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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 18

March 3, 1790 - 00:45:27

       "And so the one who defies Fate is destroyed by the demon he's been hunting down. Anything else, Ukyo?"
       After much sorting, battling, judgement and conclusion, I managed to speak, though I was still dumbfounded.
"So…it was all for you…"
       "Well, yes. And Master Akuma, of course."
       "I'm Homunculus, servant demon of Master Akuma, Imperial Demi-Demon."
"I've had ENOUGH of this!"
       "Quite right. It's time to end this."
       A flash, and Ukyo fell unconscious. Homunculus took the time device from Ukyo's vest.
       "When you wake up, you'll only remember what you need to know. Oh, by the way, your girlfriend has somebody else so as a reward, I'll make you forget her. Besides, you wouldn't have married Lynx if I didn't. I shall bless you with great luck till time comes for you to meet with the Master. It will be as it is willed. As I willed…hehehe…Good bye, lone swordsman. We will never see each other again."
       As he said this, he turned back and disappeared.


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