a tarot card. The Servant…I was right. Then it dawned to me that I was probably right about MY fate to, and sat on the floor, my back against Shiki's deathbed. I was motionless, exhausted. Eternal peace, here I come. Just as I was thinking about death, Homunculus appeared.
       "Oh please, Ukyo. Stop with the anticipating death act."
"You…", I grinned, "I should have known better. Alter fate…it like seeking power beyond dreams."
       "Well, yes, Ukyo, you didn't alter fate. Which is the reason you're alive, and WILL live…for a LONG time, may I say."
       Before I can say anything, he threw a tarot card at me. The Traitor.
"HOW-You! You knew-…"
       "Well, I DO own that traveling device you have. Besides, let's just say I know the fates quite well."
"But then…who-"
       "He died. Haohmaru fell into one of the traps your murderer made for you. He has the fool's card. Hehehe…"
       With a new surge of energy, I stood up erect. I was going to get answers that has been denied to me all this time.
"Who?! Who's trying to kill me then-"
       "Ah, yes, the nuisance has finally arrived!"
       I looked at the direction the voice was coming from. A familiar looking man was standing by the pillars. Then I realized who it was-it was Masamura's son, all grown up.

June 14, 2003 - 22:15:38

       Their house was lit dimly, as Lynx was planning on something romantic tonight. She was comfortably sitting by the fireplace, knitting while waiting for her husband, when he entered the den. She rushed to him and hugged him, stroking his blue hair out of his face.
       "Where have YOU been, 'Mr. Masamura'? You left in such a hurry, you forgot your sword. Must be important…"
"Lynx, please, I've had a rough night. I'd appreciate to hear my real name after the one I've been using just got cursed on."
       "Why? What's wrong?"
       He thought for a moment if he was going to tell her the things that happened or not. Then he smiled at her and kissed her.
"Nothing. Traffic. You know, tempers arise. Hmph. They're envious of my car and looks."
       "Ukyo, you're not keeping something from me, are you?"
"Of course not, why would I?"
       "OH BROTHER! More flirtin'! Dude, a demon can only take so much MUSH in one day."
       Though still hugging Lynx, the sweetness in Ukyo's voice and face vanished. He slowly turned towards the blonde standing behind him as he spoke.
       "MAY I REMIND you, my dear guardling, that you are INCLINED to use the DOOR. Besides, it's not like I get a wife every century."
       Akuma and Lynx laughed. But Lynx, annoyed by his presence on such a perfect night, stopped abruptly and looked sternly at Akuma.
       "What are you doing here?"
       "Ukyo ASKED me to come."
       Seeing the disappointed look on her face, Ukyo quickly explained.
"I'm only going to give you something."
       "Oh. Thou' you gonna discuss our-ehem ehem-untimely death and new names for the next 45 years."
       Ukyo took out the red stone on his pocket and handed it to Akuma.
"I…I think you ought to keep this. It's…not safe with me…"
       "Hmm? Oh, Philosopher's stone. Man, I remember the good ol' days when I'd let a chemist dude find it and think he'd figure out it's 'secrets'. Man, were THEY in for a surprise. Ah, the days when I didn't have a Guard-"
       Ukyo raised a brow and Akuma stopped his sentence there.
       "Well, if that's all, I'll leave you two lovebirds to f-Yeah! I'm going, I'm going! SHEESH!"
       Akuma disappeared. Ukyo sighed.
"Time will NEVER change that poor child. Now, his speech has worsened! Modern day trend-HAH!"
       "Well, look on the bright side. At least you have me now to back you up. After all, I may not be replaceable, but my batteries are."
       Ukyo smiled, returning to their previous position. He quickly forgot his worries as the night continued.
       Meanwhile, Akuma was examining his stone.
       "Odd…Looks like I got a new addition to my collection…"

Chapter 17

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