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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 3

Part 1
March 1, 1790 - 22:30:01

       YAWN...THIS has been SOMEDAY...I manage to live through it...literally. God, AM I TIRED! After having dinner, I, again, stayed for the night in an inn. A bit costly but at least it's not the cold damned-I mean-damp earth. Anyway, I am looking forward to a good nights rest. I closed my eyes as my mind played everything so fast yet so clear. The last image I saw was the Homunculus...his mischievous smile...his red eyes...then blackness...
      It was already midnight when I sensed something around me. True I was in the middle of my sleep but my Six Sense is on guard 24/7. The force became stronger...and stronger...until I felt it right on top of me, looming. It yielded a sword, I can feel it's cold tip pointed at my chest a few inches away. This person-probably my killer- raised it and plunged it with such force and strength pass through the foam of the bed and the floor. Oh come now! You expected me to die so easily?! He may be fast, but I am faster. I rolled to the side and grabbed my sword (Which I always keep beside me). I quickly guarded as he recovered and almost slashed my beautiful face!
       I sprang back, my killer staggered. I had fifteen seconds to look at this person, but alas! It was too dark. I sensed the murderer's eyes and felt that they were, strangely, looking at the floor behind me. Then the killer switched its stare to me. Then I realized what it was looking at.
"What the-?!"
It was a black blob that quickly formed into a hand and grabbed my ankle. The icky thing then branched out and crawled up to my leg. I soon realized it had no plan to stop. I tried to wrench free, but it was no use. I looked at my murderer. In vain I tried get a little information, but I couldn't get even see a pinch of his color. But I felt its eyes locked on me...and its wicked smile...then blackness covered everything.
       "Dear, dear..."
"Huh? What the-"
       I was lying face first on the wooden floor. I'm back in the Twilight Zone. I slowly sat up, bowing my head and covering my face with my hand. My head was spinning, I found it hard to focus.
       "Well, it seems like you died...again..."
       "Though it is remarkable that you manage to survive his first attack, it still wouldn't do."
       "I'm sure you would like to know what was that thing that killed you."
"What was it?"
       "It is a Devourer. It is a creature that can be invoked from the dark world. It is an ancient type of demon. It feeds on your very life."
"How can I stop it?"
       "You'll need the blessing of a Divine being. Ah! But I see the Digipad has done the looking for you. You should go and follow it."
"THAT is what I intend to do."
       I got to my feet and was about to walk through the door. Then I stopped.
"How do you know?"
       "Excuse me?"
"How do you know of the creature?"
       "Are you suspecting ME, Ukyo?"
"Perhaps I am..."
       He didn't seem pleased with my response. His eyes showed his disappointment. Hey! Even if he-or IT-was trying to "save" me, who knows?
       " All I wanted was to help, and this is how you repay me? If I was trying to kill you, then why am I helping you stay alive?"
"You tell me that...Well, I'm not 'accusing' you, but-"
       "It practically seem so."
"Well then tell do you know of the Devourer?"
       "Does it matter what intelligence I have in store? Really, Ukyo, you are wasting time. And time is something I thought by now you would perceive as valuable."
       I'm not sure if I can POSSIBLY trust him, but for now it seems I have no choice.
Part 2
June 06, 1810 - 17:45:33

