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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 7

March 2, 1790 - 09:10:45

       I was up all night trying to reflect on my encounter with the gypsy and now look at me! My eyes are drooping, the dark shadows beneath my eyes are prominent and I feel very tired! I wanted to go back to sleep, the pull of the bed was so strong. But I know I have to get moving...
      While I was awaiting my food in a diner, I again wearily thought of the ideas running through my head last night-er-morning (Which now I wish I didn't do because now I feel like a vegetable). I kept thinking of what the Gypsy said...Am I foolish to even THINK I can do this? She was probably pertaining to me unless someone else is trying to bend fate, which I doubt was likely. A fool...Was I foolish to have trusted and accepted Homunculus's offer? But she said it was all right for me to trust him for now! Yet all the description seem to fit me! I AM on a demon quest, and she did say only the puppet (I still can't believe it's Haohmaru) could kill the Dark Lord...what if...I die by his hand?! Such a waste! If only the puppet can kill him then why am I even trying?! Because I am foolish?! Could I possibly be the fool?! But I AM NOT a PUPPET!!! AH!!! What mess have I gotten myself into now! What-
      "Your food sir?"
"Oh! Arigatou Gazaimasu..."
March 2, 1790 - 010:15:45

      As I left the diner earlier, I have decided that I'll just let things be! I don't care if I least I tried...And...and before I die... at least wish to know the answers to all these mysteries...About everything that's been bothering me for the past few days. Yes, it seems I'm wasting
      My head began to spin. I touched my forehead with my hand. Everything was blurry and wobbly. The pain in my head got stronger, then my whole body felt of control. I slowly dropped to my knees. Then all I could see was blacknessů
      "Dead again, Ukyo? Hehehe...I hope you're not becoming used to it or worse, ENJOYING it."
      I shook my head. I opened my eyes and saw that I was back in Homunculus's abyss, sitting against the stone head.
"Wh-what happened?"
      "You know what you died of?"
      "Poison. I believe poion extracted from a-hehe-a Puffer Fish. Silly deathů"
"A PUFFER FISH?! We EAT Puffer Fish!!! It's harmless-"
      "After it's cooked. Which means that who ever put the poison added it in your food AFTER it was cooked. This also means that even if you eat somewhere else, the killer will just keep on following you. I say it's better to look for a cure rather than running from it."
"And WHERE am I suppose to find the cure?"
      "Well, the apothecary in your time is useless, they don't have it. I suggest you go to a different time where it can be found..."
"Oh no, not again..."
      "Oh wait, one more thing. Here."
       He tossed me the cloak.
      "I advice you to use it when your not in your own time. It was smart of you to do so previously and I think you should continue it. Trust me."
      That is something I'm not sure I can force myself to do...
Part 2 - June 14, 2003
       Whoa! This place...where-where am-OH MY GOD!!! It's the twentieth century!
       I looked around and I was filled with amazement and awe. Everything...everything houses were made of stone, the windows were covered with mirrors! Tall structures everywhere! The streets were no longer dusty with sand but were smooth and poles with wires connect each other at the side. Even the air was different! Oh I can't tell you enough! It took me a while to realize and remember my purpose.
       The village was small and quiet. Not much people actually. I passed by a few (Who murmured to each other when they saw me with my cloak on) but I guess it was a sort of rest day. I looked around shops, reading sign but I couldn't seem to find the apothecary. I decided I had to ask someone. I was at a square clearing. A statue of a beautiful angel was at the center and a few steps away from it was a man with a bandana over his blond hair that reached to his shoulder. He had his back turned and he was holding some contraption up his ear and was-funnily-talking to himself. I was unsure if a lunatic can give me answers, but I must hurry.
       "Dude, just hurry up damn it! I've been waitin' fo' fifteen freakin' minutes already! I-am-hungry!...Yeah?...I can't hear-...Okay, okay but just get you' ass here already! Sheesh!"
       He finally finishes and puts the contraption on his pocket (These future clothes are so...obscure). I slowly approached him and tapped him lightly on the shoulder, which I think he wasn't expecting.
"E-excuse m-"
       He jumped a bit and I was surprised...but even more so as he turned to face me.
       "DUDE!!! Gack...You scared the hell out of me man!"
       I couldn't speak...I couldn't move. I felt my eyes narrow and my fingers numb that I almost dropped my sword. I gulped...Those fierce red eyes...though no longer metallic, his voice was still the same...and that...that star on his forehead...
"My God..."
       "Hehe, sorry dude. I-I'm feelin' a bit jumpy. Should stop watching horror movies...HELL..."
       He smiled...and it was the same malicious smile...the same one I saw as he killed mercilessly...
       The demon...the Demon that killed Nakoruru and her family...the demon that claimed many livesůis here, in front of me...talking to me!
Part 3 - June 14, 2003
       "Dude...? What's wrong with you?"
       I stepped back, holding my sword tightly, ready to strike should he try to-Whoops!
       "Whoa! You okay man?"
       I slipped by my cloak, the hood almost falling off as I sat back up. The demon shook his head, making funny, queer gesture as he leaned over and offered me his hand. As the hand came closer, I envisioned him in his evil form, blazing red eyes, sharp fangs and fingernails, the star on his forehead giving off an evil red glow. The shadow covered his front as flames roared behind him. Then he morphed backs into his present, almost human, form as he spoke with that cynical voice.
       "You're a little strange man!"
       He smiled "happily" at me. Was this...could he possibly be the demon? Or is this just his descendant or something? No...I'm certain it IS him. he has changed...he changed so much! It was hard to be believe that this was the same person-that fierce killer-I saw yesterday.
       I finally grabbed his hand and he helped me up. I stared close at him while I had a chance, making sure this wasn't just a coincidence.
       "Allow me to introduce myself. The name's Yˇjin. Akuma Yˇjin Montressor III. Long name huh? Just call me Yˇjin. Not Yˇjinykins or Yˇjinny-boy. Just Yˇjin."
       Akuma Yˇjin...Devil Vigilance....He's half Japanese? Heh, and I thought I finally met a foreign demon. It's always the Japanese who's the demon!
       "So, what can I do for ya' dude? Mind ya', I can't shit around so enough with the silly cracks okay?"
"I...I...I-ehem-d-do you know where the ap-apothecary is?"
       "Apothe-Oh! You mean the drugstore?!"
       "Well, just head up that street over there. When you get to the end, turn right and just keep on walkin' till you find it. You can't miss it."
"Thanks...I-uh-should go now..."
       "Yeah, okay! See ya' later dude!"
       I ran as fast as I could to the direction he pointed. All the while he watched me as I ran.

Chapter 8

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