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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 6

March 2, 1790 - 01:16:56

       I tossed and turned, trying to make myself comfortable but I just couldn't sleep. I felt restless, I couldn't stay in a position for more than two minutes. My mind kept playing the events over and over again, and the more I think of it, the more I longed for the answers. I finally decided to take a walk outside, hoping the cold, night breeze will comfort me (How very WRONG was I!). I sat up, put on my robe, took my sword and went outside.
       The night was quiet. An eerie silence filled the air. It was so thick you can hear creaks of wood from a distance (If there was). It was very dark, not one house had a candle lit. The only source of light was the moon and the stars above. Not a single person in sight.
       I was approaching the market I passed by earlier. I folded my seems to be getting...colder...I began rubbing them and clenching my fist tighter. I felt my breathe and a thin wisp of air appeared as I exhaled. Strange...It was now getting very cold.
       "You are courageous...or perhaps arrogant and foolish, to be walking around at this time, all alone..."
       I was surprised to hear the voice that I almost jumped. I looked at the source of the voice. And there she was, the gypsy...still on the same spot a few hours ago, still wearing the same clothes, still in the same position. But her seemed multi-toned this time, like three stern ladies speaking all at the same time.
"Oh, it's you..."
       "I see you have lived through the day, I congratulate you."
       I stared at her for a moment. I had so many questions in my mind, yet I couldn't say a word. As I walked towards her, the air getting colder and colder with every step, I thought over my questions and finally got the courage to ask her.
"I hope you would not mind me asking-"
       "Oh, but that IS my purpose. I knew you couldn't sleep because of these queries. I will tell you some information, but I will not assure you that I will answer every question nor will my response be satisfactory, for the answers will come to you eventually. But I will shed some light so that you might sleep well tonight. Come, ask them to me."
"Alright...Homunculus...can-can I trust him?"
       The gypsy moved her hands around her crystal ball.
       "It is unlikely for this creature to be trusted. But his fate also lies on your hands. He has his purposes, selfish purposes, but it is these purposes that pushes him to help you..."
"What is he?"
       "You will know in due time..."
       I looked around. I guess it will be all right to trust him...for now. It still seems impossible though. Those...those eyes...then I was reminded of his words.
"The Demon...The demon in the future, he said he has some relevance to me...what-what does it mean?"
       "You will know in due time..."
"...Well then tell me this, is he...will he be stopped? Can someone kill him?"
       The gypsy silenced for a while, as if contemplating.
       "You have no idea what that demon is. He is no ordinary demon. He absorbed every hate, abuse, discrimination, and destruction of man. You see, what made him strong and violent is not his demon side. No, the demon part of him is only gave him surreal powers. What made him evil and despicable was his human side."
"HUMAN SIDE?! The demon is...Half human?!"
       "It is a folly the Prince of Darkness finally foresaw. All his generals just came to be, from hell to earth. They only wanted to serve, they hated men for they were told to despise them. They killed men because it was their purpose. All the demons before him...Amakusa, Zankuro, the Dark Lord...all the wretched scums were powerful. But they all failed. Why do you think so?"
"Because their minds were only set on killing and serving?"
       "Exactly. They never knew pain, they only knew how to give it. They never felt sorrow, they only deliver it. They never felt plague, agony and bitterness..."
"A demon with a human soul..."
       "Yes. He showed it to him. He made his life miserable. He made sure he would hate, that it would drive him to kill at his own will. His will is so strong that it made his opponents powerless against him...Let me ask you, if you were maltreated all your life, and suddenly your powers awakened, the power to destroy, wouldn't you use it to avenge yourself? To give back what the world inflicted on you?"
       I nodded stiffly.
"Then...there's no hope for us...for the future if he is indestructible"
       At this, she gave a small laugh.
       "You despair so easily. Must killing always be the solution? He is, after all, half human."
"What-what do you mean?"
       "If I tell you more, I will ruin everything..."
       She spoke no more. And I felt I had enough too. I was about to leave when one last question popped up my mind.
"Tell me...Homunculus said that only a few chosen ones (One of which is me) can change fate. Can someone really change his fate?"
       At this, to my horror, she stood up. A strong wind began to blow from her to me. She held her arms out, stiff but trembling a little. Her cloak violently swished as the forceful wind continued to blow. I could hardly keep my feet on the ground but she, the table and the things on it seem to be glued to the ground. I shielded my face when a sudden glow of light emitted from her. She spoke with a very strong, metallic, multi-toned voice.
       The wind suddenly stopped. I opened one eye to find myself alone, the thick silence deafening me again. It wasn't so cold anymore, yet I felt frozen.

Chapter 7

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