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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 8

Part 1
June 14, 2003 - 2:30:45

       I didn't stop running until I got to the apo-er-drugstore. I kept looking back to see if he was following me. Not a trace. Finally reaching the place, I stopped for a while to catch my breath. I walked up a window with a glass. It only had two small holes: one at the center and one at the bottom. A woman was inside. Finally noticing me, she stopped reading a book and approached the window.
       "Good afternoon sir! What may I do for you?"
" you have an antidote for...uh..."
       I STILL can't believe I died because of a Puffer fish! Of all the damned poisons...As I thought of a way to make it less embarrassing, the woman got impatient, pressing the tone of her voice.
       "...Yes sir?"
"P-Puffer poison"
       "Oh I'm sorry sir, but the antidote was put out of circulation. Hardly anyone has died of it that's why we stopped selling them fifteen years ago!"
       I felt more embarrassed when she said that. I REALLY don't know why I died such a stupid...ah, there's no point getting angry about-
       The digipad was glowing. Let me guess...

Part 2
June 14, 1988 - 2:30:45
       I walked up the drugstore to find a woman-different from the one fifteen years from now-placing small bottles in boxes.
"Excuse me?"
       The woman looked at me and stopped what she was doing. She approached me with a smile and a warm greeting.
       "Yes sir?"
"I'm looking for an antidote for Puffer fish poison."
       "Oh my! You're in luck! I was just about to have them shipped back. No one really needs them anymore.
       No one except me...She rushed to one of the boxes and grabbed a small flask which she handed to me.
       "Here you are sir! Oh, and don't bother paying. It's not much use to us anyway."
"Oh my thank you!"
       I just realized I don't have any money (in this era) with me. It's good that-
       "Oh my goodness!"
       The woman looked horrified. I turned to see what it was. A thick, black smoke began to rise up from a nearby building.
       I rushed to see what it was. I could barely see anything. Finally, I arrived at the scene. I stood before the strange burning building. The glasses blew up and explosions were everywhere. The smoke made it impossible for me to get any closer.
       There were many people outside. It seems that these people came from within the building. They were helping each other out. Strangely, some of them wore the same clothing. One kind was a funny dress with green dots all over it. Another was a white coat that reached to their knees. The last was only worn by the women- an all white top, short skirt and some strange lace that covered their legs. I also noticed that most of the men and women in white were leading the first aid operations.
       This was a tragic event, but no one seems to by mourning. I thought everyone was saved from the fire. I was about to walk away when-
       "GOD NOOOOOO!"
       "Mr. Masamura! Oh dear me!"
       Everyone turned to look at the middle-aged man. He was wearing the same all white coat. He dropped to his knees, crying mournfully. A small boy stood beside him.
       "NO!!! My experiments! My greatest achievement was in there! MY FILES!!! NOOOO!!! All those years of work and research, burned to ashes!!!!"
       "Father, please don't be sad!"
       I pitied the man. He seemed so miserable. He anguished and cursed the heavens. Finally, the flames have also consumed his sanity. Without hesitation, much to everyone's shock, he ran inside the burning building.
       "FATHER NO!!! NOOOOOO!!!"
       We tried to stop him but the adrenaline rush quickened his pace. He rushed inside, screaming in agony. Then the building collapsed as it continued to burn.
       The people around held the boy as he was about o follow his father, stretching out his hand towards the gateways of hell. What exactly happened? How did the fire started? I don't know but...I wonder...but I failed last time. Homunculus's words suddenly ringed in my head.
       "How can you be so sure that next time you WILL succeed? No, Ukyo. Do what you have to do and go on."
       I looked at the boy. He was in total misery. His father got crazy and killed himself before his eyes. I failed that girl when I wasn't able to save her parents...maybe I can do it right this time. True, maybe I won't succeed, but at least my conscience is clear.

