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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 17

March 2, 1790 - 00:36:42

       "YEAH, ME!!!"
       "WHY?! I'll tell you DAMN WHY! You caused me so much pain! Lynx-
       "Oh boy…whine, whine, whine…"
       "Shut up, Homunculus! Homunculus! The reason my father was cursed by that damn thing was because of you, Ukyo! YOU GAVE HIM THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE!!!"
      "WHAT?! WHAT?! I never-"
       "Your 'future self' did."
       "Hello? You-a puppet- killed the dark lord. As a reward, you get his power and a bonus immortality. Nice eh? You and Master Akuma change names often, as not to draw attention. Remember Suzuki? Yes, it's you. BELIEVE it. How do you think he-or YOU- knew about the castle so well? Or at least know where it's located? Oh, don't look so awestruck."
       My mouth was dry. I couldn't say a word. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.
       "You know how many times I tried to kill you, only to find out your still well? Then I researched and found out you were immortal! No one believed me! People thought I was crazy! My friends, relatives, EVERYONE thought I was mad! See how much pain you put me through?! So I had to take matters to my own hands. Imagine having to go through all the trouble of making a time machine just so I can kill ONE man!"
       "Boo-hoo. I created a time machine just because I'm obsessed with killing Ukyo. I could've been renowned and rich but unless he's dead my spirit will never be at peace. HOW PITIFUL."
       "SHUT UP!!! I went to the time of your birth, I tried to kill you-"
       "Remember the village fire Ukyo?"
       I nodded.
       "He started it in your house."
      "What?! No, that was Haohmaru-"
       "Hehehe, I'm a genius, yes? Did you really think you're the only one with blue hair? No, YOUR descendants had them too. It was in you blood."
       "I knew he was still going to go after you even if I saved you on that day so I-no need to thank me-switched kids. The man in the lake, Ukyo, was me. Before the fire worsen, I managed to get you. I brought you, then, to Haohmaru's parents. The stupid woman holding Haohmaru made it easy for me to snatch him away and I brought him to your village. Ingenious eh? Just to make sure you stay safe till you're 'skilled' enough."
       "I thought I finished you off, but when I returned to my time, you were still there! Nothing changed. Then it took me years, yet again, to find you. I finally did. The plots on killing you. Poisons, traps-ARGH! Homunculus kept getting you bringing you back! My time machine was powerless against his. You and Homunculus made my life a living hell!"
       I saw Homunculus eyes roll. He really hated me. I can see the fire in his eyes.
      "So, you want me dead?"
       "Not only you, but also Homunculus! You see why I'm so determined with your death? It's because I'll also avenge my father! If you die, he won't exist! I read that in a book-about demon guardians!"
       "And he was also the one who borrowed YOUR book, Ukyo. It was just returned when I sent you there, remember?"
      "Demon guardian? I don't understand-"
       "Akuma Yojin…The demon who will kill Nakoruru, is-or WILL BE-your Guardling Ukyo. With your power and strength, it was inevitable. He saw something in you when you fought, and did not die."
       "If he didn't have a Guardian, he would have been struck down by heaven!"
       "And I WOULD NOT HAVE EXISTED! You have done ENOUGH! It's time to end your lunatic obsession! You're the lowest despicable human I have ever seen! Be gone like your FATHER!"
       At this, the young man began to vanish. He screamed. He lunged at me with a knife. I didn't move. I COULDN'T move. I merely stood still, anticipating the impact. But as he thrust his knife at me, he disappeared. And I was left there t stare at the empty space.

Chapter 18

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