       I was in a deep forest. Instantly when I landed I felt some sort of force not far from where I was standing. I felt empty, hopeless and in sheer despair. The air…it is filled with death.
       I followed the force, careful not to let my presence be known. I kept my chi low and walked slowly. Finally, I came across a clearing where I saw (while hiding behind the trees) a blond ninja lying on the floor, swimming on his own blood (How revolting! No I mean it!). Behind the tree, cowering and absolutely petrified was a beautiful blond little girl, her blue eyes filled with tears. Her pony-tailed hair kept still, as if also frozen with fear. She rubbed her hands on her wet face, crying out-
       "PAPA!!! Sob! Sob! Sniff!"
       I recognize that voice. I gulped. My my whisper I called her name as I turned to see her.
       She looked very battered, her clothes ripped and her arms bleeding. Yet she held her sword tightly, not paying attention to the pain. Then I realized who the ninja probably was!
       And that little girl...that poor child...must be their daughter! (Lucia Weiler...ugh...I wish he chose a better name for her...).
       "Oh great! I'm going to puke with all this heroic acts of love! F*** you are a pathetic nature guardian!"
       I instantly looked at who spoke. The voice was sort of multi-toned, but the man voice-well, sort of a teenager's actually-was more prominent.
       "So...THIS is what is to be feared by demons in Japan?! HAHAHA!!! What a joke!"
       It was a blond young...demon. It seems this demon is a foreigner. By the sound of his accent (A harsh, arrogant language), American if you may say (American Ninja killed by American Devil in Japan...). Long hair that reached up to his-TAIL! Yes he has a tail, a bushy one actually. Pointy cat ears to go with it too. I swear, demons are getting weirder by the minute! He was wearing long black robes and black Kazama-style pants. He had a silver necklace with a beautiful red stone. A red sash to go along with it. His footwear seems only like a long clothe wrapped around the feet and tied with strings that form zigzags. Though all was strange, his weapon was stranger.
       It was made of pure gold and was worn on the right arm. It was locked around just below the elbow. Six bars following the shape of his arm locked it in up to the metal plate on the back of his palm. In its center was a beautiful red ruby (By know you can guess his favorite color). A chain was attached to it from the side, which connects it to the lock. The fingers (of the weapon) were long and thin. In addition, each (except for the thumb, which was just long and pointed) were attached to a long, claw-like structure. The claws look like they were designed to scoop a VERY large chunk of flesh from you.
       I moved to another location to get a better look at this demon. When I got a good position, I stopped and looked. He was Caucasian, bangs reached up to his eye brows. Sharp, pearly-white teeth. Red...blood red eyes...they were glowing. On his forehead was a red circle with a black star on the center. Definitely a demon. A young one, a young, foolish foreign demon.
       "I...WILL NOT...let you...bring...chaos...
       "Oh please sister! Shut the f*** up and fight!"
       "Mama!!! Mama!!! Sniff!"
       The demon switched his eyes from Nako's tired face to Lucia. Then back at her, this time with an evil grin.
       The demon made a mad dash for the girl, but Nako stopped him just in time. Their weapons were locked on, their shadows looming over the girl who was trying to squeeze through the tree.
       "LUC...LUC....LUCIA!!! GO!!! NOW!!!"
       "MOTHER!!! But-"
       "I SAID GO!!!... HURRY!!! DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY!!!"
       "OH PUH-LEAZE!!!"
       Lucia, wet with tears, finally ran into the forest screaming for help.
       I had this instinct to jump right into action, to help Nako and the girl but...something strange-horror? Anxiety? Shock? Possibly fate? I don't know-was preventing me. I merely watch, I felt I was holding my breath.
       At that point, the demon jumped up high into the air. He was coming down fast, his weapon glistening to the setting sun as he raised it, mad violence filing his eyes with lust for blood. All the while Nakoruru...Nakoruru was merely standing there, her tired eyes filled with tears. She was already weak. She was losing hope. Her body was barely standing, her knees bent a bit, her arm dangling in front of her. I saw her lips move for the last time.
       " live...Lucia...Galford...Rimu...I'm coming..."
       And with that, the demon swiped her whole body into four parts. I looked away.
"No...this is a nightmare..."
       I was hoping it was. I thought this was just a dream that I was back in the dark room where I was sleeping. But no...When I looked back, the demon was standing in front of a bloody mess, licking his stained weapon.
       " taste good...."
       He laughed mockingly. I felt anger surge within me, I gripped my sword tightly. He was walking my way. His front was stained, and it seem to delight him. I had a plan: I'm going to swipe his head off when he gets close enough. But as he walked, he started to disappear slowly. First a misty silhouette, then a shadow then...gone.
       I looked around, hoping he was there. But not a trace was left. I entered the clearing and walked towards Nako's...Nako's...mutilated body. I felt guilt. Why couldn't I have helped them? Was it fate they die like this? I slowly dropped to my knees. I felt tears run down my cheek. I sat there, the wind blowing my hair. I felt despair...a dreaded feeling succumbed me. That demon...he killed two great warriors so..."easily"! So easily and morbid! So disgraceful and disgusting! I can't imagine it happening to my loved ones, I would not bear the sight! How will these two be honored for their heroic death? And what about the little girl? She will live each day with the horror she as seen!
       It was a while before I noticed the Digipad glowing. I ignored it at first, my emotions and imagination running wild. But when I did look at it, my heart jumped at delight. Hope filled my empty soul.
       Destination: June 05, 1810 - 17:45:33. The day before this...I can save them!

Chapter 4

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