Part 3
June 14, 1988 - 2:10:45
       Now that the building wasn't burning, it looked marvelous! It was magnificently tall, proud of its beauty. Green glass with gold panes lined up on both sides of it. A protruding platform boastfully held golden letters, probably its name.
"Masamura Hospital and Research facility. Hmm..."
       I thought of what I could do. My first intention was just to tell someone-anyone- of the event to take place. I went inside. The place was brightly lit. Everyone was busy. The groups of people in white would pass here and there. The women in white attended to people in dotted dresses. People entered rooms, talked to each other, dashed here to there-everyone was so busy! I didn't know what to do, or to whom I'm going to tell of the tragedy that will take place later. I tried to stop people to warn them, but they did not even mind me, as if I was thin air! My cloak merely swished as they passed by. I managed to tell a few, but they either laughed, mocked or got angry with me. Ah! What am I-
       I noticed a door where almost no one entered-or gave a damn for that matter. There was a red and white sign that read, "Authorized Personnel only". I walked towards it. seems to be locked. A funny box with a slit at the side was near the door. A small red dot was below it. As I felt it with my finger, the red light turned green. I stepped back as a man and a boy walked out or the room. Mr. Masamura! I caught up with him just in time before he got out. He looks like he's in a hurry.
"Excuse me sir?"
       "Yes, what is it?! Please hurry."
"I want to warn you about something."
       "What is it?"
"The building! It will catch fire a few minutes from now! I swear I'm telling the truth!"
       Unfortunately, with his eyebrow raised like that, I think he didn't buy it.
"Please sir! You've got to-"
       "I have no time for pranksters like you! Good day! Come my boy! Hurry!"
       He took the child's hand and left. I was left there, standing, lost for word.
Part 4
June 14, 1988 - 2:18:33
       This is hopeless! I just wasted my time. *groan...but I STILL want to save the man! Why do I even care?! This is YEARS from when I live! Why should I give a damn if he decides to kill himself?! Why?! WHY?!
       The answer came from myself: I was cheating. My conscience probably just couldn't stop pressing that on me. I get to stop my death while others have to die in their own pathetic ways, no way out. I took a deep breath. I HAVE to find some way...
       Then I remembered: Of course! I should just find whatever he was researching on and save them! Everybody safely go out anyway. Oh I'm so brilliant! But where could it be? First place to check is that locked door. I walked towards it. Unfortunately, I couldn't open it. Just then, to my luck, the red light turned green and a man came out with a bucket and mop. He carried the bucket with two hands that he just let the door close by itself. I managed to stop it discretely from closing and entered smoothly.
       It was a long hall filled with bright lights. What followed was a hallway of doors. Great..
I checked the first one I passed. Luckily, it was unlock. I entered and saw...the strangest, most bizarre things I've seen in my life! Large tubes, as large as tree trunks, with water in them were at the far corner, segregated with a glass. On a table were tools and flasks of different shapes, each containing water with different colors. I was looking at them, enchanted in a way, when I noticed a pile of paper on the table. Curious, I looked at them. Ah! I believe I found what I am seeking. The first paper read: Project AI. The next paper had a drawing of a human body, then the following were calculations I couldn't understand. I was becoming uninterested when something caught my attention: The phrase "HOMUNCULUS PROJECT". This one I HAD to read.
       File 52: The Philosopher's Stone
             As a scientist, I have never believed mythologies. But this just might not be any myth. It is, for a fact, believed to be true by many scientists. According to reference, the Philosopher's Stone, a beautiful red gem, is said to have two main uses: A cure all and the key ingredient for the creation for an artificial life form known as "Homunculus". Though my hospital will truly benefit from it as a cure all, I am more interested in the creation of life. It is a dream I truly seek: to prove that science can create a human life form. I do hope my search for it will not be in vain.
             "Homunculus Project" is currently at a stand by as I await the last ingredient. I DO hope my search team will find it. Until then, I have made something of the like: An artificial life form known as X-03.
       I couldn't believe what I read! I couldn't believe this man! He's playing God! Maybe he DESERVES to die! I continued to read.
             X-03 is not a complete human, not physically anyway. X-03 is more of an android, a robot capable of human thinking AND emotions. This project truly is a scientific breakthrough! With the genetically made skin, you could hardly distinguish it from a real human being! I have to thank Mr. Hishigawa Suzuki for donating his genes to me. It's a phenomenon I cannot explain. Other genes I used died in the process of the experiment, but his remained alive and active. Finally, my experiment has yielded fruit! X-03 is still not functioning though. I eagerly await it's awakening, to see if all my hard work will pay off. I do hope nothing I did not anticipate will happen. Of course, the government doesn't know of this project. It is top secret and only I, my family and Mr. Suzuki knows about it.
            Though this gives me some satisfaction, it's nothing compared to Homunculus. Though very much like one, it is still not a human. I-
       I was still reading when I heard a scream. Oh no! The fire must've started!

Part 4
June 14, 1988 - 2:25:13

       I had no time to lose. I got the papers in the desk. If this will not do, then I'm terribly sorry. I tried.
       I rushed out of the room. I dashed to the door. Ack! It won't open!
"Hiken Sasameyuki!"
       The door stood still first, then the cracks appeared and it collapsed. I stood before a wave of hysteria. People panicked as they ran out the building. The fire was spreading fast. I was going with the crowd when one of them bumped into me and the papers fell! Stupid jerk (I meant the person)! I tried to grab them, but they just keep on getting stepped on! *Cough cough* The smoke was thickening. I could barely breathe. I finally collected all the papers, just as the last person got out. As I was about to leave for safety-
       I turned to see whose weak voice it was. A woman no doubt. I couldn't see her features but definitely a woman. She walked slowly then fell on her knees. I ran towards her and carried her in my arms. She was unconscious.
       Suddenly the burning ceiling collapsed in front of us. Oh no...we were trapped, surrounded by flames. I looked around. The window was our only way out. But the ceiling was about to collapse. No time to lose. I dashed for it. The ceiling collapsed. Suddenly, a strange surge of energy, a green flash of light enveloped us. It prevented small debris from even touching us! We rolled on the hard cold cemented earth. The hood of my cloak fell off my head. Whew, that was close.
       I slowly got up (I was on top of her but THAT didn't mean anything!). The woman was still uncon-SHE HAS BLUE HAIR!!! I stared at her madly. We were alone at that part of the building. She lay down lifeless, beautiful. Her blue hair covered her eyes. She wore the same dotted dress as the others. Could...could she descendant?! I mean, Blue Hair isn't very common. I mean, even my parents had black hair! My God...
       "Over there! Look!"
       Someone finally noticed us. A group of men came running towards us. I had better leave before another Ukyo comes. I placed the papers beside her. I was about to go when a hand pulled back my cloak.
       It was her. She was awake. Wide awake. I felt those eyes, though covered with blue bangs, looking straight at me, at my uncovered (handsome) face. She was pulling me back to her.
       "My lord...?!!!"
       For a while I stared at her. Then I kneeled down, gently held her hands and gave her a flower. She smiled weakly. Then I quickly left without warning. I left her staring at the space beyond as I mysteriously disappeared. She looked for me from left to right in vein. Then the men came, helping her as she continued to long for me.
       "Hey look! The Doc's research papers! Well he sure is lucky to have them spared!"
       The men carried her to safety. She just stared back at the abyss where she last saw me, her eyes filled with longing.

Part 5
March 2, 1790 - 10:15:45

       It was that swirling again. I felt my body weakening. I searched my vest for something...ah! I felt the small flask in my hands. My hands shook as I open the lid. I manage to gulp the whole thing down. It was getting hazy now, I slowly let go of the flask. I fell to my knees and dropped on the cold earth, alone on the silent road...then, the throbbing stopped. My body was regaining strength. I felt power surge back in my body. I slowly opened my eyes. I blinked a few times. Finally, my vision was again clear as crystal. I slowly sat up.
       I looked around. Still silent. Still alone. That woman...that blue haired descendant perhaps? Or maybe just another blue haired person? I don't know, but somehow...I felt attracted to her. It was a strange force. And I couldn't forget her was a stare of total longing. And that power…the ceiling would've crashed on us if it hadn't been for that strange chi. But what was it? What is going on?!
I stood up, brushing the soil off my cloak. I do hope that in the end of my quest I can find the truth behind all this...for my sanity's sake.

Chapter 9

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